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(Results!) 4th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Contest

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It's been weeks coming and distractions galore but now that Portal 2 is beaten, finals are upon me and general end-of-year laziness has hit, I find myself at the computer with nothing to do as I wait for a large archive to upload somewhere, so now's no better time than to write this thread.

This year's contest had a bit of a rocky start in regards to rules and exceptions, resulting in going back to what the very first contest allowed in terms of leeway for making levels. I know this turned off some of you designers out there but others of you embraced the new rules and did your best with what was permitted. I did not get to play many levels this year but my judges did and to Counterfeit and tatanga, i thank you heartily for going through all 86 entries. Other thanks go out to marioVSshadow, FUGGNUTZ, Airbourne Bubblun and Atma for judging at various points. While unfortunate that you each had to drop out in turn, I'm still grateful for your help.

So with the formalities out of the way, it's now time to announce the winners of the 4th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Contest! (Note: Due to some discussion last year about how ties should be placed, this year if there is a tie, the next place will be whatever place the next entrant should get had a tie not occurred. You'll see what I mean.)

First Place
E-Man - Forested Field (36.0/40.0)

Second Place
superwiidude - Ghosting Factory (35.0/40.0)

Third Place
x1372 - Unlock the Key (34.5/40.0)

Honorable Mention (4th Place)
TomPhanto - Rainbow Fortress (34.0/40.0)

Honorable Mention (5th Place)
K3nny - Desert Discovery (33.5/40.0)
Spud Alpha - Sea Brine Shrine (33.5/40.0)
DragonLX - Abandoned Toy Factory (33.5/40.0)

This concludes the winners and honorary mentions. The rest of the places are as follows. (Note: For those that didn't place 5th or higher, I'm not including the level names for their entries so as to make this post not take any longer than it already is taking to write. Sue me later for being lazy. (Also sue me for being lazy for copying this paragraph from last year's results thread!))

8. Lucas - (33.0/40.0)
8. Mr ESC450 - (33.0/40.0)
8. Aqualakitu - (33.0/40.0)

11. patgangster - (32.5/40.0)
11. SomeGuy712x - (32.5/40.0)
11. ZMann - (32.5/40.0)

14. Uhrix/GN - (32.0/40.0)

15. RaindropDry - (31.0/40.0)

16. Chibikage89 - (30.5/40.0)
16. Vic Rattlehead - (30.5/40.0)
16. TRS - (30.5/40.0)

19. Whoamme - (30.0/40.0)
19. Limepie20/Argumentable - (30.0/40.0)
19. Blaze.128 - (30.0/40.0)
19. Master S - (30.0/40.0)
19. LunarYoshi - (30.0/40.0)
19. .Lester Vine. - (30.0/40.0)

25. Blind Devil - (29.5/40.0)
25. Riolu180 - (29.5/40.0)
25. Forty2 - (29.5/40.0)

28. Sockbat Replica - (29.0/40.0)
28. PotatoNinja - (29.0/40.0)
28. TheOtherGuy25 - (29.0/40.0)

31. Artsy3... - (28.5/40.0)
31. Noobish Noobsicle - (28.5/40.0)
31. Darky - (28.5/40.0)
31. Storm Kyleis - (28.5/40.0)
31. Extroble - (28.5/40.0)

36. Kristian - (28.0/40.0)
36. RedToonLink - (28.0/40.0)

38. Glitch.Mr - (27.5/40.0)
38. Mario's Hat - (27.5/40.0)

40. Ninja X - (27.0/40.0)

41. Rainbowslime - (26.5/40.0)
41. Caracc - (26.5/40.0)
41. IonDrako/K3fka - (26.5/40.0)

44. agie777 - (26.0/40.0)
44. Pikerchu13 - (26.0/40.0)
44. neosaver - (26.0/40.0)
44. everest700 - (26.0/40.0)
44. MSAhm3d59113 - (26.0/40.0)
44. King Boo - (26.0/40.0)

50. Kicezand - (25.5/40.0)
50. aj6666 - (25.5/40.0)

52. Hyperme - (25.0/40.0)
52. Zeldara109 - (25.0/40.0)
52. Alice - (25.0/40.0)
52. paper mario world - (25.0/40.0)

56. yogui - (24.5/40.0)
56. Volke - (24.5/40.0)
56. GeorgeVsSonic - (24.5/40.0)

59. martin9172 - (24.0/40.0)
59. Lunar Rico - (24.0/40.0)
59. Phantor - (24.0/40.0)

62. Morsel - (23.5/40.0)

63. MarioFan22 - (23.0/40.0)
63. losoall - (23.0/40.0)

65. Ripperon-X - (22.5/40.0)

66. GravityxHammah - (22.0/40.0)

67. Diddy Kong - (21.5/40.0)

68. The Shady Nerd - (21.0/40.0)
68. The Secret Exit - (21.0/40.0)

70. deedeedeechu - (20.0/40.0)
70. MalcolmBellman38 - (20.0/40.0)
70. TheGamer - (20.0/40.0)
70. PowerStrike - (20.0/40.0)

74. moltensnow - (19.5/40.0)
74. Mrgoomba909 - (19.5/40.0)

76. KevKot - (19.0/40.0)

77. Roykirbs - (17.5/40.0)

78. notgoodwithusernames - (17.0/40.0)

79. abduel - (16.5/40.0)

80. S.N.N. - (12.5/40.0)

81. horribleTASer1.1 - (6.0/40.0)


The following users were unfortunately disqualified for breaking contest rules:



Detailed results by the judges can be found here:
Counterfeit's scoring. (.html file)
tatanga's scoring. (.docx file)

This is the in-depth score tallying I did if you're interested in the breakdowns.
(Excel 2007 workbook.)

So that's it, thanks to everyone who participated. We'll see you again next year!

Lucasedit: Swapped out the Opera file with a HTML one (must have accidentally saved as the wrong type when CF linked it?)
Wow, 44th! That's much higher than I expected, even though it's not a great result. I only started hacking when I created my level, and I have learned so much since then. Looking back at my level now, I'm ashamed for what I have created. I really expected my level to be around the 65th place or something.
Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
True story, I completely forgot about this contest
Good stuff guys. It was indeed a rocky start, and next year the judges will be picked more carefully from the get-go. A huge thanks to tatanga and Counterfeit for getting the results in though, and FP for posting them.

I can't believe I didn't come in last place. I am flabbergasted.
GvS ~ u:11380
Congrats, winners!

Man, I did awful. 56 really isn't what I aimed for. I do think tatanga's scorings were pretty bad here and there, but meh.

Also, I thought ZMann would end way higher. His entry was my favourite, to be honest.
Oh well, I expected to not rank high this time around, because my level was quite rushed. At least I didn't do too bad.

Congrats to the winners.
Oh shit, 63rd. I did worse than last year. :(
38 for a level made in 1 hour? Not bad, really.
I can't believe I got equal 8th, that's a way better result than I expected. I'm pretty happy with that.

Congratulations to the winners.

19th? Not bad, but still kind of disappointed. Counter thought it was great and Tatanga found it average so I suppose your mileage may vary. Also, I was kinda surprised both judges noted its length. I thought it was short, hahaha~

I really didn't expect to do very good anyway, but I think it is pretty silly that I got D/Q'd for the music at the end(Unless there is other reasons which there probably is). I mean that room really wasn't any purpose except for finishing the level.
But...Gratz to the winners and LOL to HorribleTASer (Hes an irl friend so I can lol at him :P) it was literally one of his first levels... he kept bugging me to IPS patch it.
Living life takes forever
Counterfeit thought my level was cool but stupid. This is exactly like me. I am delighted.
Not first place? That's impossible.
Well, at least I'm not last, so that's ok.

Also for my level.
>Final result: 24.5/40
>Counterfeit result: 36/40
>Tatanga result: 13/40
Lol, thank you Counterfeit.:)

EDIT I forgot to say: Finally, the results are here!
I must admit I expected a higher score after reading Spud Alpha's review of my level.

16th is okay though, especially considering I threw the level together in 5 hours. #w{xD}

EDIT: Going by the ranking rules of the previous contests, I got 9th. Consistency. /headnod

Originally posted by FirePhoenix
This year's contest had a bit of a rocky start in regards to rules and exceptions, resulting in going back to what the very first contest allowed in terms of leeway for making levels

I call BS on this, as the first vanilla contest allowed mixing tilesets with ExGFX.
Ouch. 68th place. Ah, well, I guess it was to be expected. Despite my name, I'm not very good at thinking up secrets, and I see my turnblock wall overdid it.

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
1st? Wow, I didn't see that one coming. I'm glad that I was able to (vastly) improve over my ~56th placing last year.

Oh, and congratulations to the other winners; it was most certainly a pleasure competing in this contest with everyone else.
AnimeList | MangaList
44th? Darn, that's alot lower than I expected... not that I was expecting anything high or anything, but, damn.
Eh, 44th, not bad, I guess. I just have to start the planning earlier. That has to be the third complete level I've ever made, despite how long I've been hacking.
I think placing higher than Lunar Limbo is an accomplishment in itself. I swear, I could see Uhrix and GN winning this thing by a long shot.

Still, I was really expecting to place in the top 10 this time around. 11th, while better than I made in last year's contest, is a little disappointing.

I think the judging could have gone much smoother this time around, and I think some entries scored lower than they should have because of that (and no, I'm not just trying to defend my entry).

Oh, and congrats to the winners.

E: Well, if I look at the placing by last year's placing system, I would be tied for 7th, so that makes me feel a bit better. Eh.
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
[Regarding yogui's level] "The theme did not work well for a Super Mario World hack" - tantanga, the guy who made you swim through Bowser's blocked toilet.
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