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The Missing Plot! - A DDM295 Hack
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The Hack that started nothing.... Link here to play!

It managed to get accepted, but I wanted to make a thread so I could receive feedback and advice on which direction to take it in next.

It is currently completely Vanilla...but we'll see if that changes as I grow more confident with Lunar Magic

Anyway, here are some screenies!

So as you can see, there is a variety of environments in this hack and I tried to make each level feel unique.

The next step is probably custom palettes but any feedback would be great!
nice looking hack. very well done.

"If you cant hold tough.. hang loose" "Abby"
"Im a full fledge Lez. and theres nothing you can do about it.." "Abby"
Pretty nice hack, but in the fourth screenshot, there's a bad corner tile where the bridge meets the ground. It might be better to use something other than the bridge here.

Also, in the fifth screenshot, there is some pixel-cutoff around the top of the pipe.
I like the second screenshot with the land design :) But the third screenshot has a dangerously close resemblance to the first castle in SMW. Also there is a bad tile in the fourth screenshot under the bridge, and some cutoff in the fifth pic, just like ChilledXSocks said. Anyways good luck with this, I will keep supporting you on this hack =D

Thanks for pointing out the cutoff, oh and camoslash, don't worry, the castle is COMPLETLEY different to Iggys. That is the only net in the level...maybe a bad choice of screenshot?

Oh and if you want to play it, the link is in the first post so yeah enjoy!
Cool, I'll try it out and give you some feedback.

Great camoslash! Please do! I appreciate it greatly! Also, I will be posting some custom Palette mad science experiments soon (Bwa Ha Ha!) so constructive criticism would be fantastic to receive from people.
Alright I got some feedback for you =D

In this level with the switch you should really put a reset door, just in case for some reason the player does not remove the blocks that I have removed in front of this pipe. You can do so by using the secondary exits.

MASSIVE SLOWDOWN. I would avoid putting splittin' chucks in levels, just because they take up an awful amount of space. I was fine when it was just the one chuck, but after he split... madness. That's why I am in small mode, the slowdown fudged me up lol. But I admire your level design. I am still testing it, so I will have more feedback for you soon.

Ah...good old splitting I meant to remove you so! I will get rid of him asap and get a reset pipe in next time, as these are both very manageable. Also, I'm glad you like the level design. ;)
Hey! I got some more feedback for you.

The missing part of the bridge is due to a coin being placed there. Try to avoid that.

Avoid putting turn blocks here. If I was small, I would be stuck. So I would either have to kill myself or wait for the time to run out :/

Three things I need to note here:
1. Connect the side and ground together. I use to do the same thing, but it looks better connected.
2. Last time I didn't have enought time to get here with the key. Also babysitting items is a bit annoying. By babysitting, I mean caring an Item through a whole level.
3. Extend the time limit a bit, so the player can explore the level some more. It isn't very fun when people have to rush through the level.

As said before, it looks better with the side and ground connected.

And again, connect the side tiles with the ground tiles. I like that design there =D

Huge blocks of coins should be avoided. Do something creative with the coins =)

If I would of went to get that Yoshi Coin, I would have died. Avoid traps like these.

You might want to place the "Disable Generators" sprite here, so I can't be killed by the scrolling.

Two bad tiles where the bridge meets the land.

Still pretty good level design you got here =D But fix those up and it should be a whole lot better!

P.S.: You have to extend the time on some levels. Also good luck on furthering your hack!

Wow... :0 I got a lot of work to do! Thanks for pointing this stuff out. I will eventually get round to V1.4 so when I do, I'll make sure to try and amend all of this. Once again, thanks for being so thorough!

Also... I like how the blocks look on top of each other in Koopa Plains II, I feel it gives more depth to the terrain then just a plain flatland. I'll try out what you said though. #w{=D}
Hey what do you recommend I use to upload the pics to? Because I have pretty much filled up My Files lol, and I have some more errors in your hack that need some fixin'. I tried using flickr but... it is being stupid :P

imgur is easy to use and allows you to upload up to 30 images at once. It's what I use now. I used to use Imageshack but ever since they made you have to register to get the direct link I thought screw that and looked elsewhere.
Alright thanks for the site!

So anyways here are the problems that I have recently found:

So in this pic, I do not know if you meant to make these dino ghosts a different palette, but they look a bit weird for this kind of area.

I must mention that I did not have very much time in this level. As you can see above that I only have 104 seconds left...

Glitched note block. Note blocks aren't really recommended in Ghost Houses because they glitch when jumped on.

Avoid one block surfaces in slippery levels.

Porcu-fish like to go through surfaces when they follow you. Wouldn't recommend putting it here.

I had 21 seconds left when I entered the boss area. Work on extending the time limit in your levels.

12 seconds left... Yikes.

Too small of an area for big mario to jump through here. Be sure to test your levels as all forms of mario.

Add some more space between the ceiling and the lava here, because of that lava creature (Can't remember the name of it) Takes up most of the room in this area, so it is pretty hard to squeeze through there without getting hurt or dying.

I liked the puzzle of the ghost house with the spring board, very tricky. I thought all I had to use the spring board for was t get the yoshi coin, then I realized I needed to get into the door that was way above in the ice part of the ghost house. I love puzzles in hacks, makes you think instead of just mindlessly running through a level lol. But good job on level design so far.

you thought the puzzle was good? I thought it was kinda of a 'one solution' deal but I'm really happy you found it interesting. #w{=)}

In the 1st screenshot the place is meant to feel a bit weird...after all you were in just a simple mansion earlier! I thought it would be interesting to clash two areas to make the player feel uncomfortable. The time extension is very simple and I shall get working on that shortly in all the levels you have pointed out.

I see you spotted the Porcu-Fish, I wish they didn't go through the walls like that, I will make sure to place a new obstacle instead. Possibly a Thwomp or something?

In the last two pictures, I found both the jumps perfectly doable but I think that's due to playing the levels so often. #w{:>}
I will make sure to amend this in a future version and make them easier to complete.

Also...sorry for the lack of updates to the hack...I am taking note for a new version but I am working on my C3 'Project' right now so I have little time to allocate to the Missing Plot at this moment.

Thanks for testing my hack camoslash! I really appreciate it! #w{xD}
I just uploaded a trailer for the hack at C3, and I thought I should mention it here because it is a trailer for this hack. If you like the hack you might like this trailer, or maybe if you haven't played it yet it will convince you to give it a shot. #w{=D}

The thread with the trailer and some good DDM'ish humour is located here.
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