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Super Mario New Life! DEMO 2: new levels folks! (NEW SCREENIES)
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As you guys may know, I have a demo of my hack here on the central, yeah I'm planning realising the second (and hopefully the last)
demo (that will have 5 worlds instead of 1 1/15 worlds) soon! Few level are done, so check'em out!

1. USERBAR (kind of)

1.A user bar: (not that good.)

Create your own banner at!
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A custom level preview 1
A custom level preview 2
A custom Level Preview 3
A custom level preview 4
A custom level preview 5
A tubular-like level for the last world.
^please leave comments and like!

3. Screenshots

Now here's a pic of whats been done on the overworld.

Please gimme some feedback!!!!

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

Cutoff at the bottom right part of the pipe, where it meets the land. (in Morton's Secret 2)

Other than that, I cannot find any errors in your screen shots (though I would change the concrete blocks, as I find them ugly no matter how they are used).

Just back here to browse a bit.

Feels better?

Originally posted by Me in my last post

This someday will be changed to wooden blocks

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

This is looking great!

I can't see any errors in the screenshots, and your overworld design is looking very nice.
I will give some more opinions when I have actually played through the demo~

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Yes, it does look better. Since I have nothing else to do right now, I will play the demo and edit my post with what I can find that is wrong.

Edit: Ok, time for my review of what you have and should fix. (contains 35 pictures)

This seems like it is oddly worded. Try "Welcome! Bowser has installed bombs all over the world, and if they explode, the surroundings turn glitchy!" This should fit. If you can, add in the "Stop him!"

The overworld is a little iffy. You have the whole submap, so why don't you use it?

Why is the coin green?

Was there a point to this room, or did it just serve as a shortcut?

This is big Mario discrimination. Move the ? block down one space, or raise the ceiling by one space.

I guess this is ok, but it looks weird. Why don't you move the post down by one and hide it in the grass, so it doesn't look like it has amazing balance or the ability to float.

This palette looks like it would be great for an underwater level, but it didn't really work for this level.

All of these dragon coins/1-ups are too easy to obtain. Make the player work for them a little.

Once you go through this pipe and you accidentally fall down, you are at the start of the level. This is annoying and almost impossible when you only have 90 seconds left. Make it so the player cannot fall.

This is a good dragon coin location. You either have to attempt to get it by bouncing on the koopas, or go to the end of the platform while trying to avoid koopas.

When the Chuck first digs up the rock, it goes behind the land.

Why are the coins blue?

If you accidentally spin jump and destroy all of the turn blocks, this jump is impossible. This fix is up to you, because nobody will destroy all of these turn blocks *unless they were testing the level like me*

Was there supposed to be a P-Switch in the block above Mario, because nothing came out? Continuing on is still possible without it, but I am just curious.

This is a blind jump. At least put one coin leading away from there so people don't fall in.

For some reason, I do not like the way the pipe looks.

There is a lot of slow down throughout the castle. Remove some enemies, maybe.

I didn't like this level. It was very flat, boring, and had a lot of slow down. Try to make it less linear.

Either make the ceiling higher, or make Mouser's platform smaller, because most of his bombs would land on his platform, and he would end up getting hurt from them. I stood where I am standing the whole time, and Mouser killed himself from his own bombs. :/

Please tell me you are going to change the graphics of the pole so it at least makes a little bit of sense. :/

I didn't know that these blocks melt after you hit them with fire. Maybe explain that in a message box too?

This overworld is a little boxy, but other than that, it was a lot better than the submap.

I enjoyed playing this hack, because it reminded me of the original Mario games. Maybe add a bonus room into some of the levels. Also, I am happy I saw no long P-Switch or springboard puzzles (I hate them thanks to SMWCP1). Also, I liked how it was not overly difficult. The difficulty suited world 1 just right, but I felt like the castle was a little too easy.

Just back here to browse a bit.

Yeah, that's a shortcut

I admit it. This part is boring, but it was rushed!
Originally posted by Chanagaburu

There's a lot of slowdown in the castle.

This is warned on the readme. But anyway...

I like the way the overworld is, sorry but i'll keep it.

But aren't they called Ice turn blocks?
Yeah guys, I don't realized I had a lot to fix.
But now, the new patch can be found here with the other new levels
Morton's secret 1 and 2. Morton's Plains 2 IS NOT COMPLETE YET, SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO CLEAR THE STAGE!! Thank you.

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

I will get around to playing the new levels either later today or tomorrow.

Maybe for the overworld, add a rock or two in the large section of water that has nothing in it. (in the middle left to top left)

Just back here to browse a bit.
Hii :3
Wooow, this hack is really looking GREAT!
And try adding some more music(I mean, these are too common)
But anyway, I'm reeeally looking foward to this hack!
Ok, buh bye! :3


Moe moe, Kyuun! >w<

(Yes the bump was authorized by Hadron)
Look at the first post for the screenshots!

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

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