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Are you liking the 3DS?
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It needs games.

I think the hardware itself is excellent though.
Just give it time.

As far as games are concerned though, Nintendogs+Cats seems to be the game I've played the longest, I don't really like Street fighter IV, despite most places calling it the best 3DS launch title. Dream Trigger 3D seems interesting though, I should check it out eventually.
That's what the depth slider is for, even the tiniest amount of 3D looks way nicer than 2D, at least in my opinion. I think your eyes will get used to it, I can stand maximum 3D for really extended periods of time.
The 3D works fine for me. It's nice and rounded, as opposed to looking like a shoebox diorama. However, there are plenty of people who complain of dizziness when playing it, so I suppose my eyes are sturdier than most.

I suppose it varies from person to person, so you might want to see how the 3D affects your eyes before buying one.


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The very first time I played it, it gave me a headache. However, I believe my eyes adjusted to it after time because I never really had another one. Probably if I played it again now, I'd get another headache from not playing any 3D games in a while.

I have no 3DS games for it, so I really can't say anything about those.
I like it. I've kind of already grown bored with Nintendogs + Cats, and all I'm waiting for is the eShop and OoT to come out. I've never gotten a headache, even though I keep max 3D on every time I play.
i love it. the analog nub is great for many of ds games i have. i really like the 'game notes' (sadly they don't work with original ds games but........) and the activity log is great. now when someone asks how long i play a day/week/month/year, i can tell them. i like sf4 but i haven't played it much since i got it.


Well, the 3D effect isn't mind-blowing or anything, but it works fine and doesn't give me headaches, even on full blast for extended periods of time. Super Street fighter IV is pretty good, and it has an online multiplayer mode, so I'd recommended that until the games like OoT and Paper Mario come out.
Super Street Fighter IV is really the only game I've been playing on my 3DS for the past month or so. I've clocked in over 160 hours on it alone.

The only negative side effect I've experienced is being unable to get used to Smash Bros Brawl's gameplay again.

Though I am looking forward to those newer games that were announced a while back. Specifically, Paper Mario.
I have Rayman 3D and Rabbids 3D. I've finished Rabbids, but in Rayman I'm stuck at the "boss" in the Cave of Bad Dreams because one skull isn't enough to jump over. I've tried everything, I just can't make the jump. It's physically impossible. I dare someone to prove me wrong.

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Seeing how they made so many remakes of the game and probably changed nothing level-wise, I highly doubt that it's impossible because I don't think a developer would release a game that's not possible to beat. I already beat the game on the old DS, and it worked just fine.
If you still don't believe it just look up a walkthrough. That could very well help you with your problem of beating the level.

Back on topic, I don't have a 3DS, don't know anyone IRL who has one, and have no interest in getting one. There's no good games yet, so I really don't need it.
I really want one, it looks pretty cool, but I'm waiting until my birthday or Christmas (which is a pretty long way away D: ) because I can't buy one right now and it's game library, as many already know, isn't very exciting right now anyways.

Good fucking bye.
I personally find the 3DS to be very enjoyable. Despite the lack of great games to purchase for it as of now, the built in games themselves prove to be very entertaining. The 3D did give me trouble at first, but it's a matter of adjusting to seeing it. My only complaint would be having to pull out my stylus to work with some of the functions after having just used the buttons, although it may seem silly I find this tedious.

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I love the 3DS. The 3D doesn't give me a headache at all, however, on most games, when I put the depth slider at full, I tend to see doubles, which is not cool. I have Pilotwings Resort, and Rayman 3D. They're both very good. Plus, I have a great time with the built-in MP3 player, and the camera!

Haven't played it much so far, but I already pre-ordered Ocarina of Time so that will change very soon. As for the system itself, I have no problems with the 3D effect. I haven't actually sat down and played for more than an hour yet, so I don't know what the long term effect on me will be. But, I have been able to play for about an hour with the 3D on the highest setting no problem.

The one issue I do have with it is that I can't get the system to update. Seems like it is a somewhat common problem with the system though.
Yeah I guess I'm liking it thus far, not that I've had much of anything to enjoy with it so far, but that's okay. In my mind the "real" 3DS release is when that update is bestowed upon us, so I'm looking forward to that - not to mention OoT in a couple of weeks =D

What I have seen so far is very impressive, although it will probably feel more like a taster of the system for a while to come. I only wish more people would buy the system so I could get more streetpassing done. I've only ever found one person that I don't know through streetpass, and that was only last week =S Maybe it just means I need to go out more though XD


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I haven't got one yet but I played it in gamestop with full 3D enabled. It was a Street Fighter demo. I hate street fighter and it looked pretty nice. Too bad I'll never have the money. Compared to some other good DS games, this thing was fucking nice. I had no trouble with the 3D. I swayed from left to right just to see how it would look.

I like the 3DS, and I'm posting from its web browser right now.

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Yeah, I can really appreciate the web browser, as slow to load as it is. I'm also playing the free Excite Bike in the store, and as much as I liked it, I was really disappointed that they didn't add anything new. Also, as tolerant as I am to the 3D on the 3DS, putting the 3D all the way up in the options menu while keeping the 3D slider up is actually a little too much for me.


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine:
SNES Controller Graphics (v2)
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