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In Memoriam (Hack Pack) Release
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Screenshots before the important parts of the post:

Hey guys. It's been awhile, huh? I haven't really been active these last four months, have I? Well, I have a release to hopefully please you.

This is my final SMW hack. Well, my final SMW hacks, because this pack contains 6 different hacks. I'm sadly done with SMW hacking. Why? Well, my interests lie elsewhere now, such as playing Xbox(don't hate me ;_;), and hanging out with my friends. I just don't want to leave without explaining why. Also, SMW Central isn't the same for me, so I'm done here. I mean I love this place and I think it's great, but... so many great hackers and people I've known here have left, and I just don't get the giddy feeling of hanging out here that I did back in 2009. Additionally, I don't get the giddy feeling of watching/playing hacks that I did back in 2006, 2007, and 2008(well, all the years that led up to this). And hacking is such a bore now, and a chore now. It just isn't fun, so after 5 or 6 years(I found out about SMW hacking in either 2005 or 2006. I watched SO MANY videos of it on Youtube up until late 2008/early 2009 when I started hacking SMW myself.) of being interested in this SMW hacking business, I'm done. It was a great experience and I'll never forget it, but it's time to move on.

Sadness aside, what is the main hack of this pack? Well, I've known about the fact that I wanted to retire from SMW hacking/SMW Central since... maybe late 2010. I wanted to dedicate the main hack in this pack, called "In Memoriam"(that's what the pack's named after) to all the great "old hacks"(like from around 2000-2007 or 2008), and also all the awesome times I had here. But please, please don't think I'm dedicating this to myself or my hacks or something like that. I'm not that much of a douche-bag(anymore, ha). No, it's dedicated to all of you(well, not all of you, but some of you. And some great SMW hackers who will never read this. Basically all the great SMW hackers who've entertained me for 5 or 6 years). Since it's dedicated to the old hacks, I tried to approach it in a sort of rustic, old fashioned hack style. Not like sepia tone and cigars and 50's shit. I mean in the style of old hacks. So it's entirely vanilla, and doesn't try to be "fancy vanilla" either. No custom palettes for the FG and crap(there are custom palettes for things, though. Slight decorations and such.). And don't think it's in the style of SMW, either. It's strictly "old-hack styled". Probably didn't execute it perfectly, but I gave it a try. I tried to put in a few, small "modest bonuses". Like Top-Secret from SMW, for instance. Nintendo knew that only a certain fraction of people would find it, but they spent time adding it anyways. Always appealed to me. Anyways, that hack is 3 levels long, plus a Yoshi's House, and 2 "end of demo" levels. Explore the overworld, I'm very proud of it and it is pretty nice if I do say so myself. Anyways, hopefully this one'll give you some nostalgia, if you were around the hacking scene back in the good old days.

Then there's a folder of "unreleased hacks". These are very very short hacks, including one called "Bonus Levels"(which is one level LOL), "Back to the Classics 2"(unfinished sequel to the original, has a few eye-candy entirely vanilla levels), "Flowers"(one level of ambiance), and "Old Contest"(scrapped version of my entry for the 2011 vanilla contest, cuz the rules changed so I had to redo it). By the way, all of these except Back to the Classics 2 have something special about their maps... hahaha, try to find out. They're pretty good.

The last hack in the pack is my Vanilla Level Design Contest 2011 entry. I'm super proud of it and got 5th place.

Enough chit-chat, here's the hack pack:

In closing... erm, I hope you like the hack. It's really been a blast hacking and being a part of SMW Central's community since early 2009, and a blast watching videos of hacks since 2005 or 2006(lost track). You guys are just awesome, but I gotta take my leave and go do whatever my interest lures me to. Who knows, maybe I'll be back some day(extremely unlikely :<). But yeah, thanks for support and friendship and stuff. Also, looking through past posts, I've been a douche quite often. Doesn't seem like many people have noticed. But I gotta apologize for if I've ever been mean or insensitive to any of you. I'm a changed person. Try to remember me fondly, if you can ;) I think that pretty much wraps up SMW Central and SMW hacking for me, forever. Thanks so much for so many awesome memories guys.

~Spud Alpha~

Your layout has been removed.
Well. It was good while it lasted.

I'm sorry to see you're done with hacking, but I hope you find fun in your next hobby, whatever that is.

Anyway, I have played most of the hacks there, and I must say I really like the looks of BTTC2, even though there are only 3 levels that are incomplete anyway. The desert level looks the best there - I like the effect of that.

In memoriom is OK, but I don't really like the design of the second level. Another thing is that there are no palettes, which is not as good.

Aside from that, it's pretty good.

Good luck on your next hobby.
I read your big ass post, And I understand why your leaving.
With that said goodluck to whatever you do next and whatever. It was always a nice surprise to see any screens you posted.

Ive got pletny of free time now so Im gonna download this pack.
Get me some last of the Spud, :3
Just downloaded your hack pack now, i'll be sure to try these out.

I remember you gave me feedback on my first screenshots I showed, here, I think it was a custom palette. It was awhile ago, but I don't forget things like that.

Good luck with everything. :)
Very awesome to see all this stuff released in a nice little package. Gotta try this out, your creations are notoriously fun and interesting. Sucks to see you go though, but everyone's going to leave this place eventually. Best of luck man.
Ahh Spud's gone?! Baw... Well nice to see you release all your work at least, I ought to try it out sometime. And good luck with the real world.

You were one of my favorite users, and I've noticed you haven't been around much lately... It's sad to see you go, but good luck on whatever you do next, Spud.

I'd download this immediately if I wasn't on vacation. Guess I have to wait a week. :/

Good fucking bye.
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