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Fav. Mario Boss (All games)

I always wanted to know if there are much people that likes the same bosses as me. That's way i started this thread.
Please do it this way:

My fav. boss(es) is(are):

Well, i show mine:

My fav. boss is: Lightning Lakitu
Game: New Super Mario Bros.

I will keep counting bosses.

Hope you like this thread! :D
Wrong Forum.

General Gaming is this way:

Game: Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Boss: Bellamu (last boss, don't know if this is his english name)
Game: Metroid Prime
Boss: Metroid Prime

Sorry, I posted non-Mario bosses.
Boss: Culex
Game: Super Mario RPG
SMB3 Bowser
Why? Because he acts LOTS of different than other Mario games. <_<
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)

Bowser Jr. (second phase) from Yoshi's Island

Just about one of the coolest Mario bosses at the time.


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Raphael raven from yoshi's island.

Bonetail from TTYD. After 99 floors of tough battling, you come to a huge, bony dragon, hard to beat and with breath that causes status effects. Totally badass.
petey piranha. idk, he just owns the crap outta anything else.
Hm... I've played a lot of Mario games...

BUT I might say my favorite Mario boss MUSIC is the Shadow Queen's final form.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Exor from SMRPG.
I like the way he looks.
He's a strange enemy....
2nd favorite = Contdown from SMRPG.
How To Design a Good Overworld
tatanga in sml2
Oil Dumb Drum from Donkey Kong Country.
Elder Princess Shroob from Partners in Time. The only boss in a Mario game that actually made me frustrated at the difficulty.
Last Bowser from SM64, mostly because of the music, and the feeling "Holy shit, this is the end of such an epic quest!" Very climactic.
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Just about any boss from Super Mario Sunshine. They were all awesome.

First time beating Bowser was hell though.
Raphael the Raven from YI. It's the kinda thing that makes you wonder just how strong the SNES was. Made me dizzy too >_<
Originally posted by Onthenet
It's the kinda thing that makes you wonder just how strong the SNES was. Made me dizzy too >_<

mode 7+ rotating sprite isn't that awesome<_<.