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Emblazon Mario Version I - by Artemiscat55

NAME: Emblazon Mario Version I
AUTHOR: Artemiscat55
DESCRIPTION: I'm sorry. I got so very sick of level events and pathing, that it's just all-access. It's creative, if nothing custom, and is meant to be fun and enjoyable.

Judging by the screenshot of the title screen alone, this hack won't pass our guidelines. The whole picture looks bad, the text is cutoff and looks messy and the palettes need improvement, too.
One screenshot of the tile screen is also not sufficient enough. Make more so players can get an impression of what's to be played.

Read through our guidelines!
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Correct. I played a few levels of this, and...

I'm also getting a weird feeling that the bugs are intentional.

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Hack Name: Emblazon Mario
Author: Artemiscat55
Description: So, my original was unsatisfactory just by title screen. I have to agree, actually. I edited it once, then forgot about it. It should be better now, and I also gave general improvement to the rest of the world. This is an all-access hack, so just enjoy the levels.

Cutoff. Glitched graphics. You have a lot more to fix.

Please read our current Hack Submission Guidelines.

[download zip]

Hack Name: Lunar Emblazon World ~ Demo I
Description: So, this is a tiny five-level demo of the huge monstrosity I tried to submit before that got rightfully rejected. Because I'm re-working the entire thing, other levels are visible but not accessible. Please leave reviews and tell me what you think.


Compared to what I see above, your hack is in a much better shape now, but unfortunately it's still not good enough to be accepted..

First off, I would like to talk about your level design. I noticed that most of your levels were made out of single blocks, not "land" tiles, so the levels were blocky and didn't have the "flow" that most of the hacks should have. Not to mention, the levels were filled with random objects and things that just didn't make sense (like ON-OFF Switch blocks all over the place, but there wasn't anything to turn on or off). You definitely should redesign these levels so they'd be actually fun to play and feel like a real, good platformer game.

Now for the "technical" problems...

Sometimes there's just a row of land missing, causing some pretty bad cutoff. Why's that?

Bad Entrance FG/BG index, use this diagram to fix this.

You didn't use the correct Sprite GFX, so the blocks are glitchy here and there.

1. The P-Switch just disappeared from Mario's hands, you should use a different value in the #lm{sprhead} settings in LM or the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch.
2. Why would you use 3-Up Moons as coins anyway?

There are a lot of Bullet Bills coming out of nowhere. Use shooters and Bullet Machines instead.

And finally, the Overworld was...well, no offense, but it's really a mess. Not mentioning the incredible amount of cutoff, there are like a million level tiles and absolutely no events or anything. You definitely need to design a good overworld if you want your hack accepted.

Also, please do the followings before submitting a hack again:
- Read the Hack Submission Guidelines.
- Watch this video.
- Read other hack removal logs.
The demo was a sort of test, I suppose; to see whether it was possible to reconstruct it without restarting from scratch. As to the things you pointed out..

0: Aye, some of the levels not accessible yet were completely restarted. Some of the future levels show a growth in experience, and may end up being the first couple of levels instead so I have a better basis.

1: I miscalculated how much Mario could see in the last bit. The first two I just failed to notice.

2: Mario was meant to fall, but I suppose there's no real explanation as to why.

3: I hadn't noticed that. I had assumed the block bash sprites were universal.

4: The moons as coins is intentional, as pointed out by the title itself. I should probably give an explanation, however...

5: Again, I had forgotten/failed to notice. Save for Cloudland where the patterns were intentional.

6: I'd actually spent a lot of time trying to clean that up, but I can't admit I was completely satisfied.

With 0, 3, and 6 being my most prominent problems, along with a need to explain some of my gimmicks, I suppose I can safely say I need to perform a more complete restart.

I thank you for taking the time to test my hack and point out the problems. I'll be back in a few week's time with another demo; A far better one, if all goes well.


EDIT: Bleh, I mean "moderate", not test. Sorry, still very tired. Long day.
Credit for the amazing layout goes to Counterfeit!

Renaming my hack to something to do with Raphael (the Raven). Complete revamp. Demo soon.

Also userbars because Silver and HyperMario are awesome.