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[WITH PRIZES]Title Screen Movie Contest - RESULTS

Link Thread Closed
OK. Good luck, anyway :)
I'm foced to drop out. My pc had some issues today, and I'm forced to NOT do anything with SMW anytime (since LM caused the problem). I do have another pc, but I've got no access to that one. =\
Just wondering, but if signups are open again, why does it still say "SIGNUPS CLOSED" in the very first post? This might confuse people who are considering to enter the contest.

Also, why does the title screen movie absolutely have to be fair? It's not like the player has to play it himself. (Not that I'm planning on making a Kaizo title screen or something, I'm just curious.)
I'm not necessarily talking about being fair, but looking nice. Obviously, a title screen with cutoff everywhere isn't going to score that highly.

I'll fix the signups.
Okay, my pc can handle stuff again, just put me back there. I'm quite confident I'll be able to do it. :3
OK. What I have seen so far on my forum looks really good, so I'm looking forward to your entry.
Hehe. I'll be sure to make it fun :D
If needed be I can be the fourth judge. If there's someone else, they can replace me, but if there's not I'll be glad to take the 4th judge spot. I'm pretty unbiased and impartial, so that's a plus ;)
It's all about conquering that desire within you to succumb to your greed.

Question them, suspect them, and take a good long look into their hearts.

I am only having 2 judges. Me and Blind Devil.
Somehow, I managed to fit four level types into C7, to show progression through the Mushroom Kingdoom. From grass, to cave, to mine cart, to ice.
Oh and here is the IPS...
Mario's Fast Adventure Through Four Worlds In the Mushroom Kingdoom
Here's my entry. It's almost vanilla, but one idea I had wouldn't really work without ExGFX.

Also, are we still allowed to update our entries until the end of the deadline or do we have to stick with it as soon as posted here?
You can update.
Bad news, got to drop out again. I've lost my hacking motivation - Hacking feels like a chore. I don't want any of that. Sorry, but this time it's for real.
Got an update, made the transition between the cave world and the grass world look a bit nicer.
Also removed the ice world and made it into a darker grass world.
Changed palettes around a small bit.
Originally posted by JDC
I am only having 2 judges. Me and Blind Devil.

You haven't responded when I said I was having the judges, so I removed you... You can still judge if you want.
Ok, I will judge.

Any specific way you want me to do so?
See first post.
Is custom music compulsory to achieve a higher score?
Link Thread Closed