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Need a Wing

hi im just gettin into this n if its possible id like to be someones noob and be able to nag them with any questions i usualy avoid threads people usualy have something smart to say but i just need someone that i can pm with little simple questions that i have and stuff so if you can do that for me pm me please. im trying to make a hack where both players play on the screen at the same time so i can play it online through Thank you in advance
Noobish Noobsicle created a custom sprite, but he does't release oficially without gliches/bugs.

Also, use some punctuation, please.
To be honest if you are just getting the hang of this try starting smaller. I mean even using the tutorial type thing posted about how to make a sprite move by the second controller it's going to take a lot of ASM knowledge, which I have to assume you don't fully have (feel free to prove me wrong though).