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The Story of Your Username

I believe every username was a story. My username's story goes like this:

I was on youtube and, at the time, I didn't have an account there. I finally got the courage to make one. I wanted an account name that you could remember. One with out numbers in it, because (in my opinion) i think that is unprofessional. I search high and low for a username that's not taken. I stumble across this sight:

I generate the 2 words and the first one to come up was: RobotMuffin. Sadly that name was taken by a stupid spammer. So I switch it around and got: MuffinRobot. It wasn't taken so I have it.

That took forever.... Whats YOUR story?

Edit: lolwut? 99 reply's? Good lord
My real life name is "Jorge" (pronounced: George) but when my parents filled the form out when I started school, the school thought they'd spelt my name wrong, so they put into their database as "George". "Jeorge" (also pronounced: George) is both put together, and "535" part adds up to my age the first time I used this name (13).Free counters!
I went by the name of Dimentio for a couple years here, which I chose just because he was my favorite video game villain way back when I first made the decision to change my name (My first name here was just my irl name, Skyler).

My current username is a suggestion from Kadyastar.
Follow me on Hermitscape for random bits of game design talk and pixel art, or even request something for me to draw.
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First, i changed my username every five minutes. My longest username here (besides "Neutron") was "Electron". I chose that name because i was watching "Who wants to be a millionaire?", and the question was "Which one is a greek letter?" "A) Omicron B) Electron C) Oxymoron D) Absytron". The idiot answered "Electron", i thought it was funny and i changed my username to Electron.

But, to avoid confussion with fellow member Electrofire, i changed my name to "Neutron"
i just lurk sometimes
It goes back to when I played SSBB online with my friends a lot. My main was Lucas, so I put "pkwinner" as the title thingy. I used "pkwinner02" as my youtube username, and adapted it to be more relevant to each site I make an account on. So since this is a hacking site, I made it "pkhaxor".
Might as well say, the whole story.
For those of you who do not know, I used to be "PacoStudio8". I picked THAT username because, My nickname as a kid was Paco
(Pronounced Paw-koh) I always wanted to be an animator so I chose the "Studio" part of my name. I felt like "PacoStudio" Felt naked. I chose "8", just sounds better than "PacoStudio7" or PacoStudio14"

I changed my name to "Keypas" because "K" is my favorite letter.
As well, "Keypas" itself looks cool.

~The End
No matter how many times I post this, people still bitch about how my name makes no sense.

As I was playing Super Mario Galaxy, I stumbled upon the coolest galaxy of all, the FreezeFlame Galaxy. When I signed up for a WordPress account, I needed a username, and remembering that galaxy, I wanted a username that wasn't a blatant ripoff of the name, so I chose words associated with freeze, and words associated with flame, and eventually decided on "moltensnow". Signing up with this name here was not a problem. I immediately typed it in the username box and that was it. I've used this username ever since.
Oh bloody hell, my name has evolved from so many bad ones I don't even know where to start here.

The story began on a dark night in the early times of 2003, when a young lad named Jake thought using the internet for things was a smashing idea. He started by making the bad move of going on Runescape and making an account under the name Jake Shredder. He quickly forgot the password though so changed it to Yoshi Jake two days later. Yoshi Jake was Jake's online identity for a long time, until he came up with a more kick ass one....

Hybrid Shark

This was a name that drove terror into the hearts of all Xbox live players, as Jake was a fantastic Halo player and destroyed all his friends and most matches online. He got to the rank of commander before retiring from Halo 3 after deciding he needed to move on after his friends had started somewhat being a dick to him on there.

He then took a profound interest in the tube and began LP'ing under the alias of MetalGamester before he realised that was a stupid name for stupid people. He finally came back a year later with a fire in his heart to make the account "DarkDuckMovies". He had no intention of doing LP's there but rather making short films. As time went on though, he began to tamper in those dark arts once more.

In the first episode of his first LP on the channel, he called himself "DDM" on an account creation screen.

The Living Legend Was Born

This name he liked, and has stuck with it ever since. The numbers were slapped on to give the name a bit more oomph then three letters, though he regrets that decision now. The numbers are the day and month of his bithday; 29 - 29th 5 - May.

Really would change his name to Trilby if he didn't think the novelty would wear off.
Blooper was my favorite Enemie. It's still a story. :P
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Some years ago, I used to draw a stick figure that was supposed to look like an octopus (it didn't, actually; it had only four legs) on many occasions. Then, some time later, when I wanted to register at a forum I had to come up with a username, and since I find the name I normally use for everything (Schreckenskleister) rather unfitting as a username I just chose "Octopus". I don't really like this username, to be honest, but it does its job, I guess.
Originally posted by moltensnow
No matter how many times I post this, people still bitch about how my name makes no sense.

Internet usernames are not supposed to make sense anyway, many of them are completely random and weird. Also, I actualy like your username.

Now, about my name, I made it up when I joined YouTube back on 2006, I had to come up with a username, but I didn't know what I should chose, so I just picked my initials (aj), then I thought of a random number (6) and reapeated it four times. I've been using this name everywhere since then.

Edit: also the aj part is in lower case letters because at that time, I didn't bother using capital letters at all.
Well, we were reading fairy tales back in 6th grade, well the teacher read them to us. And during some part of one it said "hounds"
For some odd reason I started laughing and then a HUGE thing went on about hounds for the rest of the year. Instead of dogs people said hounds. Whenever something weird happened we would blame the hounds. We also had a hound's day party. Which is on June 18th (<---National hounds day)
But my friend made a youtube account called Thehoundsquad a few weeks into the hounds...thing.
That about sums it up
Living life takes forever
Thank you all for posting! These are awesome stories!

Keep em' coming!
My username used to be just "Yoshi" on an old site back in 2001. I changed it to Yoshi9999 a year or two later becauses I made the password to that account "Yoshi" as well, and a lot of people ended up guessing it and posting under my name. I picked Yoshi9999 because it was similar to my old name, 9 is my favorite number, and I'm not really sure why I picked four 9's. I'm also not creative.

Anyway, every Halloween on this site, there was a feature similar to SMWC's where you could change your name temporarily, though it was a bit more limited. You could pick any name, but it had to end with either the word "Costume", "Suit", or "Mask". One Halloween (2003?) I changed my name to "Majora's Mask" because I absolutely loved that game, and it was an easy Zelda reference. The Halloween names usually lasted a few weeks and were reset automatically, but for some reason that year they weren't for a few people, including me. The admin of that site was notoriously slow at taking care of manual requests, and I ended up never getting my name changed back, because by the time he could have gotten around to it, months later, I started to like the name too much to want to get rid of it, and he was fine with that.

So I stuck with it. Added my favorite number at the end because "MajorasMask" is taken on every site out there.

And that's my story. Think of it as a Halloween name change that never got reset. Ever. OOOOooooooOOOOooooo...
Oh, this takes back. I'm not so original when it comes to names or can't be bothered to think for a unique name. I usually use some random characters from any anime i have recently liked. Anyways, just before i existed here, my first username i ever used didn't come from an anime character. I've registered on several websites with the name chain9990. I've pretty much used it as one of my earliest usernames around the internet. I still don't remember how i come up with that name though. At some point i realized there are websites that uses your username as your display name instead of having separate names for both. I registered here on 2008 as mirumo999. Didn't really liked it that much and changed it to Mirumo via the infinite request name changes in your own profile that existed back then to make it look less noobish and yea i did some noobish stuff in the past. Some time around 2009, i changed my name to Koyuki based on this character which is actually my favorite from Keroro Gunsou because i feel like wanting to have a new name on this forum. Ever since that, this name has been my main username i mostly use on other forums and such. I've also used other anime character names other than my current main one on a few sites i've been but that's a rare thing to happen.

So yeah, tl;dr mirumo999→Mirumo→Koyuki on this site.
When I had first made an account here many years ago (perhaps 2006), I had named myself Evilleaf, since I had been developing a story for a game for many years, and enemies and characters would usually leak into usernames. That's why you can see I have a lot of accounts along the line of "Lord Myre."

Anyway, my current username was an attempt to get away from the theme naming from a story I had been making for about 8 or 9 years. I wanted to make a username that stood out a lot more (As well as something that would put a hack around the top, had someone ordered them by author), so I had thought about something that could be a logo for itself, and could be typed out easily. I eventually went with the oh-so-famous =D=, pronouncing it "The Last Thing You Will See," just for the sheer oddity of it. The username also had the unexpected benefit of being able to wear festive hats during the holiday name-changes. Truly, it was the perfect a really neat username in its simplicity, versatility, and benefits in broadcasting my works more efficiently.

However, this was not to last; at 2011-01-27 03:07:11 AM (according to the PM), I was told the following:

Originally posted by Kieran

Due to nickname character restrictions, it was not possible for you to keep your old name. As such, I will be offering a free name change that you can redeem whenever.

After this, he changed my name to "Equal Signs D Equal Signs," which I had changed into the username that you see now. While I'm a little upset that the name needed to be changed (you can still see it in my signature), I'm still a little proud of the name, and it's epic legacy. Looking back, it's nice to see that my username is more interesting than I am.

Other Submissions of mine!
I came up with the name "K3nny" since I couldn't think of anything creative and it was close to my real name (Kendall).
I forget how I came up with my username. It was some holiday in AC:Wild World, it's also a catchy tune to say. I also wanted a nickname that starts with L so it can match with my favorite fetish back then (no not loli). Yeah, I guess it was all of those combined.
A couple of years ago I was obsessed with Carlos Mencia's "DeeDeeDee" song. It was also the time I really loved Pichu. I mixed them together. Later it got to long to put on a certain site and I shortened it to DDDchu. Now it has nothing to do with him. I'm trying to make up a acronym for it now. I always use DDDchu when I sign-up for something now unless it's taken, than I use deedeedeechu.
My name came around through making my Xbox Live account. I had ten user names to choose from, and this was one that caught my eye. The other was SepticAmoeba, but I liked this one more than the other. I have it as my PSN name too, and I need to change my YouTube account name to this.
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