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First impressions(SMW editing)
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How did you feel when you first realized you could do almost anything to modify Super Mario World to whichever possibilities you could ever imagine?

For me I was overly excited and immediately tried to find an editor for it, came here, downloaded it(of course, not reading the "manual" due to my excitement) and I was completely lost and confused on how it worked. That was my first for me.(Note: I don't know if there's been a similar thread like this already, I couldn't find one, so here you go, if there is then this can be deleted)

- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Oh, I was quite excited. I had imagined Mario levels in my mind for years, so it was a chance to make that dream a reality. I remember seeing some hacks and thinking, "Awesome! New Super Mario World levels for the rest of my life." Soon after I realized that not every hack was particularly good and you actually had to put a lot of effort into it for people to enjoy it.

Today: Meh. I'm the worst designer ever.

i just lurk sometimes
I'll answer this for YI editing.

When I first got Eggvine to work, I was also very excited because YI had always been my favourite Mario game and it had been my dream to make my own levels for it.Free counters!
Originally posted by Neutron
Today: Meh. I'm the worst designer ever.

Seriously neutron, you really deserve your trophy. Try to actually make something instead of digging yourself down.

Anyway, first time I discovered lunar magic I did the excaxt same thing as OP did. It took me some while to really understand how to insert the ROM in LM. When I finaly got there I had Alot of fun. Sad that fun doesn't last forever.
The general trend with most people (and myself included) is that it seems completely amazing at first, but as time goes on, it slowly becomes less and less of a thrill. While I personally still enjoy aspects of it, nowadays it's just a typical hobby as opposed to something mind-blowing. I also find myself getting frustrated and giving up for a while if even the slightest thing goes wrong.

Needless to say though, when I first found out about it, I spent literally all of my free time for a good several months screwing around with both SMW and YI hacking. Nowadays, I just do it in my spare time.
At the begining I was verry exited too, the idea of creating my own levels and overworld was wonderfull. I was so exited when I first opened Lunar Magic, that I tried to make a level immediatly, but I was clueless about how the program worked, so I just started clicking random bottons and see what happened.

Now, I'm pretty much like S.N.N., it's pretty much like a hobby for me, although I still enjoy hacking, and I'm not planning to drop it anytime soon.
I had the dream of it for, well .. forever, I guess. When I finally picked up on Lunar Magic at age 10, I was amazed, but really rather clueless as to exactly how it worked -- as in, I didn't even get the Object Editor/Sprite Editor buttons.
I was also expecting it to be a bunch of complex "hex editing" I'd have to learn, so I got it easy, I suppose.

However, even a very user-friendly editor won't stop everyone from making bad levels.

Now, it's really just a pastime I do on occasions. I need to get more active at it, really, but eh. Seeing as I'm saying the exact same thing many others have before me .. you get the idea.
At first I'm like "wow I can dowmload hacks of SMW?!?" Then I found out I could hack it myself, then I was like "OMFG For realll??? WOOOO!!!! *faints* lol, don't worry I didn't actually faint, but it was pretty awesome I found out that I could hack it =D

I wasn't so surprised...Not so bored either. I failed several times. The only thing I ragequited to do was to get the Status Bar Editor to work. It kept crashing my ROMs (BINs)...
Originally, I thought it was cool. With Super Mario World being the first game I ever played, seeing it given a new breath of life was what I was most interested in. A lot of my first levels, and probably most everyone's first levels, were just me placing objects around to make obstacles and terrains that weren't in the original game, even if they weren't the most aesthetically pleasing.

I've never made anything worth noting in Super Mario World. I mostly just enter contests and collab projects, because they give me a chance to focus on one specific idea for a level, rather than an entire hack which would inevitabley contain a lot of uninspired filler content. In this regard, I still love Super Mario World hacking in these short intervals, because making these individual levels is very fun to work on, and I try to make unique concepts and themes that haven't really been done before. I enjoy making the levels, and like to see that other people enjoy playing them as well.

So what I'm basically saying is that hacking in moderation, I still enjoy SMW hacking now, maybe even more than when I first started.
I grabbed a piece of paper, and designed my own SMW levels when I was in elementary school. I, then got a computer at the age of 13, and found out that it's possible to hack Super Mario World by using a tool called 'lunar magic'. I got so excited, and started modifying levels. However, my level designing skills were amazingly horrible at the time, so I quit hacking, and... yeah, I moved on with my life lol

I resumed hacking last year though.
It was prety cool at first, so i was having fun messing with the tools. As time pass, it got pretty less interesting. From being serious to SMW hacking turned more into a hobby nowadays. Just messing with lunar magic if only i feel like doing it.
When I was just a little kid I would make up my own SMW maps on paper because I loved the game so much, so as you can probably imagine, I was beyond thrilled when I found out that I had the ability to create my own hack of SMW, just like the many people in the various YouTube videos I viewed, which eventually led me to FuSoYa's Niche. I started creating a bunch of levels for large amounts of time without even stopping for a break. I later showed my family the editor, and my cousins even helped me with a few of the levels. After a week or two of making levels, I decided that I wanted to download more hacks to play and share my own, so I decided to come here, and I was amazed at the quality of some of these hacks, namely The Second Reality Project Reloaded, which was (I think) one of the first hacks that I ever played.

Of course, as the time passed, my love for the editor lessened a little bit, though I certainly still like it. Whenever I create a new hack (which will hopefully be sometime this summer), I plan to create something totally different from the original SWM, as the idea of creating a hack just like SMW again kind of bores me now. Of course, I do still enjoy playing hacks like this, I just don't like creating them as much as I use to.
I was in the 9th grade when I discovered Lunar Magic. I loved using it, but I am not nearly as excited now as I was then.

Also, my hack is a palimpsest of the very same hack that I started out on all those years ago. Different ROMs, but I never gave up and started again on a blank slate. There's something strangely haunting about it.


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Along with Jeorge I will answer this about Yoshi's Island hacking. I fist used eggvine back in 2008 and I just thought the concept of creating your own Yoshi's Island levels was amazing, Eggvine though lacked one simple thing: A user friendly interface, that was a major hurdle I had to pass and eventually got used to it via tutorials.

I remember having a sketch pad and drawing all kinds of YI stages but with eggvine it was a reality, and now that Golden egg is here, its an even bigger dream come true.

But back then my levels were nearly all crafted out of generic cement blocks! :P


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
I started hacking near the end of 2009.


Oh my god, this is amazing.

I will complete an hack before the end of next summer.


Screw hacking, I have ponies and card games.

Oh how I have shamed myself. ;-;
First thought 1 sec after figuring out its possible to hack SMW.
"Ohhh yeah time to amke the greatest mario levels lever!"
Second thought after downloading and attempting to hack 2 minutes later.
"What do these buttons do, Ahhh someone help me!!!!"
Third after reading manuels and watching youtube videos 1 month later.
"Cooooooooooollllllllllll Now I want to do that."
Still bad, but imporoving and want to make crazy Kaizo levels.

Willing to test and record any nontroll smwrom hack.
Starting LPer.
I was emidiatly determend to make some sort of series, which spawned TLoRL but furthermore I don't really remember other then feeling all amazing because I made one level which was horrible which I would nowadays cry of.
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

When I first realized that you can edit SMW, which was by seeing a video of Kaizo Mario on YouTube I think, I thought that it would be extremely complicated because I thought you had to open your ROM in a text Editor and "program" your own levels.

Some time later I found out about LM and was fascinated of how easy it is to make new levels. I made some levels that weren't even that bad, I think, in a short time and I wanted to submit my hack here once it's finished. I'm still working on that exact hack by the way.

Even though I'm still working on my hack, I have realized that I'm pretty bad at designing levels. Not that I think my levels are all that bad, it just literally takes me a month or two to make one single level, as I mostly run out of ideas after making a maximum of 3 screens.
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