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Caffie Radio Incarnation 3.0 Take 2

Originally posted by moltensnow
I don't really like that idea because I like to DJ whenever I feel like it, causing my DJ schedule to be very irregular. And that's just the way I like it. Maybe if you could find a way to fit irregular DJs in that would work, but if everyone who wanted to DJ was assigned a set time and date, I don't know.

I can't really help you. I mean, the best you could do is just fill in for someone else or ask the current DJ if you could play.

For the record, I can play on Thursdays and Fridays all day as long as nothing comes up.
If ya'll want more listeners, might I suggest having a sort of radio show every week or so? If some high profile members got on and started talking about various site news, spotlighting hacks, etc, I think you'd get more than 4-5 listeners at a time.
Something similar, maybe play some spc's from the Idol contest? Or just showcase other new spc's in general based on a vote.
Regarding the two prior posts, I must agree that it does rather make sense to at least occasionally use the radiator for something at least somehow related to the site and its offerings instead of just playing random tunes all the time. After all, folks can get that sort of thing anywhere--to really attract an audience, the radio really needs to provide something which causes users to recognize it as a unique offering, especially one somehow relevant to reasons they visit this site in the first place.
I'll admit the one thing I found obscure about the radio was the lack of some sort of talk. It goes without saying that people who are used to the concept of commentary (be it through doing podcasts, LPs, or what have you) are able to be very amusing and think on their feet. There are plenty of examples of this. Look at some popular folk on YouTube such as the Yogscast or maybe someone like Proton Jon (if you want an example of someone we could consider a bit more within 'our ranks'). They started off a little shaky but getting used to being in a state where you're constantly speaking to effectively nobody but everybody has made them quite entertaining.
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Well, we have had those radio skype calls with Atma, Slash Man, others, and I, and I think everyone liked those.
The closest I've ever gotten to that when I DJ is when I play commercials that I made, but they're usually only ten seconds long and serve to advertise my channel. But hey, commercials are a part of real radio, so that's something.
The Skype calls actually do really well for some reason. I guess people like listening to random chit-chat at times as opposed to regular old music.

Whoever suggested playing the SPCs from SMWCI might have been right on the money in terms of putting "unique content" on the radio. Perhaps it could be mixed in with some people actually discussing each entry at the same time? Dunno.
Really I'd say let people dj whenever they want, no one should feel obligated to make a set schedule, there's no point to it honestly. People lose interest regardless. Leaving the radio on hiatus for a while will do some good. When people constantly see the radio up it's more like "oh...yeah, the radio, meh". Having 3 listeners really isn't a huge accomplishment honestly but yeah these podcast things did do rather well but they too interfere with people's personal time and schedules.
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I found that there used to be news video of sorts on SWMCentral channel - why not have some general "what's going" in SMWC from time to time?
I honestly only DJ usually to play some songs for like one friend who isn't even from SMWC at a time. Maybe sometimes two, depends who's on.
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