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What country are you from?

Where do you live now (country) and where were you born?

I was born in Lima, Peru (South America) and I'm living there.
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I was born in Portsmouth, England, and I live about 8 miles away from there, therefore I'm from the United Kingdom. My nationality is not 100% English, though, as I have a few foreign relatives, as you can see here.Free counters!
USA all the way.
hmm...I guess most of the users here are English and Americans.

It would be cool to see people from other countries too (:
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Like the location field under my avatar already says, I'm from Germany, or to be more exact, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), which is in the west of Germany. I was born here, I live here now (obviously) and I'll probably always live here or at least somewhere relatively close.
'sup, Germany here as well.
What Octopus said, basically.

Buu isn't even half as cool because he's not from NRW he's from the ew side of germany.
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That man speaks the unfortunate truth.

Heil NRW!
with NRW do you mean Norway?

Also, is there someone from Kazakhstan and UAE here?
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NRW = Nordrhein-Westfalen aka in Germany.
Hungary (and no, I'm not hungry). Even though it looks somewhat friendly for outsiders, trust me, this is the land of pessimistic and bored people. Okay, it's maybe not that bad, but we've got several problems, that's for sure.
The language is probably one of the weirdest languages you can ever see, too (ugye, Buu? ahogy tudom, a magyar nyelv az egyik legnehezebben megtanulható a külföldieknek)
The "From:" says it. From South America's northernmost country. Born there, sadly.
i just lurk sometimes
Born in USA and will probably always live here.
Hadron: You crazy Hungarians and your multitude of palatal consonants...

The United States of America, and (unfortunately) I've never been anywhere else, except for a brief time in Canada during a trip to Niagara Falls when I was little. I live in western Montana, to be exact...and no, I don't own a horse, live on a farm, etc. We may have our fair share of "old-time country folks", but I am not one of them.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Like the "From" says, I'm from Poland.
I was born and live in Brazil, with a lot of pride.

My Mom is from Colombia
And My Dad is from Honduras

I was born in New York
down in "Queens" lol

I moved to Pennslyvania when I was 5 years and lived here ever since
Quite a peaceful city (In the morning, nighttime is opposite XD)
Originally posted by millieman76
My Mom is from Colombia
And My Dad is from Honduras

I was born in New York of the "U.S.A"
down in "Queens" hanging with the Hood

Now im in Reading, of Shitty "Pennslyvania" where
retards cheer for the "Philles & Eagles"

Uhh... K? Why are you typing like that. -.-

Anyways, the United States. Born in Tennessee, moved to Georgia years before I joined here.
Good fucking bye.
Born and raised in California USA. There came a point where a few users thought I was born in or lived in Mexico because I'm Hispanic. haha
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Like Slash, I was born and raised in California, specifically Los Angeles. Both my parents immigrated to here from Mexico, however.