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What games do you hack
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I mostly hack The Adventures of LoLo 3, but occasionally I hack Super Mario World.
I mostly hack Super Mrio World, i've tried hacking SMB3 but i've never really got anywhere with it.

A while ago I did used to make levels for Bubble Bobble on the NES, it's much easier than SMB3, but I wasn't interested in it for long.
I mainly hack SMW. U also sometimes hack YI SNES. But I have also started a bit of NSMB. And plan to start SM64DS. I previously hacked global GBA Pokemon Games, not for long though.
I used to hack:

- MegaMan 1-6
- SMB 1-3
- Legend of Zelda: ALTTP

But now I just hack SMW. Looking into trying to hack Yoshi's Island soon, but that's just a pipe dream as of right now.

You know me if you know me.
I mostly hack SMW but sometimes I'm hacking SMB, SMB3 or YI. I tried to hack NSMBW but it didn't work.
SMW2 Yoshi's Island. I will start hacking a SMW hack after I finish half of my YI hack
I'm currently Hacking Megaman Battle Network 6, SMW, and Pokemon games.

I'm mostly working on MMBN6 and SMW so I can finish before this month.

Awesome ranks made by me :o:

Games I have hacked:

- Super Mario World (Never completed any hacks and I don't think I ever will. Though I have done quite a few other stuff.)
- Yoshi's Island (Didn't get very far, I made about 2 levels and then I pretty much gave up)
- Mega Man 1 (I actually made a full hack of this game but it's pretty much considered Kaizo and not enjoyable to play at all. I started working on a remake of my old hack and made about 4 levels. I'll probably finish it eventually.)
- Super Mario Kart (Also one of the few games in which I have made a "finished" hack. All the courses are redesigned but the AI still follow the original paths >.<)
- Link's Awakening DX (I literally just discovered the editor for this like 2 days ago, and now I plan to hopefully be the first one to make a completed hack of this game.)

I think that's about it. I may have also touched an SMB level editor before but I got bored of it quickly and didn't even finish one level.
Let's see, one of my main (and most favourite) hobby's is to mod levels into SM64, I also been having a go at importing some of my levels into SM64ds (thanks to Mega-Mario).

I also mod stuff for my brothers, like creating silly texture hacks for Brawl (like importing mine or my Brothers heads over some of the characters for example) and creating NSMBWii levels that are half broken.

Also I've played around with LoZ:ALttP, SMK, SMW, SMW2, Pokemon R/B/G/S/FR/LG, Quite a few Mega Man games and Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 (Via Anarchy in the Galaxy).

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to do anything major with SMW yet, Why am even posting on this site? and I've also haven't had to do the same with SMW2 ether. Both of which I am very interested in trying once my main SM64 hack is complete.
This list covers just about every game I've hacked for longer than a day:

Game Boy
  • Donkey Kong (Game Boy; stumbled upon the level data, only to find that it is LZ compressed)

Super Nintendo
  • Donkey Kong Country (uncovered numerous ROM offsets, including: sprite graphics/animation format, locations of sprite code; currently working on cracking the sound format)
  • Donkey Kong Country 2 (uncovered some ROM offsets, but not as many as DKC)
  • Donkey Kong Country 3 (see DKC2)
  • NBA Jam
  • NBA Jam Tournament Edition (if you've paid attention to my threads here and YouTube channel, you know what I'm doing with this)
  • Stunt Race FX (deciphered most of the track format)
  • Super Mario RPG (did some digging long before Lazy Shell was released)
  • Super Mario All-Stars (started on an assembly hack which disables all games but Super Mario Bros.; I also have a great deal of experience with the sound format)
  • Super Mario World (my hacking hobby began here; several of the ROM offsets related to sprite graphics were found during these early years)
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (uncovered numerous ROM offsets)

Nintendo 64
  • Diddy Kong Racing (found tables which determine the model(s) that each object uses)
  • Mario Party (found game mode RAM address and Mini-Game data tables, which led me to two unused minigames and a Debug Menu)

SMWJulDKC AtlasBoard 2YouTube
Super Mario World and Super Mario 64.
I mainly hack SMW, but I decided to take a break and am working on a hack of Super Metroid. SMILE seems less flexible than Lunar Magic, so I may not hack Super Metroid too often.

Legacy custom music

@Matrizzle: That's pretty awesome.

Only SMW. I did give SM64 and YI a shot when I first joined this place but found hacking them too complicated. Lunar Magic was far more easier to use in comparison to EggVine and Toad's Tool.
mario 1, pacman, and sm64

EDIT: as well as pokemon red/blue, mario 3, mario land 2, and a few others.

Why are you reading my signature, its completely irrelevant.
SMW obviously and Loz lttp. I tried hacking a bunch of other things but it was just too hard..

Also, does DooM count?

Working on a hack I probably won't even finish.
I've only seriously hacked Super Mario World thus far. I have looked into Zelda hacking (mainly A Link to the Past), but I'm honestly somewhat afraid to experiment with another game. My technical knowledge his limited and Lunar Magic seems to be one of the most professionally made hacking programs available.


Since my last post here, I have also tried hacking DKC and Yoshi's Island, and quit hacking Super Metroid. I also used a hex editor on one of my No Limits tracks but when loading it in the simulator, it crashed.

Legacy custom music

Other than SMW, I only hack YI and tried to do the same for DKC. I've been doing a hack of the former, though that's on hold, and not sure if I will finish it or not.
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X3
Chrono Trigger

Those were my main specialties for awhile.

I've been tampering with though lately:

Sailor Moon - Another Story
Tales of Phantasia
Breath of Fire 2
Star Ocean
Bahamut Lagoon

And as of lately I'm heavily trying to work on Super Mario Kart.
The games I primarily hack are SMW (obviously), Super Mario Kart, Pokemon (namely the Generation II and III games), and the Genesis version of NHL 94.
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