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Need an OW Map designer

Yes, its another one of these OW request threads. Anyway designing OWs or maps isn't my thing so I need someone to do it for me.

My OW map in SMW: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues was alright but this time I'd like something that looks much, much better than that. I don't wanna seem rude but I can't just take anyone's help, I need a very high quality OW designer here. So if anyone is willing to take this on just make a post.
Sure, I'll do it.

As long as I get credit/to put my signature on it.
Do sketches count? I'm still learning to create OWs (I quit years ago when I was still fairly inexperienced and I'm just now getting back into Mario hacking.)

I could sketch a design for you and email it, but I can't actually build it. Let me know.

And please give me credit where it's due =)
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