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What's wrong with you people?

I am officially breaking up my sacred oath to the evil side to tell you this.

The evil forum is apparently quite active at the moment. They all seem to take good advantage that they have a awesome secret forum, meanwhile this place is gathering dust.

Why don't you guys just take advantage that you have an secret forum, and actually post in it?
Why is that the only secret forums I have access to/knowledge of are all inactive?

This sucks... If only I had been a horrible person, I could be visiting an active secret forum for once. Apparently.

We need something cool in the name of JUSTICE.

I suggest a complimentary salad bar.
This is the only hidden forum I have access to as well. I'm kind of curious about why this forum isn't very active.
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I'm sorry people who took the side for great justice have lives outside their heroic career. Also, I do wonder what the evil side does, (they probably have cookies there, don't they...)

Where are my free cookies SNN! I still haven't received my check for participating in SMWCP either :>
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I don't realy care about this forum anymore, C3 is over as so is the whole eShroom corp mess, so there's no reason to keep discussing about it. Besides, let's just say I'm not realy interested on this particular forum as a secret place.
Originally posted by yoshifanatic
This is the only hidden forum I have access to as well.

Is it?

Well, the [censored] (forum #?????) is nearly as inactive, so you're not missing much.

That reminds me, does anyone happen to remember the forum number for A Forum? I've been making a list of all SMWCentral forums I know of, and I'm missing that one's number... (By the way, I have confirmation that the Blatantly Evil Organization HQ is forum 30666.)

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Originally posted by TLMB
I'm sorry people who took the side for great justice have lives outside their heroic career.

Do you mean to say that it is not other people, but our own expectations that are unreasonable?

That's PREPOSTEROUS! Everybody knows that the only person who matters is the first person!


Though, these secret forums don't seem to have special events very often, if at all. If I actually knew what people think is fun, I'd try to come up with something, but it seems like a real possibility of something genuinely interesting happening is a lot more likely to make people check these forums than the possibility someone cool might post about once a month.

Maybe the evil side just turned their side into a smaller, more exclusive WoI or something. A large quantity of posts of dubious quality at least means that there's a good reason to check the forum often.

Again, I would like to point out how much I feel this forum would be improved by a complimentary salad bar. Or perhaps catering by a popular food service chain.

EDIT: wait, most threads here are related to the whole GREAT BIG C3 FIGHT AGAINST ESHROOM CORP. People don't have a whole lot of reason to post in those, do they?
Originally posted by Extroble
That's PREPOSTEROUS! Everybody knows that the only person who matters is the first person!

Don't forget the third person (as in, "Zeldara sometimes refers to herself in the third person for no particular reason").

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
What we need is a Pep Rally.

A Heroic Pep Rally of Justice.

The villains will be so jealous. 'Cause their Pep Rallies would be bogus compared to ours.

Let's get planning!
I'm just wondering what happened to The Fortress Of Solitude and The Dungeon, they seem to have disappaered since the big forums update.
I'm pretty curious about those too! They were fun to visit every once in a while, even if I never posted in either. The uber mega top secret Forest Fortress seems to have disappeared as well. What a shame!

I would guess the prime reasons for the inactivity around here are: 1) less heroes than villains, and 2) C3 is all over with!

As it stands, we're pretty much just a small group of regular every day normal posters coagulated into a justice geek secret forum. I'd hazard a guess that most people would like to make their interesting topics where more people can reply to them, rather than fuss about exclusiveness, so they just do that instead.
I also remember the Mondo Ghost Dome getting blown up by someone, (I cant remember whom because I think he is inactive) but that was probably the most active out of what I'd seen.