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modern mario game
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Im looking to make my mario hack have a very unique and modern feel when it comes to gameplay, not the enemies or FG or BG, just the way you play levels, maybe just some of the levels. Any ideas? a list would be great.
Well without some good ASM knowledge it'd be slightly hard to give a 20 old game year a good modern feel but a few ideas are giving Luigi his own graphics and playstyle as in newer games he runs slower and jumps higher.

Another thing would be more power ups like SMB3 or SMG/2.

Maybe even NPCs of some type.
Try playing New Super Mario Bros (Wii) or the galaxy games. Maybe Super Paper Mario since there's a lot of platforming in that game as well.
If not, try other modern platformers like Cave Story, Mega Man 9 or 10, etc. You could also look online for some flash platformer games.
Here is what i got so far:

-Autosave after every level, without human interation
-fireballl ammo from coins
-yoshi flutter jump
-left or right goal direction
-no yoshi rollover
-play as only yoshi
-raccoon mario instead of cape
-single player only, no luigi at all
-smb2 health patch, start with 1 heart container, every so often when i deem the player worthy, i give them a new container, kind of like zelda games, mushrooms refill heart containers
-Super mario bros 3 koopas. THey stay inside the shell instead of popping out.
-Timer Disable
-wallslide and wall jump
-hurt yoshi, you stay on yoshi.
-SMB2 high jump, crouch to charge
-long jump and U jump

any other ideas?
Well, if you weren't using the SMB2 health patch, I'd suggest SMB3's health system, as thats the one that's been used in all the new Mario platformers. Also, If you know ASM, a quick way to give a modern feel is achievements and collectables. You seem to be going more of an RPGish feel, kind of like Super Paper Mario, so why not try coding itwms to heal more health, and maybe an inventory screen. Pretty much what I'm saying is that the best way to make a hack seem more modern is to pay attention to what Nintendo is doing.

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
I'm thinking mainly the SMB3 health system, SMB3 koopas, a pause menu (which admittedly would be very hard to code), achievements (as stated in the last post, and also very hard to code), and perhaps make better use of 4bpp graphics than Nintendo did.
I think adding more powerups would be great. but they might be hard to code considering that giving the player a diffrent look or palette is not seen to often.

Slowly regaining interest in hacking

: "Hey, i heard some adventurers around town found some high level spell books. Maybe you can co-erce them to sell them to me?"

Hyper Focus: 60 coins.
Auto. Focus: 40 coins.
Hyper Charge Focus: 120 coins.
Auto Focus: 60 coins.
Auto Charge Focus: 60 coins.
Nirvana: 200 coins.
Nirvana +: 200 coins.
Any Tier 1 Charge Badge: 25 coins.
Any Tier 2 Charge Badge: 60 coins.
Any Tier 3 Charge Badge: 130 coins.
Any Tier 4 Charge Badge: 210 coins.
Quick Boots: 150 coins.
Sonic Boots: 350 coins.
Nuclear Boots: 400 coins.
HP Drain: 50 coins.
Super HP Drain: 90 coins.
Ultra HP Drain: 150 coins.
FP Drain: 50 coins.
Super FP Drain: 50 coins.
Ultra FP Drain: 150 coins.
Hybrid Drain: 70 coins.
Hyper Hybrid Drain: 190 coins.
Defend +: 70 coins.
Super Defend +: 130 coins.
Ultra Defend +: 180 coins.
Attack +: 70 coins.
Super Attack +: 130 coins.
Ultra Attack +: 180 coins.
Intelligence +: 70 coins.
Super Intelligence +: 130 coins.
Ultra Intelligence +: 180 coins.
Hybrid +: 100 coins.
Super Hybrid +: 190 coins.
Terra Hybrid: 500 coins.
Eldstar's Coiffure: 80 coins.
Backpack extender: 50 coins.
Super Class* Attack: 300 coins.
Class Specific badge: 300 coins.
Quake Crash: 200 coins.
Burrow Strike: 200 coins.
Headshot: 200 coins.
Reinforcements: 200 coins.
Power Surge: 200 coins.
Puppet Show: 200 coins.

Tier 1 spells: 50 coins
Tier 2 spells: 150 coins
Tier 3 spells: 250 coins

@Shadowfire - There is such a thing, you can find it in the sprites section.
I think that bosses like Bowser Jr. can fit...
Collectable Stars can replace the Yoshi/Dragon Coins...
Winged/Metal/Vanish Caps can fit... Especially when there are ! blocks and Switch Palaces...
And what about correct palletes for the Koopalings?
And new enemies like Whomp, and etc.?
And classic enemies like classic Hammer Bro. (SMB and NSMB version, not the SMB3 version) and Shy Guys (not the SMB2 version) and etc.?
And Ice flower/Penguin Suit/Mini Mushroom and more power ups?
And Wario as the main villain! I'm tired of Bowser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll think about more ideas and post later...
Layout by x-treme
: "WELCOME, ONE AND ALL! This is the arena, where you can watch some amazing fights, and cheer on your favorites! (Except if you know them, impartiality rules are the law.) But here's the kicker, you can cheer them on with MONEY! Gambling is COMPLETELY legal, ladies and gents! But if you don't like any of the fighters, you can sign up to fight yourself! Bet on yourself! We'll make sure to Crush You.

Arena Rules

Fights will change every turn.
You can choose a fighter to bet on. If that fighter wins, you gain 1.5x the money. Bets don't take up an action, and other things can be done in the turn. You can not use money you bet in that turn.
Going all in will increase your money by 1.8x if you win.
Crits have a 10% chance of proccing on a landed attack.
You can choose to fight. You gain 1.75x what you paid if you win. Any damage you sustain carrying over. Fighting takes an action.
When you fight, you must post what attack you will use (patterns for multiple attacks are allowed). Your stats will be semi-random.
You can not bet on a team member's fight.
No badges/items/abilities/star powers can be used/equipped/activated during the fight.
Certain items can be presented to Damyon to make magical things happen (read: magical things not 100% guarenteed.)

Arena fights

: "Fine! Take them! Jerks!"

Goliath runs off, leaving a Gilded Hybrid Drain., a Prizmatic Charge., and a Stardust Focusing Lens. First come first serve. (Hover to see what they are.)

I like tons of Chargin Chucks ideas, but how do you do all those for a noob to this?
Originally posted by ShadowFire
I will, once i figure out the custom blocks and tools, but thatll take a while, cause

...i still cant figure out how to get custom MAP16 data to work >_>

Try pressing F9 on the Map16 editor once you're done.
thing is, the f(#) keys have something assigned

everytime i press it, it turns down the volume#w{x(}

Originally posted by ShadowFire
thing is, the f(#) keys have something assigned

everytime i press it, it turns down the volume#w{x(}

If you're on a laptop and thats happening (or even some keyboards) press the and hold the fn key then press the F(#) key as most laptops default to having the function keys to be the extra button keys.
I'll try that


Originally posted by NismoZ
perhaps make better use of 4bpp graphics than Nintendo did.

I believe the graphics were originally in 3BPP format, and LM converts to 4BPP when you extract and reinsert them.
does MAP16 count as vannila? mine is vannila and i was wondering if i could include map 16:(

I would guess so because it isn't using any other External programs. Then again Vanilla is a sort of broad term that can be said as:
No custom sprites
No custom GFX
No custom music
Any of the above in combinations. I find that to make it vanilla it just can't have custom music/graphics/sprites.

So remember kids! If you ever get caught having tosave a princess from a foreign land after getting dragged down a drain pipe, jumping while spinning in a circle can help you greatly by allowing you to jump on spinning saw blades, ghosts, and allow you to control your jump better!

Thank you#w{=)}

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