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Mario's bad vacation - DDDchu

Hack Name: Mario's bad vacation Demo - 193 KB - 40 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: DDDchu - Submitted by: DDDchu
Description: Mario attempts to go on a vacation. Something (or someone) is ruining it! They keep talking about this power of "Nostalgia" he apparently stole.

Reason for removal:

No real Major Glitches except for here:

Yoshi's Head disappears

Also, make sure you have the sprite buoyancy option enabled in any level you have water. I found a few of them that didn't have it on

Level Design:
The Level design wasn't horrible but a few things can be fixed up

The title screen was a bit boring and flat. Also, it would probably be helpful if you at least put the hack name on the title screen
Long patches of flat boring land...Zzzzz. Add some stuff to these areas, pipes, blocks, hills, etc

Remember that if you hack has Yoshi in it, you keep that in mind as you build your level. Doors can only be entered if you small on Yoshi. Use pipes if you want him to be carried to other areas. Also it was a bit weird it enter a door in the middle of nowhere:

to suddenly being inside a castle. Also , there was a glitch with this boss that caused him to run through the wall and disappear causing me to get stuck forever. You might want to look into that.

Add a reset pipe or something, because if I don't get here in time, I'm screwed

Overall, not bad.
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