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World 2: Designers' Discussion
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I'd like the designers of world 2 to use this thread to collaborate on ideas and such (that way we prevent repeats of gimmicks, graphical usage, etc.)

I would like to put it out there that due to what Milk intends to do with his(her?) level, I would not mind switching the positions of the levels, as mine doesn't follow any particular gimmick, and it would probably work better as an introduction rather than the second level.

There was a signature here.

It's gone now.
We can do that if it's necessary. The overworld isn't finalized (well, the level order isn't at least), so if it turns out that Milk's raft ride idea is different than yours, we'll switch them.
So I've finally gotten to a point where I can begin construction on the level itself so I thought I'd throw out a brief synopsis of what I plan on doing.

There will be three main areas: of course the rafting section across a stagnant bog, but that will be bookended by two platforming sections, to counterbalance the slower section, comprised of a land/low water mix with various types of moving platforms in the form of lilypads and possibly logs. I plan on making use of graphic swapped blarggs, (hopefully) modified versions of the pirhangler and possibly an incredibly toned-down version of a graphic swapped boss bass. Of course, some koopas will be thrown in there for good measure. I might also have a few other minor tricks up my sleeve if I can manage to make them work, but nothing that will take away from the level proper.

@Shellface: just to throw this out there, I know your level is hinting towards industrialization by using various pipes pumping out some sort of oily goop. I've decided to keep my level industry free, however, so it could make sense to keep the two levels in their original OW positions.
Oh hey, now I can keep track with what everyone else in world 2 is doing.

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for the lack of progress/updates for my level. I'm working on it, honestly. I just don't have much time for it at the moment, for various reasons.

If your interested in drawing some tilesets for me, it would be a great help. Not that I can't do it myself, but I'd appreciate someone else doing backgrounds seeing as I suck with them.
It wouldn't hurt you to be more specific, would it? The more indirectly you phrase it, the more communication gets dragged out...

For example, what kind of background do you want? What elements should be in there? What colors should it use? What feelings should it convey, if any? Posting those details publicly, I feel, would draw more interest from people than that vague job offer you have there.

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Specifically a (maybe interchangeable) Castle and a Sewer like dungeon tileset, and the Castle/Sewer like dungeon background.

Only since I'm trying to keep more forest elements than swamp, mainly for consistency, I'd prefer it if the actual tileset didn't have so much of a ruined theme and swampy undertone. Seeing as I'm aiming for a castle proper.
I'm only planning on having a small part of the level in a tree. As long as no-one else is doing this, I'll keep it.
Hi there World 2 designers. Probably you know about Lucas' forest BG, I've just ripped it (it was a PNG), but I'll need a few informations before posting it here.
- which palette row should it use? (it uses 8 colors)
- which map16 tiles should it take? (32 tiles)

This is how the BG itself looks. You could use this BG in more levels.
Going to chime in on behalf of agie777 since he was originally going to use it (and since no one else has a finished level in this world, they can work around it).

-It should be assembled as slot BG1.
-It should use palette row 0.
-It can use whichever Map16 tiles you claim from the signup area.
I haven't even begun thinking about BG's, but if that BG only uses one slot I could potentially use it - depending on what BG's other W2 designers plan on using. But yea, BG1, Row 0 would be perfect.
Alright, here it is. Uses BG1, palette 0, Map16 page 48.


I've claimed the tiles on page 48.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

If you guys and Milk are gonna go with this forest BG, I suggest taking the DKC2-3 method and each person that uses it to use a different palette for the BG. AFAIC, the default palette fits Agie's fine, Milk could go for a darker/murkier feeling, and so forth for all other potential users.

I've actually inserted it into my version of the base ROM (which I'll try and upload at some point tomorrow before work), as well as set it up in agie's level + tweaked the palette. I'd love to see at least one other forest level use it, and then if we can get one or two more forest/swamp BGs, this world should be set.

man I love DKC2's method of doing like, everything.
Yea, if I do use that BG, I had already planned on tweaking the palette to a "murkier" tone as you've suggested. I have downloaded it, but haven't gotten around to inserting it so I can see how it fares - mostly because I've been waiting for the next Base update before I start adding any other outside resources. I'm not entirely sure if it will fit the look of my level (although I've got enough tree action going on that it should), but the fact that it only uses 1 ExGFX slot is rather attractive.
As my level comes right after Agie's, I may use it. But I don't really think it should be overused. What do you think?
How about giving it a more brownish palette, as if the level took place in autumn/fall? You could adjust the foreground palette to that theme (including the leaves), and since a considerably large part of the level takes place inside a tree (which is also brown), the autumn theme might work pretty well.


Hmm,yeah. I like the Autumn idea, thanks. I'll use it.
I noticed that agie777's and TOS's levels both have 'tree' in the name and are back-to-back. Are we ok with that? Personally I think it would be nice if we could come up with slightly different names, though I admit that if levels get moved around, this might become less of an issue.

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We'll see once everything is settled. Level names are quite easy to switch around (and I even made up a few at the end of SMWCP). I'll probably do the same thing with music too - if three levels use the same track in a row, I'll ask one of the designers (probably the middle one) to switch their track.
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