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After posting this to the wrong forum... and being corrected.. "I don't think anyone knows me, so i'll introduce myself briefly. I was a big fan of Giga's "wacky world", then i forgot about mario hacking altogether when i bought a guitar, and got an account on steam. I started a decent hack at a friends house about a year ago, and i'm just now getting back to it. By the thread title, it's an adventure game. I want to eliminate the map altogether, or port it to the pause screen somehow. So, i have very little ASM experience, and was wondering if someone could make some patches for me. First off would be a patch that makes mario respawn in the same room after he dies. Another will be a bit more unachievable, having the map ported to the pause screen, Or atleast fixed to be less accessible in-game. Any help or testers would be greatly appreciated. " So, in a nutshell, im looking for people willing to try something new. If you've ever played kirby and the amazing mirror, that's what i'm aiming for. I'm an expert with Lunar Magic and a few other tools, like YY-CHR, so all i really need is idealistic people, and ASM pro's.

Led Zeppelin.
I actually happen to have created something much like the first patch you describe for the winter contest some while ago:


!Freespace = $308000

org $00D0D8		; disable Mario losing lives
	db $EA,$EA,$EA
org $00F60A		; disable death music
	db $EA,$EA,$EA,$EA,$EA,$EA,$EA,$EA,$EA,$EA
org $00F620		; disable pausing at death
	db $EA,$EA
org $00F625
	STZ $188A

org $00D0E6
	JSL CodeStart

org !Freespace

db "STAR"
db CodeEnd-CodeStart-$01
db CodeEnd-CodeStart-$01^$FFFF

	LDA $5B
	AND #$01
	BEQ Horz
	LDX $97
	BRA Setup
Horz:	LDX $95
Setup:	LDA $010B
	STA $19B8,x
	LDA $010C
	BNE Done
	LDA #$00
	BRA Finish
Done:	LDA #$01
Finish:	ORA #$04
	STA $19D8,x
	LDA #$06
	STA $71
	STZ $88
	STZ $89
    	;LDA #$22	;\
	;STA $1DF9	;/ Uncomment for some sound.


The patch does have a glitch I haven't been able to fix, though; occasionally, Mario freezes in midair for a short while after dying, and I have no idea why. Also, note that this requires levelASM to be inserted, as it uses $010B to check which level you are currently in.

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Since he's using it for every single level, a patch seems like it would be rather more desirable than a generator; you won't have to add the sprite to all the levels manually, and you won't be unable to use other generators.

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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Since it involves hijacking the death routine: no.

EDIT: unless you are talking about your generator, in which case the answer is most likely yes.

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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Hmm.. both seem viable, but i'm hoping to get what yoshicookies.. i think thats your name.. all i remember is your nice.. post set up thing. Any rate, A live counter is still something i want to keep. but i dont know if im gonna put in a health bar, yet. i'm doubting it, otherwise im just using the engine for a different game. The goal is an adventure MARIO game, if you see what i mean. I'll likely end up using yoshi's code, with some adjustments.

Led Zeppelin.
The second patch i havent thought through all the way. As you can plainly tell. Im thinking of just having the map overridden completely for right now, and then having it added into the pause screen later on? perhaps only certain rooms will let you use map.. this sounds like it'd need an overhaul on some things like the text boxes...

Led Zeppelin.
I think he means using the OW as a map. in which you can look at while paused.
That'd be great, and keep in mind, i'm trying to keep the credits as short as possible. like a reoccuring team for this.. assuming i can finish this. any contributions are apprecited.

Led Zeppelin.
This sounds exciting. I will try it out if you send it to me. Heck, I am making LP's on YouTube so with your permission I will do a blind LP on it.

P.S. Sounds sorta (not much) like a level that I made. I have a level with a map in certain rooms that show where you are in the level.

Super War World - Sunken Ruins

So remember kids! If you ever get caught having tosave a princess from a foreign land after getting dragged down a drain pipe, jumping while spinning in a circle can help you greatly by allowing you to jump on spinning saw blades, ghosts, and allow you to control your jump better!

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