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In this time of turmoil and despair, we two superheroes - Super Ersaniooooor and The Cool Side of the Pillow - have risen above the rest in hopes of defending the site against the powers of evil. This C3 has been overrun by some very evil users, but don't worry. By our powers combined, we will be able to defeat them and stop them from spreading their torment, greed, and eternal agony.

By defeating all the evil villains who support that immortal spammer, you will gain more reputation, and by deleting the spammer's posts, you shall rise up in ranks. The top 3 heroes with their heroic actions will earn noble rewards, descended from the Gods themselves! Defeat these villains, so this C3 city survives to see another day!

It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to become a true hero, but at the very least you will know that you have worked harder than these so-called "villains" to reach your rank. We will even let you into our secret headquarters if you show enough trust and caring towards your fellow man. Know that you will become an honorable soul for your actions in bravely defending the Central. Your name will go down in history.

Now go, rising stars. Become the hero of the day!
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
I think I already joined the dark side...does the heroic side have free dental?
Will there be cookies?
Pfft, this is for lame-o's.
Sure, the spammer is going to die.
YAY HEROES! Pffft, dark side, what a group.
Never fear, pk's here ! Deleting spam faster then you can say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" !
Don't allow these evil ones to warp your brains. We have everything you could ever want here, on the side of the heroes.

Besides, you know good always vanquishes evil in the end, so don't be on the losing team!
The forces of GREAT JUSTICE are on our side! WE SHALL PREVAIL
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

I need to find some spam somewhere... but where?!
Your layout has been removed.
Unless you A) Will remove the bsnes rule, and/or B) will stop making it count against me when I try to delete a spam post, I won't choose a side.
Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
Count me in. We'll show them who is the boss!
Your layout has been removed.
Your layout has been removed.
Are you a normal citizen who envies [name removed due to court order] for all his super powers? Capes, Tanuki suits, Fireballs, they're all just out of your reach. To combat this, we here at eShroom Corp have developed the new PowerAna to bring a super power to the common people. It's a revolutionary product, meaning that it grants you the power to spin uncontrollably. No foe (or anyone else for that matter) can survive touching you, making you essentially invulnerable.

Experiments performed on people suffering from acute motion sickness show that these people will get an additional feature: a liquid projectile of organic acids distributed around your surroundings (thanks to the spinning), creating an additional way to harm your enemies (and others). Due to this additional feature, people suffering from motion sickness have to pay triple price.

(eShroom Corp recommends against remaining in the same place for an extended period of time while using the PowerAna as all test subjects doing so were engulfed in magma before too long.)

So, what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and order it right away. Only at eShroom Corp!

Mario has perfect plan.
I will gladly join you, heroes.
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh

I mean, I may do bad thing, Horrible things, but not evil things!

Please can I convert?
I'd much rather fight zombies. It's an easy kill. This eShroom as far worst than zombies. Let me get all the pegasi (spelled wrong I Bet) and do a sonic rainnuke. GET OUT OF THE BLAST RADIUS (50 miles - 120 depending on how many ponies help)
As a cute flying cat I shall join the dark good side.

Lots of love,

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

Hm. It seems that the forces of both evil and good are gathering. I'll see that eShroom will fall.
Message of the week: I'm going to be inactive, except for the Third Earth story posts. So I'll be on here once a week.

World's saga is on the fourth chapter.
Game progress is still on chapter one.
Character progress: 11 of 18.
Bug fixing: Initiated.