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World 6: Designers' Discussion
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I'd like the designers of world 6 to use this thread to collaborate on ideas and such (that way we prevent repeats of gimmicks, graphical usage, etc.)

Yo, guys
So my level consists of 3 areas. First area is the main area (forest), second area is an underwater cave and the final area is the goal area. I put a few screenshots of my level in my SMWCP2 level thread, so you might wanna check those pictures and get the general idea of how my level looks like. (There are 4 levels, but 1 is an alternating path which is totally optional).

I think I have mentioned this before, but my level leads to 2dareduck's level, so I am considering using his FG/BG carnival tileset for the final area of my level.

I just want to clarify this, but 2dareduck, you're going to be using this:
Originally posted by 2dareduck

FG/BG tileset, right? If so, I will be using that tileset for the goal area.

I have 2 area's, one with some enemies, and a P-Balloon, the other with the use of the on/off blocks etc. I think I'm gonna to make a little line guide level at my secret exit...

Your layout has been removed.
In all honesty, HFD and I haven't been able to move forward in our level progress as I'm currently waiting for HFD to finish up school. I rather not bother him with this project since it's finals for him (I think). Anyway, The main graphics are done (main graphics as in the ground interable with Mario, no decorations yet [feel free to suggest ideas of decorations for a roller coaster level]). I can't design the level (or in fact think of actual gimmicks/obstacles I would use) until I get to play around with HFD's finish Roller Coaster Sprite (which is going to act differently than an ordinary Mine cart sprite :O).

I was also thinking maybe I could add a small ordinary level portion before the actual gimmick of the level, like maybe 6 screens of normal design then comes the roller coaster level. The idea would be Mario needs to obtain some tickets before he could ride the roller coaster, so the railway operator says the best way is to steal it from young fair-goers. Complaints with said idea? Suggestions to make said Idea better?

Moose, if you read this, did you port the song yet?

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...

Your layout has been removed.
My level utilizes my Shadow sprite. It's linked in my sig if you want to check it out.


Warning: Opinions expressed by Lexie or others in this post do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or position of Lexie himself on the matter(s) being discussed therein.

Yoshi's Island Disassembly C3 Thread
SPASM - LevelASM for Yoshi's Island!
Yoshi's Island Disassembly Data Dump Wiki
Originally posted by Masashi27

Yup that tile set will be used in my level. The one in the base rom is totaly differnet the i have because
i fixed up the graphics.

I love the idea of a smooth transition between your's and my level. Gets my approval. #w{=)}

I don't feel like cross-posting, TLMB.
Just check the level topic.

Check out my music!
Cuz I can't double post, I post my image and IPS here too. Another updated version

Your layout has been removed.
Bloop, I found a way to fix the graphical glitch:

^Yeah :P
What you did is you accidentally loaded wrong graphics files.
Currently, the values in the slots FG2 and BG1 are:

FG2 = 81
BG1 = 17

Yeah, you simply selected the BG graphics file '80' as the foreground graphics 'FG2', and loaded the FG graphics in slot BG1.
That caused the empty layer 1 tile to garble.

In order to fix this graphical glitch, all you need to do is switch the GFX files:

FG2 = 17
BG1 = 81

That should fix the FG/BG glitch.


The level looks alright so far. There is a slight cutoff in screen '04', though. Instead of putting a reset pipe, why don't you make some sort of stairs/ledges that take the player to the starting point? It's up to you.

But I have still the 2 other problems:
Glitched P-Balloon
Glitched Lava Lotus Fireballs.
In the 8x8 Editor those 2 are completely blank.

Your layout has been removed.
Ok to fix the p-ballon you have to press the "Clear all slots" in the ExAnimation box.

And place this in sp4
Note you can't use super koopa in order to have both p balloon and vocano lotus in the same level.

Ok, thanks.

Your layout has been removed.
Could someone submit LD's carnival ExGFX and Map16 to SNN so he can insert it into the base rom? It'd just be a bit more helpful in order to get my level from ideal (since it's been done for quite some time) to actuality.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
ExGFX1E0 - 1E3, pages 29 and 2A guys.
Hello world 5 people if you use ExGFX150 (if you have the new base rom) for SP1 you can use the clown koopas. It would be great if their was global graphics for W5.

Note since i made this from my level i change a few other things as well. Bullet bills are cannon balls and the key is a life preserver thing.
^^ Nah, that glitches some other sprites I use. Or parts of them

Your layout has been removed.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by Bloop
^^ Nah, that glitches some other sprites I use. Or parts of them

What sprites does it glitch up?

Let's see...

-A wing of the flying koopa's
-The Hammer brother's Flying Blocks AND hammers
-A part of the Volcano Lotus
-Not really a issue, but the 1 and the 2 from the message box you can see in Lunar Magic

Your layout has been removed.
*face palm* I remember now i had to recolor some other sprites so i can use certain palettes
on other sprites. Well you can still rip only the Koopas to a new ExGFX file.

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