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Zeldara's Glitch City demo 147
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I wish that hacks that weren't so artistic and perfect could get submitted. I love hacks like this.

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Well, it was rejected because apparently "if something has good level design but is bad in every other department it's still not fun to play."

Yeah I completely disagree, but it shouldn't get accepted anyways because it would still encourage crappy level design in hacks because PEOPLE JUST THINK THAT WAY.

Good fucking bye.
To be honest, I think Zeldara knew it wasn't going to get accepted when she submitted it.
Yeah, like last time, she probably just wanted to see the removal log for the hack.

Good fucking bye.
If someone thinks graphics are an essential component of a game... well, one of the points of ZGC is to prove otherwise. It's not like I should expect to convince everyone though, because there are always people with different opinions. (And I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that a site that, as far as I know, was originally founded to host ExGFX files, is oriented around graphics and custom features as opposed to level design (or using existing features in new ways, which is what I value in hacks).)

(Besides, ZGC does have effort in the graphics-- I've built plenty of intentionally strange formations throughout the ZGC levels. The cutoff=bad concept is arbitrary.)

Anyway, just wondering, does anyone think I overdid the difficulty on the world 7 boss? I'm concerned because when replaying that level, I actually find myself dying on the boss more than half the time (something that I may be fine with for a final boss or a secret-world boss, but it's still only world 7)...

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Sorry for the almost-bump, but I'd like to weigh in on this hack. I like it overall, the levels are interesting and unconventional. However, some of the secrets are pretty hard to find, but I was never good at that, so maybe it's just me.

The biggest problem, as I see it, was level tile colors. With some yellow levels having two exits, and some red levels having one, I'm never sure where all the exits are or even if the level has exits, thus looking for something that might not be there.

EDIT: Disregard this, I got it wrong.

I do like it, though, it seems to accomplish it's goals very well. Looking forward to the next release!

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
Originally posted by The Secret Exit
The biggest problem, as I see it, was level tile colors. With some yellow levels having two exits, and some red levels having one, I'm never sure where all the exits are or even if the level has exits, thus looking for something that might not be there.


Wait, what? She made it so that the yellow tiles with secret exits in World 1 turn red after beating world 2, and I don't remember red levels with one exit...

Good fucking bye.
I thought I heard that applied to all levels.

Apparently, I was wrong. I apologize.

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
If anyone's wondering, here's my ZGC exit policy:

- All levels in ZGC contain at least one exit, even if they seem like they have none. (The only exceptions are levels that aren't enterable in the first place, such as level 114 (used for most pipes, some star warps, and the dead end near Reznorland 5).)

- All red-dot levels have two exits.

- If a yellow-dot level has two exits, it will turn red at some point in the game... With one exception: the secret exit(s) leading to world 9 (not in this demo) might be marked with a yellow dot.

- If a level is neither a yellow dot nor a red dot, then you'll probably just have to judge for yourself (though here's a hint: there's a second exit most of the time, especially if the first exit doesn't seem to lead anywhere).

- Regarding level 24's number of exits (which is neither 0, 1, or 2): As Alyssa the Boo says, tee hee hee... (Wait, what? Level 24 isn't even in this demo!)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
If you're interested in playing a version of SMW with ZGC's graphics and ASM applied (including my new status bar):

Just felt like randomly releasing something. (You can call it Zeldara's Glitch City demo 231 if you feel like it, though that may deceive people into thinking there are new levels when there aren't.)

Warning: Due to the fact that I applied the multiple midpoint patch with ZGC's midpoints, the midway entrances of various levels will restart you in a different location. Most of them happen to be levels that are inaccessible or have no midpoint in the original SMW, but be careful in Valley of Bowser 1 and Chocolate Secret, since their midpoints will start from level 100. (Chocolate Island 1's midway entrance was also affected, but it should still be possible to play out that level.)

Edit: Vanilla Dome 1's midpoint is safe actually-- I hadn't realized that secondary entrance 1EF was used in the original SMW.

Edit 2: Also some random screenshots whether it matters or not.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Is thet the unfinished flying key or is it just a graphics change?
There was never a flying key sprite? You're probably thinking of the flying yellow shroom.
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There is an unused flying key sprite-- it's the key in its non-stunned state ($14C8,x = $08 I think). (All carryable items are considered to be stunned, even if you normally don't find them non-stunned.)

The flying key will damage you if you touch it, but if Yoshi eats it, it becomes a normal key, usable in keyholes. Its movement is normally the same as the Yoshi wings sprite (as well as the also-unused flying yellow mushroom and flying red coin sprites).

It's obtainable in the original SMW with a certain glitch (possibly TAS-only)-- if Yoshi eats a Whistling Chuck (by item swapping the Chuck with a sprite on Yoshi's tongue) while Mario is... small I think, it will give you a flying key in reserve. See this video.

The one in ZGC (found in Eternal Darkness 1) comes from hex-editing the invisible mushroom sprite to spawn sprite 80 instead, though. (That also causes it to have a rather strange trajectory-- I think it's because the invisible mushroom has upward momentum.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I just played demo 147 (I think) of ZGC, was the most entertaining ROM hack I've played in a while. I got up to the end of World 6 (or "World 4"). I more or less gave up on trying to find the last switch, but still...almost 6 worlds is longer than I usually last with SMW hacks. (Yeah, people, I liked a hack full of cutoff, blatant level edits, and graphical glitches better than most of your fancier, nicer stuff. What does that tell you?) Makes me want to design a similar joke hack with similar craziness, but chocolate (or more so, with custom graphics, ASM, and the like).
Remember: Just because a level already has two exits doesn't mean it can't contain a switch as well. Also, remember that switches display message 1 when they're activated. (The messages in the level containing the switch are intended to hint that you should keep searching in that particular level.)

By the way, the full version of ZGC will have more ASM changes (such as the rather glitched-up power-ups showcased in this video). (Note that I've changed the pinkish-gray flower back to acting like a mushroom usually does, since otherwise it desynced the title screen.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Zeldara109
Just because a level already has two exits doesn't mean it can't contain a switch as well.

Well, that just makes it even worse, because that means even fewer levels can be ruled out.
Ruling out levels? I thought it was pretty obvious that it was in #4 Star Road-- don't those "- GLITCH SWITCH -" message blocks and normal/secret exits all over the place give it away?

Or did you somehow manage to skip over that level entirely?

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Oh. I see.

...Okay, well, I got it, but there's no freaking way I would have figured all that out without looking in Lunar Magic, and several parts seem too easy to mess up on (for instance, if you didn't happen to have a cape in level 143, you're hosed). And what am I supposed to do after finding the switch?
Yoshiatom's Post
I'm a little stuck as well, I've gotten to the cave of 3's 4/3, but can't proceed due to a switch not being pressed, and #4 star road is on the OW but I can't enter it. What do I do?

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