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Near-Death Experiences

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Now I know everyone has had one or two of these in their lives. Are you open enough to tell others about yours? I am:

My experience happened when I was 7. Y'see, every Sunday the family would go to the local ballparks for the Softball League, which my parents were in. It happened that on one Sunday in the middle of the summer, a monsoon struck. The atmosphere was like something you'd see in a movie. There were near-hurricane winds, hail was pelting everyone, thunder blasted our eardrums every few seconds, even the sky was blood red. You could barely see the sun in the midst of all the rampaging clouds.

Everyone at the park was taking refuge under canopies that were normally used for blocking the sun. All of a sudden, I see my football (American, mind you) that I'd brought galloping across one of the fields. Without thinking, I instantly ran as fast as I could to get the ball. While I was chasing the ball in the field, the wooden ceiling to one of the dugouts was brutally ripped off of the gate by the overpowering wind, which also made the ceiling fly towards me at 50 mph.

I was maybe a foot away from the ball when this ceiling whizzes by me. I wouldn't be posting this if that fucking thing came a few inches closer to me and brutally ripped MY ceiling off. To this day, I cannot believe how lucky I am to be alive.

So there's mine. How about yours?
You know me if you know me.
Well I do not know if my story will be as interesting but here it goes! =D

Well I was heading down to my friend's house to beat a game. This was when I was 9. So I hopped on my little scooter (a razor scooter, not an electric one) and I started heading down the road. I kept looking behind me to check if there were cars coming like every 5 seconds, because cars come down my road often. Well I turned around and I hit a pot hole, while falling to the ground I tried to brace myself by putting out my hand, which at this point my wrist snapped. (Well it is better than hitting my head of the pavement :l) So I was rolling around in the middle of the road in major pain, when a huge ass truck is coming down the road of at least the speed of 50mph! I realized if I didn't try to roll myself out of the middle of the road I was a goner. So I grabbed the game that I dropped, and my scooter, and rolled out of the road just in the nick of time! The neighbor kid was watching in horror, which I wondered why the hell did he have to stand there shocked while I had to save my ass from getting ran over? But I am glad that dump truck didn't take me out, that was some scary stuff... Of course I went to the hospital right after, and that was that. Never rode my scooter down to my friend's house again, I just planned on walking every time from then on. When stuff like that happens, it is like... I don't know, you feel you want to live life to the fullest. I feel like taking more risks strangely now though. Maybe because I realized that you can die at any second.

When I was four, I almost choked to death on a Life Saver. Apparently, I was being a pain in the ass and my mom gave it to me to shut up. When I started choking, my mother, not knowing the Heimlich Maneuver, stuck here finger down my throat to get it out.
I almost drowned at the beach a few years ago. I was in the sea and there was a sudden dip in the underwater ground and I accidentally stepped into this hole and became submerged under the water. Luckily, the 2 friends I was with picked me up and moved me onto dry land, saving my life.Free counters!
A car once almost hit me but I was a lucky and got hit by a motorcycle instead that broke both of my legs.
At the city during a school event where a group of 5 kids hang out in the CBD for the experience of it, I stood in the middle of the road while two trams were speeding towards me from both sides. Being the Touhou obsessed idiot I am the first thought that came to my head was to "graze" the trams instead of running to the other side. I snapped out of this when my friends screamed at me, however.
Originally posted by Jacob
When I was four, I almost choked to death on a Life Saver.

That's the worst ololo I've ever done. I should be ashamed...

Anyway, my visions have saved me from injury quite a few times. But once I rode my bike down a rocky hill. My brakes faild and I tumbled over the bike, did a roll,fell downwards, and stopped half an inch away from falling down a couple of metres. (6 ft) I got a scar 1 cm away from my right eye, I could've gotten blind on it. I was still badly damaged though. Made me stop cycling for a year.
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When I first got my braces all I was able to eat was soft food like pudding and liguids like soup. Anyways the day after my cousin's family and mine both went up to my aunt's cottage for the summer. One day at lunch thinking I should start to eat somewhat more harder foods, I ate a bread bun but wasn't able to chew it well which lead to choking. Luckily my aunt knew the heimlic manuever and saved my life. After the whole ordeal everything felt surreal for the rest of the day.

So when I was about 9 years old, my mom had bought a new car, and I had brought my DS so I wouldn't get bored through all of the paperwork and crap. Once it was finally over, we were crossing the parking lot to the new car, and since I was still playing video games, I didn't notice the car to my right coming at me until my parents yelled at me. Naturally I started running, and then I tripped. And since I was holding a DS in both hands, my mind went blank as of what to do, and so I just fell. My feet were inches away from the car coming at me, and my head inches away from the new car.

e: oh look rank up
Yes, i had one. It was a friday. I woke up, puking. I couldn't stop puking. I got dehydrated and i almost died (damn i was so close, why did i survive?)
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About a year prior to now, I was driving with my mom, and she crashed her car off the guardrails intentionally. I have no idea why - likely suicide, obviously, but since she died in the process, I guess we'll never know for sure.

I've got a new mom now .. and stuff. For me, it wasn't exactly a "near-death" experience, but it's the closest thing I can name.

Also, did anyone know that in a true near-death experience (e.g., being a few centimeters from being crushed by a falling object), research has shown that a few seconds will slow to a lifetime, as the person recalls, quite literally, their whole life.

I live by a freeway at my dad's house. I was with my cousin at a giant bridge that went over a train station and 215 freeway. We had a race to see who went down the bridge faster. We were on the sidewalk both riding bikes rushing down the hill. We were coming up a street and we're both going fast. We stop since we run into the street. But there is one problem: My brakes didnt work, so I kept going and my chain had popped out so it was like my bike was controlling me. I couldnt jump off since we were in the middle of the street. A truck came along the street driving by since sadly the other light said go. I swerved to the left and stopped where the wheels at the truck and the ground met. When that happened I fell off the bike, but BARELY missed the truck and got my bike and ran out the street to the sidewalk. I waited until the light switch to go home with my cousin. He was like "OH SH***T!". I was glad I survive. And my mom is paranoid, so hell no I did not mention this.

Also, I sat on my Dad's two story house roof, three times but I wasnt scared since it was slanted. I got almost in trouble, so I quit sitting on the roof...

And thats all I had.
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I once was spotted by a gator at the everglades. Then I walked to the car. Once there was a Manatee swimming in the Beach I was swimming in, but I was pulled out of the water in time before it attacked. Once someone threw a rock at my face, but I just got stitches next to my eye. Once, I was climbing my dresser which had the TV ontop of it for whatever reason when I was like 6, and the TV almost fell on me as I toppled the dresser over, but I was able to push it back in place somehow. Once, I ate a penny, mistaking it for a cookie while watching the Power Puff Girls on that TV that almost fell on me, and I began coughing up something, but the doctors said I was okay and to never do that again. Funny thing is, this happened the same week the rock was thrown at me. In 2nd grade, one of my friend's grandfather choked me, but the principle saw what was going on and banned him from the school. Apparently he's divorced now. Once, when I was at a baby shower, I was chasing these kids who were annoying me, and I crashed into a glass sliding door, twice. Luckily, the glass didn't break and stab me in a thousand different places. According to my dad, when I was like 4, I started walking onto a driveway and almost got run over by a truck, but he saved me.

Also, when I was born, my mom had no job and her boyfriend abandoned her, so, I guess I almost could have died from starvation, but luckily, my mom met my current dad, and I lived the rest of my live being spoiled by a dad who loved me way too much, but taught me valuable life lessons.

None of these are lies by the way. My life really has been like that, I'd say it's been a very boring life so far. BUT HEY, I PLAY VIDEO GAMES, AND THAT'S FUN, RIGHT?
Once, recently, I went too far in the pool. There was also a time when I almost got hit by a truck that ran a red light. Since I was and I didn't know what to do, I ran back to the other side of the street. Then I asked a random woman to take me to my parents who were on the other side. Good thing I didn't get abducted :D
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Just today I woke up and wanted to feed my rats and accidentally "sat" down (rather fell because I didn't see it) on one of the corners of my triangular glass desk and the whole thing broke and a bunch o' shards flew right up my ass/into my butt cheeks and it was bleeding like fuck and nobody was around.
Luckily it didn't hurt at all and I just pulled out the shards one by one, anticlimactic much.
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Originally posted by leod
Just today I woke up and wanted to feed my rats and accidentally "sat" down (rather fell because I didn't see it) on one of the corners of my triangular glass desk and the whole thing broke and a bunch o' shards flew right up my ass/into my butt cheeks and it was bleeding like fuck and nobody was around.
Luckily it didn't hurt at all and I just pulled out the shards one by one, anticlimactic much.


I can't say I've had any really. Playing it safe helps.
layouts suck
My dad was making his new house, so my cousins and I went to the upstairs floor, I was the last one going up the stairs, then I tripped at the top stair, and these were wooden stairs with a 2 foot gap between the top stair and the upstairs floor. Thank god my cousins were there! That woulda been a 30 foot drop onto concrete with no way up (yet)
Car accident when I was 3, luckily I convinced my mom to move my car seat to the other side of the car before we left, or...yeah.
A few summers ago I was climbing onto my roof to get a ball, then it started raining. I slipped and fell, but landed on some inner tubes. Still hurt but we didn't get to go inertubing later...
My brother ate Icy Hot (this isn't me but it is still kinda crazy)
When I was little I had a pool, I always wore floaties because I was like 2. I was too excited, forgot to put them on, jumped into the middle while my parents were still walking up. And I couldn't swim, my brother was at his friend's. But then my mom got me out.
Was in a pool during a family vacation (with 20 aunts and uncles its always fun ^_^) and I was underwater with goggles on, came up underneath a pool mat....thing that you lay on in the pool, and I almost drown because I wasn't able to push it high enough off me...
Then lastly I almost fell off my gramma's porch behind her house. Its about 50 feet above a 3 foot deep creek.
Living life takes forever
When i was a kid, i almost drowned because i accidentally slipped in a swimming pool while playing with my cousin. I was not aware the floor was slippery and i don't know how to swim back then.
When I was 14, I had a fever one morning of 102.4F/39.11C, my mother still sent me to school. By the time 3rd period rolled by, I could no longer stand and I fainted. I woke up in an ambulance 2 hours later. My fever had apparently jumped to 106.8F/41.56C, at that point, it can be potentially fatal or cause hemorrhaging.

I too almost drowned as a little kid. My family took a vacation down in Mexico and I jumped into a pool that was too deep for me. Luckily my brother came by and picked me up out of the water, I remember nearly blacking out.

A few other times as well but I don't feel the need to list them lol
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when I was six, I fell head first of a tree (2.5 meters#w{O.O}).When I hit the ground, everything whent black and then, instantly, I woke up, and there where people all around me(aparently I had been unconsious only 5 seconds or watever time it took for the people around me to realise that I wasnt moving).What I did then is get up walk home(really dizzy)and lie down, falling asleep instantly.
Also, that was the stupidest fall in my life.

Edit: Oh, forgot:
at about 8 years old, I was climbin an old wall made of small stones stacked ontop of eachother.the rocks I mas standing on and the one in my right hand broke of the wall.I was right handed and couldent hold myself with only mi left hand, and fell on rock on my ass.That hurt.Could't sit for a week.
Also, recently, while doing a 3-person bottom piramid in F.E. (I was on top),the jerks at the bottow left started arguing, eventually leaving the bottom causing the rest to fall and for me to nearly land a fatal blow on my friends neck whith my left leg(managed to move my leg out of the way in time to oly cause a small scrach)
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