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Layout Workshop / Request thread - New announcements.
Forum Index - Donut Plains - Computers & Technology - Layout Workshop / Request thread - New announcements.
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God, it's been so long since I even posted a layout here... Anyhow, this is a place I made that, over time, became a workshop of sorts. You can also make requests and show off your works available for the public here for the taking.

If you have an old layout you want to retire, don't let it slip into complete obscurity, but instead retire it here so somebody else can study and use it.

These are new guidelines added to ensure no problems arise. Follow them or expect to be ignored.
  • Ask nicely. Your request is more likely to be taken up.
  • Wait. Everyone here has lives too. Your layout might not be made for up to a week, or more.
  • If you have waited for up to a week, go ahead and ask again. There is so much content here that your comment may slip through the cracks.
  • You should always ask before using images or entire layouts unless otherwise specified. Asking does not only show courtesy, it also tells other people you're nice, and that you may be willing to give others permission to use your content.
  • DISABLE YOUR LAYOUT WHEN POSTING WORKING CODE. You'll ensure no conflicts in doing so.
  • If you are not posting working code, (begin with ampersand) use lt; for "<" and gt; for ">". You should be able to replace all arrow brackets with those declarations in a word processor.
  • Okay, I've been seeing this lately. Requests to use very large images should be LIMITED, because they're hard to work with. If you request me to use a large image, unless otherwise specified, I WILL center it to your layout, thusly cutting off the top and bottom. Exceptions go to images with a sky, those will be aligned to the top, with ground aligned to the bottom
  • I said this in other threads, but I'm saying it here. If you want a small image used that can be tiled, make sure the connections between the repeat images are seamless.

Whatever policies the author provides will not be directly connected to this thread, and all authors reserve the right to refuse any person(s) asking to use their layout for any reason.

The opinions stated here are not that of, and should not be treated as such. If you dislike any opinion(s) stated here, you reserve the right to report said negative opinion(s) that do not conform to the forum rules stated here

The participants of thie thread also reserve the right to report any layouts not conforming to this thread

The participants reported that feel they have been falsely accused have reserved rights to contest such opinions that may arise here. If falsely accused, it is advised, but not enforced that you should contest and appeal once, therefore, using common sense should be key in any argument that may come up.

"Reaction" layout available.


Images used:
Reaction (from Visual Paradox)
[Untitled] (home made for use with layout)

Stretch for no reason. Stretching feels good... Yeah, stand up and stretch. Stretch to the sky!

A sidebox for comments and misc. junk.
Userbars and stuff go here.
Just post a print screen to help prevent theft.
I like your idea and all, but why do all of your layouts must have those horrible borders? :(

EDIT: You removed them, which makes it look worse. >.<

Oh, and you "stole" the background image from D: You aren`t supposed to do that. At least upload it onto your photobucket account or something. >.<

BTW, modesty is greatly appreciated on the Internet. :P
Somehow I knew this topic was gonna fail. But it was worth a try.

I'm still building layouts in secret (mostly out of boredom), so I might convert this thread into a place for pre-fabbed templates...
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!
What about letting other people besides you to post their "free" layouts here? :3
Originally posted by darklink898
What about letting other people besides you to post their "free" layouts here? :3

Sounds like a good idea.
Looks good except for those diagonal lines. I'd rather it be an image that is a semi-transparent .png.

How does this looks? D: I don`t want it, though. xD

I think it would be good for that people who really want this kind of layouts. D:

And it was the easiest thing to do. xD
This is for misc stuff and other crap. D:

Needs more tables :P
I just edited it. :O
I`ll edit this post with another one soon.
Originally posted by darklink898
I just edited it. :O

Looks much better now :)

You should call it the layout workshop.


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-100% Undone
Since 2006

I think it'd be a very good idea to have everyone post layouts here, instead of asking for them. It'd make the layout maker's inbox less flooded. (Assuming they are, of course, flooded.)

I really like that layout. A shame it's taken.

I'm part of the Testers for Hire thread, so if you'd like something play tested, no matter what it is, PM me, and I'll give you honest feedback. Anything else is in my profile.

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Done. Reread first post.
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!
Here's a different type of layout, if you like that type of thing. You may use it, but please PM me if doing so. Credit isn't required, but appreciated.

[layout removed due to crapiness]
Originally posted by Pester
</table></div></div> That looks like a good layout but can you make it blue instead of red....(i will give credit!)
Post content
Userbar Slot 1Userbat Slot 2

Unexpected end tag (</table>) at 495, expected </tr>
Unexpected end tag (</div>) at 501, expected </tr>
Unexpected end tag (</div>) at 507, expected </tr>
Tag (tr) was not closed.
Tag (tr) was not closed.
Tag (tr) was not closed.
Tag (tr) was not closed.
Tag (table) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.

Your layout has been removed.
Here it is, Xgor.
yay^^ i got it now!
you can delete the layout now:)

Your layout has been removed.
In the table tag change "width=500" to "width=100%" so it'll take up your whole post.
Xgor, I fixed the background so it doesn't repeat.
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