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Near-Death Experiences
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In May of my kindergarten school year, there was this crazy stalker that was trying to flirt at the pool with me. She was kinda chubby, then at one point she jumped on me, dragging me underwater. I almost went unconscious until the last second when I came up, crying.

In the winter of 7th Grade, I was talking to one of my friends under a cover to stop the snow from piling up and blocking the doors. When another one of my friends was late, I walked over to talk to him, and literally seconds after I moved the snow building up on the top of the cover gave in and I barely missed getting hit by pounds and pounds of snow. I have no idea what would've happened if I hadn't moved.

Well, it didn't technically happen to me, but when I was rather young (maybe in preschool) and my grandparents had a house with a pool, I accidently ended up in the deep zone. I freaked out and grabbed my brother. I don't really remembered what happened next, but we're still here, so yeah.

Good fucking bye.
I've literally just had one of these! I was trying to get shower gel off my face in the shower, when water went up my nose and down the wrong hole, cutting off my air supply. I flung open the shower door and ran through the hall, hurtled down the stairs and fell to the ground at the bottem, coughing, wheezing gasping and spluttering like a broken accordion. Luckily I was able to get the water out of my lungs and my breathing resumed. I feel rather shaken now, it was terrifying.Free counters!
Well...going home from school, the tricycle I and the driver were riding was fine. Then, suddenly, a huge van shot out through the road we were heading to. The hit was imminent!

I was left safe (if I didn't hold on, I would have REALLY died since the tricycle literally turn over. TWICE). But, the other student got hurt...

I was like, WTFJHH? (WTF Just Happened Here?).
This experience isn't as near-death as others, but it's the closest I've been.

One day at school I decided to slide down some stair handrails like a little kid. I was at the longest one I found, which was at the edge of the audience area for football games. What's worse is that I was using my jacket to go faster. At the end of the rail (which was about 3-4 feet above the ground) I flew face-first into the track around the football field. My left elbow and knee were wounded seriously enough that I had to skip school. (Somehow my face wasn't hurt nearly as much). After applying some gauze bandages, I then went to Gamestop to play the demos there.

You hear dice being thrown...
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When I was 6, my mom was taking me to the hospital since i had again the same disease i have all years. My mom was slowing down the speed when a van hit us from behind and broken glasses were flying all over the car. My mom and i were bleeding really bad when the ambulance arrived. I was like 8 days at the hospital.
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I too, almost drowned as a kid. Me and my family went over to one of my dads friends house for a BBQ (The friends name was Seven, believe it or not) and he had a pool, I rode down a water slide that he had leading into the pool and I landed in the deep end. I blacked out, and I woke up at home, I was told Seven's daughter pulled me out.
I almost died in two tornadoes. (This was when I was little). I was at a pool with my mom and I saw her go in the deep end water. I followed her and I did not know how to swim. I laid on a glass table, surprisingly, I only had a small cut on my foot. It could of been a lot worse. When my lung was collapsed a couple years ago, I was told to go to the hospital. I wanted to go home, but the doctors wanted to inflate my lung so I wouldn't of died. I got hit by a car. The idiot driving never repaired my bike.

Ya know, I love being a girl.

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Well, at 5 years old, I wasn't the smartest person you would know. So my mother and I went to a laundromat (for the obvious reason of doing our laundry). I don't quite remember much of it, but I remember standing behind this girl, and I was extremely thirsty. I saw some cups of "water" in front of this girl. I said to her:

"Are you gonna drink that?"

To which she responds with a face that says "wtf?", and she just walked away. So I go:

"YAY! Water!" *drinks half the cup of this "water"*

Turns out this "water" was bleach ... yeah#w{x(}

I don't even see how I could have done that. How did I drink so much bleach and NOT go "Hey this tastes funny"? 5 minutes later, I start profusely vomiting all over the floor, and passed out. My mom tells me that after that I was heli'd up to the hospital, where I had to have my stomach pumped.

So judging from this incident, I probably have white insides#w{xD}

Also, about 3(?) years ago, I tripped while trying to dart across a highway. Thankfully I fell right in the middle, but as I looked up an SUV flew past me, going at least 70mph, and was a couple inches from my head. Seeing how I'm not a person that will act sensible in such a situation, my immediate thoughts are "HOLY S***!!!", instead of "what should I do?". So I get up and run like an olympic track star to the other side, not even caring about other cars that could hit me.

When I got to the other side, people were asking me if I was drunk#w{>=(} (and no, I wasn't)

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Another post here for me, this one wasn't me, but it happened in my neighborhood.
A kid was riding his bike across the street, a car going over the speed limit (about 60 in a 30 zone) hit him...he was Mercy flighted to the hospitol, he is alive still, but has a fractured skull, lots of bruises, and a concussion.

Living life takes forever
I actually nearly drowned when I was 8 years old. Yeah.

Oh, I can't swim, either.

It wasn't my fault, by the way, some one pushed me into the water...#w{=(}
Originally posted by Thehoundsquad
but we didn't get to go inertubing later...

oh how sad

Also forgot to mention something. Apparently I broke my shoulder when I was 2 years old while trying to climb up the back of a chair or something.
When I was about 4, I had lightning strike within a few feet of me. I got blasted by the heat from after the bolt went away, and even to this day, lightning still freaks me out.

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Nah it's fine, nowadays he almost chokes to death on other things willingly #smw{:TUP:}

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Lol nicely done.
-When I was very young I swallowed a nickle and turned blue until someone beat it out of me and I could breath again.

- I remember skateboarding late teens and was going to jump off a ledge and onto the street, but for some reason I held back and didn't jump and sure enough a car was driving right there at that exact spot and I probably would have hit the car.

- I had a broken fish pump that I was trying to fix and it was still plugged into the wall and I was trying to bend back some metal piece with a metal wrench and I forgot that it was still plugged in and when I touched the metal with my wrench a big spark and flash happened, but apparently I was okay, but it scared the living crap out of me.

- Someone threw a full sized shovel at me and it went basically over my left shoulder with my back turned. And it was a crazy family member. -_-

- I was driving on the road and I accidentally went over into the emergency lane and then after I pulled back over and got back on track I past a stationary car that was parked in the emergency lane. It was at night so I didn't see it.

- I was driving down the highway with my window down because I don't have A/C in my car and someone ran over a piece of metal and it flew up and smashed the heck out of my windshield. The place where the windshield was hit and my open window is only like a foot in a half distance so if it had hit me in the head that would have messed me up. Don't drive down the highway with windows down because this could happen to you.
I almost drowned in a lagoon near where i live. it's a good thing somebody pulled me out

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