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Mario's Sad Adventure (Demo) - by miech10
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Mario's Sad Adventure (Demo) - by miech10
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Hack Name: Mario's Sad Adventure (Demo)
Author: miech10
Description: Mario is sad and stuff.
This is my very first submited hack.



This was pretty interesting, although there are a few things you should definitely fix.

First of all, the palettes. The "black and white only" idea makes the hack a bit more unique, but you could make them a lot better (and still keep them black and white). For example, the contrast is pretty eye-killing at some places (the clouds, hills), and the color order is not always correct. Also, the text on the title screen is pretty unreadable due the very dark color.
Edit: also, why did you not change the color of the title screen border (wood)? It's a bit weird with all the black and white stuff.

The palettes also create cutoff at some places (background hills).

The color order of the pipe is pretty bad, and the green thing above the lava looks weird.

Rather just a suggestion, but I think if you go for a total black and white world, you also should change all of Mario's palettes (even Luigi's ones, so Mario won't turn green for a little time when he gets a Fire Flower). Also, Fire Mario's palette looks a bit worse than Big Mario's palette for some reason.

There's a weird unnecessary tile on the left.

For some reason, when Mario enters a pipe with Yoshi, the graphics become glitchy. O_o

Also, that pipe lead me back here, but the camera starts way too high. Fix the Secondary Exit FG/BG initial positions.

Again, the colors make this level pretty eye-killing. You could try some shading in the Mushroom Platforms and I really-really recommend you not to make white borders!

Insane slowdown here, use the FastROM patch if you haven't yet, or put less sprites in one place.

- The background is way too bright compared to the foreground. It makes pretty hard to find where the ground is.
- Why did you not change the color of the lamps and benches to black and white? They look a bit out of place here.

Did you use the Fade Fix patch? It should correct the weird colors after getting the Goal Tape.

This is a typical place where I could get infinite lives very fast.

No offense, but the colors of the Thwomp look really bad. Use some shading and less contrast.

So, that's it. Keep the palette fixing in mind, since this hack wasn't so bad at all, and better colors would make it much better.
Due to miscommunication, I also ended moderating this hack; might as well post the issues I found that Hadron seem to have missed.

Firstly, an small guide to turning a palette monochrome while still keeping the contrast: turn the saturation value down to zero, while keeping the other two values constant. Restore the original palettes and then do this to them, and they will look quite a bit better than what you have now.


You appear to be missing the inner corner tiles (tile 11) in just about every single place it should be, both in the sea and on the islands.

You are aware that vertical pipe ends can be entered from both sides, right? Because Mario entering the chimney from below just looks really strange.

Wrong corner tile here: I can walk through this one.

Some cutoffness related to corner tiles: in the first screenshot, you'll need to extend the ledges down to the bottom of the screen to avoid cutoffness, and in the second one, putting ledges inside of the ground like that creates holes.

Would you please increase the size of this passage a bit? I had to leave Yoshi behind to continue D:

And on another note, what exactly is the point of this P-Switch "puzzle"?

Sumo Bro fire really only looks good on flat surfaces. Oh, and you might want to vary your sprite usage a bit in this level; just Molotov Bros over and over gets kind of tiring after a while.

Bad sprite memory settings caused part of this Podoboo to disappear.

The note block changes appearance when you bounce on it, which looks kind of strange.

Didn't notice it until here, but something seems to have gone wrong with the shrinking animation in this hack: Mario rapidly vibrates up and down while it plays.

Glitched lava splash when the boss dies.

And lastly, what in the world did you do to Mario's walking upwards animation? And speaking of which, look at the walking Mario at the top left of the screen; the left part of the graphics frame seems to have been copied over from one of his other frames. o_O

Oh, and you might be interested in learning that neither the Yoshi's House secret room music or the first level underground music agree with bsnes very well, and neither do the city and castle level ones once the fire sound effect plays.

Like Hadron said, the level design for this wasn't bad at all; just fix the palettes and the other small things pointed out, and this should be good to go.

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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Mario's Sad Adventure (Demo) - by miech10

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