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im searching someone that will play smw hacks with me


im wanne play smw hacks with other players(online).
because its boring pleying with your self
if someone wants to do this post your email here pre ad me on msn

my msn is: [email protected]

Greetings Konings
You can't play SMW with other people, unless you are both playing on the same console/computer. ¬~¬
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You would use netplay Coz. <_<
..... *blushes* I hadn't remembered. XD
You see, I have all my Zsnes files (Hacks, ROMs, emulators, Lunar Magic, et cetera) on a Net-free computer; thus, I had never used Netplay.
I had forgotten about it. I apologize, Konings1989. O_.
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