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I'm so confused... (Read inside) HuFlungDu Addmusic Troubles
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Help - I'm so confused... (Read inside) HuFlungDu Addmusic Troubles
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The one from Hu Flung Du doesn't even load! I tried reading the read me file...

Instructing me to open the add music file, but it doesn't even open! The window stays open for all of a fraction of a second before closing.

Last time I tried to use that it corrupted my ROM... (I had backups though)

... Help D:

EDIT: I'm so confused... I thought I had it... but I don't....


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I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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1.) Copy a cmd file from your System32 and paste it in the same folder as your Addmusic. If you're like me, you wanna get in and out of your System32 as fast as you can after getting what you need. If you're familiar with xkas, you probably have a cmd file in the folder THAT is in, so you can grab it from there as well.
2.) Open the cmd file and type in addmusic.exe _____.smc or addmusic.exe _____.smc -se (I forget which one is unnecessary.), where the blank is your ROM's name.

Help threads don't go in Hack Discussion. Moved.

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MrDeePay, The Addmusic.exe ROM.smc-se is only needed at the first time you insert music. Except from this issue, He's right.

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Help threads don't go in Hack Discussion. Moved.

Oh, Thank you. :D

I suppose I'm a bit rusty after all these years being away. :D
I feel a bit silly asking that question....

Okay.... after inserting, after the beginning logo the ROM crashed... D:

I think I did something wrong...

EDIT: If the ____.smc isn't needed after the first time... then what do I do? S:


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Originally posted by FamilyTeamProductions
The Addmusic.exe ROM.smc-se is only needed at the first time you insert music.

At least, if you're just inserting MORE.bin. If you're inserting custom sound effects as well, you will need to use -se again every time you add or change a sound effect.
The title... How do I get the title to work...?

Argh, nothing works! The ROM crashes... I tried it on a new expanded copy of SMW, and it STILL doesn't work!

I'm following every step of the tutorial and the readme!

I even tried putting the title back to 01.txt, none of my original music works...

Edit: The ROM keeps crashing... this is beginning to be a little frustrating... :O


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Umm... I didn't think of that at all actually...

... I was using the so-called "Addmusic made easy", which I'm told is du.

So they started with "#0 w220 t50 "

I still use(d) Spigmike's tutorial... is there a new way (tutorial)?


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Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
Well...all you have to do is add this:

For level songs- $ED $80 $6D $2B $ED $80 $7D $00 $F0
For overworld songs- $ED $80 $6D $68 $ED $80 $7D $00 $F0

at the very top of your song ,than insert it.

You may or may not believe this.... but the codes were already there somehow. I think I opened FROM "more.bin" then the codes magically appeared. They still didn't work. But then I tried something....

I deleted those very codes from the top. " $ED $80 $6D $2B $ED $80 $7D $00 $F0" restarted the ROM and it WORKED! @[email protected] Is... Is that normal?

I don't know about the level musics, just the OW and title musics. I'll go for the level ones in a bit.


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The newest "Unofficial Romi's Unofficial" AM from HuFlungDu.

Formerly used AM made easy 3.5.


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for future reference, thing is that those codes at the top ARE nessessary to make the hack work proplerly, a fun fact is you should never ever use 2 addmusics on the same rom, lastly, with those codes at the top, you need to use the -se command once with the more.asm and more.bin included in the default folder there incase you actually replaced it, then you can insert like normal, did you do it like this like mrdeepay mentioned?
I've exhausted all possible avenues...

I thought I got it by adding a clean expanded ROM with the more.ASM patched to it...

It did nothing... it didn't work. I added the codes and everything.


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well, why not tell us what you did, by expanding, you did just save it in lunar magic right? you simply only had to save it once for addmusic to work no further expanding was needed.
Very well.

You know how when saving levels to a ROM you have the option to "expand the ROM if it's less than 1MB"? which is required in most cases...

Added those headers, my ROM crashes. (like I said I started with a fresh ROM.) Every. Single. Time. It crashes after insertion.


Voice actor. Composer. Musician.


Hrm, you have yet to confirm that you have run -se to install the more.bin I included with the addmusic. Would you confirm that before we continue?
where do I find the CMD file? im having this issue too

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Yoshi: You may already actually have it... if you're running Win7, search for "cmd" then copy it to your folder where HFD's addmusic is.

HFD: Yes, I did that, that was the first thing I did actually. I made a couple backup copies of the rom actualy before I did.

I typed "Addmusic.exe romname.SMC -se" first.
(then enter) Then I configured the song names, being sure to include ".txt" at the ends of the names.

Opened it up again then...

Addmusic.exe romname.SMC then enter.

Opened up LM and configured the level music to work correctly (It was only one level with only one song for now.) and it was there! I was thrilled. So I saved the original music to use in the level...

Started up the ROM in Snes9X and all went well until the level loaded. Everything went mute and when I died, the ROM crashed.

Maybe it was the emulator I used...

So I ran it in zsnes just now (The one for download from the tools section.) All went well until the level (In this one case, let's say 105) then the ROM crashed.

There are several songs in the LEVEL and OW folders, but only one song out of them all is being used, and it's in the level folder with the header on the top. @[email protected]

I read that readme for what I thought to be at least ten times...

(By the way, your quote is pure win.)

EDIT: Also FYI... I tried it both WITH and WITHOUT patching "MORE.asm" to the ROM and both times were unsuccessful... :(


Voice actor. Composer. Musician.


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