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A rather odd question adressed to someone very... advanced, like Pac.
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gas the autists chromosome war now

<-- this is the dope on dope
No, because it is a stupid idea and serves to only make you more lazy. Get off your ass and learn to do it yourself. >_>
1 take your wii

2 hack it

<-- this is the dope on dope
Originally posted by GMU22LamarButler
1. The patch could be public domain for everyone.

Then it would make more people lazy. <¯<
amos u kno wat:


<-- this is the dope on dope

I don't think it's too much to ask to make a base hack like that, so there's really no need to fly off the handle and accuse people of being lazy. That said, I do think it's best to have to do it yourself, because nobody will know your tastes, and you'll end up having to add some anyway. It's best if you learn.

And... I'm glad you managed to insert the Goomba. I think blocks are easier, though.

Just because you didn't have the advantage of a base hack doesn't mean you should call other people lazy for wanting it. Is anyone who uses the Super Demo World 3 hack lazy?

I'm part of the Testers for Hire thread, so if you'd like something play tested, no matter what it is, PM me, and I'll give you honest feedback. Anything else is in my profile.

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Originally posted by Farm Fresh
Is anyone who uses the Super Demo World 3 hack lazy?


Use the ExGFX in the Tilemaps folder that comes with sprite tool to fix the goomba, and insert it into SP2. It doesn't need a Map16 page.
tfw Pac is way gayer than 2Pac

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<-- this is the dope on dope

Click the red poison mushroom. See the little drop-down box with the "SP2:" next to it? Load the ExGFX into that. >_>
Inserting custom blocks isn't hard at all. In fact it's the easiest thing in the world. Wanna learn how? Shaddap, you're learning anyway. Grab a chair. And make sure to read the WHOLE post. I don't care if it's long. This is for you and your hack, so it's important.

First thing to do, if you haven't already, is open LM (LM = Lunar Magic) and save any level one time. See, LM automatically installs tons of ASM hacks that BlockTool needs to work if it's never been saved before. If you don't do this, BlockTool will tell you you're stupid.

Still with me? Good. Now open BlockTool, and use it to open your SMW Rom. We're gonna add the Smashable Brick. So scroll down to where it says Smashable Brick on the list.

To add this block, you'll need to enter the "Map16 Number". This is referring to the number of the 16x16 block on that big picture list in LM (the one you see when you open the 16x16 Tile Editor or the Direct Map16 Access Placer). Here's the catch: They want you to put the number in DECIMAL, not Hexidecimal.

So now we need Windows Calculator. Open it up, go to Scientific Mode (there's a menu for that), and turn on Hex Mode. Now enter the Map16 number you want your custom block to be. 200 is the lowest number you should ever enter for this, 'cause the game already uses tiles 0 through 1FF and we don't wanna screw anything up. Personally I recommend 300 instead of 200, 'cause tiles 200-2FF in the Map16 are "tileset specific", which means they look different for every Gfx option and it can get confusing when your tiles suddenly look like they've vanished, but really haven't.

So, enter 300 in the calculator for this example, and then (without changing the number), switch the calculator to Dec mode. The new number that shows up is your golden ticket; THAT'S what you should enter in BlockTool. Do so, and hit the Add button. Some numbers will be saved to the list. Save the Rom, and your Custom Block is now in the hack!

But we're not done yet. Now we have to assign GRAPHICS to the custom block, 'cause so far it still looks like four pale squares. So go back into LM, go into the 16x16 Editor, and while you're at it, open the 8x8 Editor. Now, there's two ways to do this; an easy way and an advanced way.

The easy way to get graphics is to left-click on any existing tile from any page, opening 16x16 Properties, changing the "Acts Like" number to the right value (which BlockTool should tell you under Tile Info), then right-clicking on the Map16 tile (in Hex) you placed your custom block (so if you typed 300 in the calculator, it should be 300 in LM). The tile will be copied there, and your work is done. Change the palette if desired.

The advanced way is to left-click on tiles in the 8x8 Editor, then right-click on the little four squares in the bottom of the 16x16 window. I always do it this way, 'cause it gives me more control, but it's a little more time consuming. Still, if you care about your hack, you should go all-out, unless you're new at SMW hacking and are just teaching yourself the basics.

Once your 16x16 tile is set, press F9 to save it, then save the level as well just to be sure. Again, don't forget the Acts Like setting. The most commonly used values are 25 for air and 130 for a solid block. Use the others if you're sure you know what you're doing.

Now to place the tiles in a level. To do this, go to the Object List and select Direct Map16 Access. Now go down to the page your tile is on, and hover the mouse over it. It should say info about the custom tile taken from BlockTool. Place this in the level. You can resize the block however you want, but it has to be a square-shape; for complex shapes, you'll need more than one object. Save your level.

Time to test your hack. If you did everything right, your block should work perfectly! If not, well... ask yer Uncle Schwa and I'll help you with the steps you missed.

As for the rest of you, I think it's unfair to dismiss our friend here as a moron just because he can't seem to figure out an intermediate-level hacking program. It took me a while before I got it when I was a newbie... This forum is specifically meant for us to be able to help people, and if you aren't willing to do that, why are you here? I managed to help him, and I didn't even need to give him that IPS patch he wanted.

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
Thanks Schwa! I haven't done custom blocks yet, so this should help me too!


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
sorry for what is probably a stupid question... is it possible to insert custom blocks, then insert more later yet? I have plans for certain ones, but have some ideas that might require adding different ones (that don't exist yet) later... and I wouldn't want to have to transfer over 100+ levels to fix that.
Block Tool can be used multiple times, but make a backup of your ROM before using it in case something unexpected happens.
i heard lemmysux

<-- this is the dope on dope
Okay, let me explain the graphics next.

Each level has 8 Graphics Banks, and one Bank is composed of 128 8x8 tiles. The first 4 banks are for the level graphics, and these banks are labeled "FG1", "FG2", "FG3" and "BG". FGs 1 and 2 have all the universal tiles, such as ? Blocks, turn blocks, Munchers, pipes and whatnot. FG3 is always a tileset-specific bank, containing things like slopes and ledges for Normal or Underground tilesets, Ghost House balconies, Castle walls and spikes... Anything native to specific tilesets go in FG3. The BG bank is the same, but only contains tiles for the background. Note that it IS possible to use FG tiles for the background and vice versa, if you're making your own 16x16 tiles.

The last four banks are the Sprite Banks, labeled SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4. Now, SP1 and SP2 have all the universal sprite graphics, such as Koopa Troopas, Jumping Pirhana Plants, Goombas, etc. SP3 has all the *almost* universal graphics. The only two default settings that use a different SP3 are the Castle set and the Ghost House set. (Yoshi's tounge graphics are also stored here.) Finally, SP4 is all the tileset-specific sprites, such as Pokeys, Puntin' Chucks, Buzzy Beetles, checkerboard platforms, etc.

There are two ways to change graphics for a level. The easy way is to click the Purple Poison Shroom icon, opening the Standard GFX dialouge, and choose a preset arrangement of banks. The sprite banks and level banks are stored seperately, so it's perfectly legit to have cave enemies in a cloud level, for instance. You'll notice each preset option lists the number of your four banks for that category.

The advanced way is to click on the Red Poison Mushroom, opening the almighty "Super GFX Bypass". NOW you can start getting dirty. With this option, you can choose each seperate bank individually. It's tougher to use, and you have to know which banks have what, but this gives you WAAAAAY more control and I always recommend using it.

But that's not all! Noooooo sir! Super GFX Bypass is the only way to get ExGFX to work. When you extract graphics from the Rom using LM, it's saved in a folder labeled "Graphics". All of SMW's graphics are stored in .BIN files here labeled "GFX##.bin", where ## is a two-digit hex value showing the number of the bank. .BIN files can be opened with TLP (Tile Layer Pro, a seperate graphics editor), but make sure to set your Format option to "SNES" when you open the file.

There's another folder you should use, too, called "ExGraphics". Files in here don't exist until you make them yourself. What I do is copy-paste files from Graphics into ExGraphics and edit them in TLP. These files are labeled "ExGFX##.bin", where ## is a hex number from 80 to FF showing the number of the ExGFX bank. If you have ExGFX files in the ExGraphics folder, you can import them to the Rom at literally anytime with the Yellow Mushroom icon.

Once your ExGFX are stored in the Rom, time to link to them. Open Super GFX Bypass. Now select the bank you'll use your graphics in, and scroll down to the hex number of the file. You should see a number in brackets as your option. That's the one! Select it, hit OK, and your level now uses your graphics for that bank!

To get some of the custom sprites to work graphics-wise, you have two options. The easy way is to rename a .bin file that comes with SpriteTool to ExGfx##.bin, put it in the folder, import it and go off that. But here's an advanced trick: Take a blank .bin file (by copying an existing bank and deleting all the tiles in TLP), then open the normal graphics bank files/custom sprite banks that have sprites you want to use. (Remember, if a custom sprite bank says "SP3", you can't use them in a bank designed for SP4.) Drag and drop tiles from existing banks into the same spot in the blank bank, then save your .bin file, import it as ExGFX and use it. With this way, it's possible to have a Buzzy Beetle and a Pokey in the same level with no glitches, or a Magikoopa and Birdo, or Spinies and Rex. The possibilities, while not limitless, are expanded quite a bit!

I hope that helps you with your graphics. :D

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
critically think about this *whips out dick*

<-- this is the dope on dope
Originally posted by Schwa

As for the rest of you, I think it's unfair to dismiss our friend here as a moron just because he can't seem to figure out an intermediate-level hacking program. It took me a while before I got it when I was a newbie... This forum is specifically meant for us to be able to help people, and if you aren't willing to do that, why are you here? I managed to help him, and I didn't even need to give him that IPS patch he wanted.

YES! Sorry, but I just feel very strongly that this is what the SMW hacking community needs to know. That and that they should help people just for the sake of helping others and because they enjoy helping others.
boing more like bong LOL

<-- this is the dope on dope
is it possible to replace all bosses with basic or harde enimies?...

including Bowser (and not just the graphic)
Originally posted by GMU22LamarButler
I'm not sad about boing's remarks, you know. But thanks for stickin' up for me.

Here's the deal. If I didn't see potential in you, I wouldn't have helped you. It's just... It makes me sad how there's such a barrier between the experts and the beginners. Even when some of the best hackers on this site helped me with ASM, I had a hard time understanding them 'cause they were speaking in terms that they were mainly used to and made sense to them. I am an advocate for effective communication, because in my life (both in real life and on the Internet) I've had tons of difficulty communicating effectively with peers and adults. This is part of having Autism (which I have, and am proud of).

That's why I give such exact directions, and THAT'S why my posts are so damn long. XD

But yes, I enjoy helping people who need it. Very much so, really. In fact, if you ever have any questions about SMW hacking I want you to PM me with them. I'm not an expert hacker; I'm in between Intermediate and Advanced (closer to Advanced), in my opinion... I know limited ASM, but am an expert at all the basics, and the basics is where you're starting, so I can help you out. Someday you'll probably surpass me, too. That's a day I look forward to. :)

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
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