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Rising Darkness (unofficial demo included)


Legend has it that the separation of true love gives a man immortal powers, but there was a catch, the lovers can not be human. This legend has never been proven yet since no matter the creatures used, their emotions for one another is far sronger than people and their evil intents. That is, until a truly dark being wants this power all for himself.

*In a dark castle*

Neon: We needed the money, so we only borrowed his wife until he can pay us back.

Kein: I still believe there are better ways in making money, you do realise that she carries children inside her.

Neon: Take her to her cell and come back here, it seems that our "friend" hasn't given us the money yet.

Kein: Let me guess, you want me to go and bring him here to give him more convincing proof that we are serious.

Neon: It would be much appreciated, now go.

*In front of the cells*

Kein: Just relax in here for a while and I promise nothing will happen to you.

???: Thank you.

Kein: I put some food on the shelves in case you get hungry. I hope you can return soon.

???: Who are you? You seem alot nicer than that other guy.

Kein: Oh! pardon me! My name is Kein and you are?

???: Its Mia sir.

Kein: Mia eh. You know, you remind me of my sister.

Mia: Really, she must must be very kind in that case, do you see her often?

Kein: *tears run down his face*

Mia: sorry.

Kein: Its okay, I better get going now before Neon throws a fit. It was a pleasure meeting you Mia.

Mia: A pleasure to know that one of my kidnappers has a very kind heart.

Kein: I am no kidnapper.

Mia: I guess so

*Kein and Mia say goodbye as Kein leaves*

Kein(to himself): Now to go and bring Yoshi here.

/Game begins/

Rising Darkness is a hack that I worked on for 3 years.

And now I present the unofficial C3 demo. It contains 6 stages for you to play.

(note: due to it being unofficial, the credits haven't been made yet, so major thanks to all authors of the resources used.

edit: some of these screenshots are outdated:
-rexy fields 2 has another name
-the beige background has been changed to something better


Well, I've only played a little bit (that is, 2 levels) of it so far, but from what I can tell the level design itself is pretty good but the graphics are kind of lacking. For one, YI GFX clash a little with SMW GFX, but also I think your palettes could use a little work in some places. Still, the hack is far from *bad,* from what I can tell, and so I think you should keep on working on this. It's a fairly good start.