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Yoshi's Strange Quest (V1.4 in progress)

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I'm thinking of attempting a playthrough of the latest version of your game. To actually combine Mario's Strange Quest and Yoshi's Strange Quest into ONE game (with Mario, Luigi and Yoshi being interchangeable in each game) is absolutely astounding. Just when I thought your game couldn't get any go and basically pull a Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

(People thought Melee couldn't be improved upon. Then along comes Brawl, which introduced all sorts of time-trial versions of famous Nintendo games, co-op event matches/Home Run Contest, more characters, a fleshed-out story mode, etc.)

You've done it again, Yoshifanatic.

Absolutely amazing!
The meaning of life is 42 because potato.

I don't feed trolls. I feed THEM to Cthulhu. He finds them DELICIOUS.
How many worlds are there going to be.
Is thread dead or something? Because I really enjoyed YSQ.
Mario never letsa me save the princess.
This thread has been inactive for over a year, and the author is currently inactive. Please be mindful of the date of the latest post before you post in an older thread, especially if the OP is inactive. Closing this.

Yoshifanatic, if you see this and want the thread re-opened, just PM any forum mod.
Link Thread Closed