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ScrollBars - SMW HDMA Code Generator (beta), + LevelASMTool

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ScrollBars is a tool designed to generate Parallax-scrolling HDMA code that can be inserted using LevelASM.

Each scanline can be given different properties such as scroll speed, wind speed (my term for autoscroll), and wavelength/speed/amplitude.

Clicking the headers above each of the properties in the table will bring up a dialog allowing you to set multiple scanlines at once.

The free RAM defaults to $7F:B000-$7FBBFF, but you can customize that if you're already using that RAM for an ASM hack.

This tool is definitely not finished. I have exams coming up so I have not had much time to work on it, but I did as much as I could to get it into its current usable state. I have not optimized the code generation yet, so sometimes you'll find things like "LDA $00" one line after "STA $00" and such, and I have a few wave-related optimizations to make. It's also missing a few options and features that will be implemented at a later date, and of course it's missing an icon.

The code it generates is intended to be used in LevelASMTool (below), but it can be modified to be compatible with Ersanio's LevelASM+Init patch. It's best to use LevelASMTool though, because since the tables generated for these effects are rather large, having too many effects inserted into one ROM will exceed the bank-boundary when using the patch version of LevelASM.

EDIT: also, if you're using waves, change the wavelength to something other than zero for all scanlines that have wave enabled, or else ScrollBars will crash.

(no readme yet, just play around and see what you can make with it!)

This is a tool I made recently, but never officially released. I've discussed it and even linked in #serioushax a bit though (and if you had looked through my filebin, you could have found it). It's basically a sprite-tool-esque version of LevelASM that is not limited to a single bank like the patch is. ScrollBars generates code that is designed to be used with this tool.

It is based off of Ersanio's LevelASM+Init patch, with a few modifications. If you are currently using Ersanio's patch, it will be removed from the ROM automatically. BACK UP YOUR ROM BEFORE USING THIS!

I've been waiting for ScrollBars for so long.

Easily the best C3 entry this time.

Yet another amazing release thing from edit. Like seriously, that is just amazing stuff right there. I'd love to see an example of this.
This looks incredibly awesomely useful. I'll definitely be employin' this one myself! Every C3 your releases pretty much knock 'em outta the park!
I've heard you mentioning ScrollBars a lot on IRC and such, so I've been looking forward to this release quite a bit. It'll be nice to see future hacks use this - parallax scrolling, although merely an aesthetic in the grand scheme of things, looks really awesome when it is applied well.

I'll give this a shot later too. Great stuff.
Oh wow, wow, WOW! It seems my dreams have come true, the parallax scrolling tool will be extremely useful for me! Editing the ASM file was a bit tedious, the tool will make it much easier, ultra cool!

And the LevelASM Tool looks great as well! Now I won't have to be aware that LevelASM overlaps other patches, this is just great! Thank you so much for releasing these tools, edit, they are truly awesome. #w{=D}
Now these seem like they would be really useful. I imagine that I'm not the only one who never really understood how to code parallax HDMA effects, and the tool form of levelASM seems quite convenient compared to reapplying the patch over and over.
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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

If LevelASMTool does precisely what I'm expecting it to do, I will fucking love you forever until the end of time- you will be a live saver.

GvS ~ u:11380
Thank. You.

Really, these will be very handy.
This is just amazing. I've been waiting for such a tool for a long time ever since I saw something similar on sonic retro. Fantastic work.
Wow, no matter how much I doubt cool things will happen at C3, people just keep making me eat my words. What's essentially going to be used as a parallax scrolling tool, is definitely a handy one indeed. Very nice work, as always, edit.
If multiple levels use the same ASM file, is it only inserted once and just given multiple table entries?

Also, is there any way to modify the base code it inserts? Super Mario Adventure's area-name system relies on a bit of code that runs before levelASM init...
I heart you.
Originally posted by JVyrn
If multiple levels use the same ASM file, is it only inserted once and just given multiple table entries?

Yep, I made certain to implement it this way.

Originally posted by JVyrn
Also, is there any way to modify the base code it inserts? Super Mario Adventure's area-name system relies on a bit of code that runs before levelASM init...

currently not, unfortunately. I may add a "global" init and main option though.
Think you could post a video of the effects?
While I know about parallax scrolling, I'm sure a lot of people would like seeing it in action ^-^
You're the best, edit. I've always wanted to do parallax scrolling and all, and this tool will DEFINITELY ease up the process.

I haven't tried it out yet, so this might be a stupid question: Is it SMW-only? Can you use the generated code with other ROMs too if you tweak the code a bit? I can't wait to add parallax scrolling to SMAS once I make cool progress.

The levelASM tool is good enough to replace my own levelASM patch, although I prefer waiting until someone else who is involved with levelASM releases his thing... I think you know who. =p

I'll definitely review this in my blog sooner or later. My blog needs more activity and love anyway.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
I've got everything set up but when I try to insert my parallax HDMA it says "Working_LevelASM not found!" while I have everything... =\
Originally posted by MAP16 Mess
it says "Working_LevelASM not found!

Hmm... looks like it's looking for the ROM and the directory in the LevelASM folder.

Try putting your Working_LevelASM/ and Working_LevelASM.txt inside the same directory as the exe file for now, until I come up with a fix after my exams.
This is looking really awesome. Does the code it generates allow for the backgrounds to scroll vertically, too? Or are they required to stay stationary?
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
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