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Drama Mistery Demo 1 - by /Grate

First off, I'm really sorry for the very long moderation time, I took the claim from yoshicookiezeus to moderate your hack.
I have to say, it isn't that bad at all! The level design stays interesting and the graphics you used are good too. Though, there are a few smaller-bigger errors that should be fixed before acceptation.

- to begin with, the screesnhots you uploaded weren't proper. Read this to learn how to make proper screemshots.
- merely just a suggestion, but your bosses took a very long time and hits to defeat (they got boring a bit). I think they don't have to have 25 HP just to be challenging.

Let's see the "generic" errors now:

The title screen text could use better colors.

The word 'Luigi' in the status bar and the left side of the goal gate would need a little color fix, I think.

When I go into a pipe..

I should come out of a pipe.

If you want to avoid weird HDMA screens like this at level transitions, use Ice Man's HDMA fix patch.

The OW events get glitchy, are you sure you uninstalled the "title screen ASM moves" after recording? You can find that option in the OW editor.

Not a big deal, but there's cutoff between the grass and the wall.

For some reason, the game freezes when I get this specific Mushroom. O_o I'm not sure what could cause this, maybe because it's in an auto-scroll level?

Use the Fade Fix patch to avoid bad colors in the ending sequence.

I'm not sure if this was intended, but there's no message here.

The Midway Point could use some better colors here.

Not a big deal again, but the Dry Bones' body gets suddenly "redrawn" when it throws the bone. I guess you accidentally left some redrawn graphics in the GFX file.

The bush in the background has some weird tiles, you've probably overwritten them with something else.

Sorry again for the long moderation time, good luck!
(removal of 2.0 and 2.1)

A new version (2.2) was submitted.
(removal of 2.2-2.4)

A new version (2.5) was submitted.
(removal of 2.5)

Um, you should NOT submit ROMs (.smc files), at all. The players will have to find the clean SMW ROM themselves.
There are still a few strange yet easily fixable things in this hack.

This is weird. At the start of the first level, there's a door...

Which leads to this boss. Test mode?

The save prompt colors could be a bit better.

I wouldn't use chatspeak in hacks (though it's your decision), so it'd be "you" instead of "u".

When I go into a pipe, I should come out of a pipe.

(disabled layer 2 for better visibility) Connecting pipes like this isn't the best way.

Are you sure you have applied the Fade Fix patch?

No offense, but this was probably one of the most annoying bosses I've ever seen in an SMW hack...not only the boss itself, the Koopas and Grinders were almost invisible too, and I still think 10+ HP for a boss in a Mario game is a bit too much.
Removed demos 7 and 7.01 in favor of version 7.1.
A new version with bugfixes was submitted by Black Hawk.