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How can I make 2 custom generators work at the same time on same screen?

I'm trying to make Mattrizzle's lightning generator and RealLink's medium BG scroll generator work at the same time on the same screen but only one will work if on same screen. Is there a way to make them both work?
Yes: combining the code of the two sprites. Only one generator can be active at a time.
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How do I combine them?

I might be wrong, but I think its like that...
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Okay I just didn't know if anything had to be in specific spots I'll try it now.
Ah yes, add to the first one everything ofthesecond one afterthe "spritemain:" tag, and keep the tables at the top/ bottom properly separated.
Your layout has been removed.
Yes! I got it to work perfect I just added the BG scroll code to the end of the lighting one.