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World 9: Designers' Discussion
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I'd like the designers of world 9 to use this thread to collaborate on ideas and such (that way we prevent repeats of gimmicks, graphical usage, etc.)

Well, my level's coming along fine. I'm using toxic water as a gimmick of sorts, and it shouldn't need any sort of lead-in from the previous level.

Using a modified version of this, in addition to the FP's Girders. Intro room uses the tileset of 1FB. Ending probably will, too.

Your layout has been removed.
Just checking if any of the other world 8 level designers are using the P-Balloon in their levels. I'm considering using it for a segment in mine (it would be perfect for the "no safe place to stand" gimmick I'm going to use for the last room), but having two of them in the same world seems like it would be kind of overkill, unless the segments they are used for are dramatically different.

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I'm not quite sure yet, as I haven't yet figured out what exactly the third area of my level will look like. One of the ideas I was considering was a vertical section where Mario had to float to the top while avoiding crushers, flame throwers, etc. If I do go that route, though, I'll probably give Mario a jetpack or something so we don't get two P-balloons in the same world. Actually, that would probably be a better idea, since it would allow Mario to keep his flight instead of plummeting to the ground like he would with a P-balloon. Ooh...ideas.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
I don't plan to use the P-Balloon anywhere in my level.

I'd really like to know what other ghost house designers are planning for their levels to avoid repeated gimmicks, but only General Echidna and Masashi27 seems to be showing any significant progress with those levels. One of which is more of a cemetery than a building.

I actually have about half of mine done, and I'll be putting up a playable test in the next couple of days. Needless to say, my gimmick has changed. Here is what I have planned for my "ghost house":

-First half is essentially a cross between clouds (level 11B in the base ROM) and SLBros's factory (1F3). I've got some carpet-bombing Albatosses (which I'll ultimately edit to be skeletal birds). Essentially, it's a large outdoor section. This is what I have done at this point.
-The second half will be inside the ghost house/temple, and will have cape/Yoshi wings gimmicks with a couple of custom ghost enemies.

That's about as far as I'll take my level. Like I said, I'm not really making a "ghost house", but more or less a sky temple with some factory undertones. I don't think you and I will have to worry about conflicting gimmicks unless you are doing something similar.
Good to know. Though that bit about the skeletal Albatoss does get me thinking whether I might want to consider introducing another kind of enemy besides various Boos to my level (obviously reskinned into something ghostly) to add more enemy variety to my level. So I'm definitely going to look around for possibilities.

Uh, your level is in world 6, but this is the World 8 discussion forum. Was that intentional?


(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
It was in response to the ghost house question about not repeating mechanics, so it would be weird to post the answer in a different subforum altogether :b

I guess S.N.N. could cross-post what he just wrote, but I'm sure he'll do that anyway once he posts a test IPS.

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Well I think I might post here now.
Quick question, do we have any graphics that fit a factory cavern area of the Factory World? I've been newly issued this level (12D) and I'd like to know if there are any graphics I can use for this. I'm totally okay with designing my own graphics that I/others can use for this theme and for others to use as subroom graphics. They might strongly resemble my Corrupt Factory graphics, but meh.
The sets we DO have were already pretty much used by the other designers in this world. You might be better off whipping up a few of your own for the FG.
Okay well, I made my own FG and BG... which people can actually incorporate into their own levels by downloading my IPS and ripping said BG. Other than that, I'd like to know if anybody is using a Gravity Gimmick?
Slash Man is using a reverse gravity gimmick in his level (walking on the ceiling), but nobody is using a low gravity gimmick yet.
There also is somewhat of a high gravity gimmick in Lightvayne's level (originally mine), but that takes place underwater and as such plays rather different than the usual high gravity.

Your layout has been removed.
Okay, well, I guess I'll get back to work then on Monday. (Can't work during this weekend, at a friends house)
Okay, I'm finally done with the "Primary" portion of the level, Goal Roulette and all; only set aside that the Low Gravity sprite is "fucked up" for lack of a better term.

I was wanting to know if there was some sort of level ASM available to enable low gravity like the low gravity blocks in BTSD. I don't want to use blocks, as then I'll need to register another 9 Map16 tiles, maybe more.
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