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World 9 Final Boss: Norveg - Deeke/Eevee (GFX), anonimzwx/Von Fahrenheit (ASM)
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 9 - World 9 Final Boss: Norveg - Deeke/Eevee (GFX), anonimzwx/Von Fahrenheit (ASM)
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a.k.a Final Level + Final Boss: Discussion

I was going to wait until the deadline to start with this, but since it became a hot topic on IRC, I figured I'd start early.

Norveg's factory is, of course, the final level. Ultimately, we need to decide which route we want to take on it. That is:

-multiple paths, or
-one single, "epic" path.

As we've seen in the past, most collabs (ASMT, SMWCP, some of the VIPs) have taken the "multiple" paths route. However, the final level in SMWCP overdid it far too much. Rather, I think we should take a more specific focus this time around. I'll leave this open to discussion.

The final boss - Norveg - is the other thing I wanted to discuss. Roy has volunteered to code this again, so I'd like us to compile a bunch of ideas to send him. You guys are the creative minds - he is the logical mind. Think about the following things:

-potential attacks
-how many phases
-the actual atmosphere of the battle

Alright. Let's roll.
it has to have 2 deads. like the final boss in DKC , you kill it once, but then he revives and you have to battle it again, but the second time is more powerfull.

Thanks Ladida for this EPIC and Awesome layout!

I'll choose for one single epic path. Mostly because it's becoming original. And it's epic.

Boss: Maybe he could shoot electricity bars out his hand?

Your layout has been removed.
if he shoots that, the athmosphere could be dark clouds for the FG and the BG, like stormy

Thanks Ladida for this EPIC and Awesome layout!

Just wanted to say I've always been a huge fan of having the final level be a collab of itself with a whole bunch of different rooms designed by different users, à la the VIPs. (see: ASMT :V)

Also: the SMWCP final castle had multiple paths? Unless you count the fact that you could do the void levels in whichever order you want, the whole thing seemed fairly linear to me...

As for the boss battle, we can't have an industrialization-themed hack without the final boss using a gigantic robot of some kind, now can we? :V Bonus points if Mario somehow gets one as well.

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yeah, giant robot! but what do you think about the atmosphere? also could be cool make it like if they're moving while fighting, just make the FG be animated, not make them move. good idea, isn't it?

and, well, about the level itself, just one and epic path, and factory themed, but the final room has to be in the sky, like over dark grey, stormy coulds

Thanks Ladida for this EPIC and Awesome layout!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Since Norveg's current design doesn't look like the type that could fuck up Mario physically or has any special powers (Doc Croc also strikes me the same way), I think that his that fight should have him operate a large machine/robot that Mario has to destroy.
See also: Dr.Wily (Mega Man), Dr.Eggman (Sonic), Patchouli Knowledge (MegaMari/NSML)

As for the level, I'm still in court for that.

Idea: Have a phase with a slowly filling vault of gold (think Scrooge from Ducktales). The gold would act somewhat like a cross between platform and quicksand, where if you stand on it for more than a few seconds, you sink below the "platform part" and have to mash jump to get back up. This phase could take place in a continuously looping vertical level with potential to get squashed against the ceiling.

I don't want to see it become a matter of quantity over quality, with many repetitive or tedious phases. A boss such as this one that has a wide variety of moves (with only a few assets used, take note!) is much more memorable in my opinion. In the same way as a level is designed, the boss should have a strong sense of progression.
Here's my quick thoughts on the level itself:

-A long linear portion to start with (lasting a few minutes).
-A four-way split akin to Bowser's Castle in SMW (each room having its own gimmick).
-A final, "epic" linear part which spans another few minutes (see: the penultimate area in SMWCP with the Derris-Kharlan graphics).
-The boss.

I don't think we need another 30 minute beast. Just a 5-10 minute lasting impression should do the trick. We can have 2-3 separate songs for the final level too to enhance that sense of finality.

SNN, you are proposing the exact same formula as the first game, except you'd just do one void rather than all of them, haha

(by the way, yeah, the first game was ultimately very linear, considering you HAD to do all the pathes, and it reforked into one hallway)
Did you say Hot Topic?

You know, I wonder if we should go the route of Bowser's Super Stupendous Splendiferous Scrumtrelescent Airship from TSRPR, with a bunch of slightly smaller rooms, some referencing mechanics earlier in the game but with harder setups, and each room a mini collaboration between two users. If we could make that work, it might be a great way for that 'collab' feeling to shine through. And yeah, having a split somewhere in the level like in the original game's final castle would give us more room to make more rooms, so that might be a good idea too- as long as we don't force players to go through all of them in the end.

Norveg kind of gives me a Baron K. Roolenstein or Knautilius feel- something involving electricity and machinery, with indirect attacks. The robots idea also reminds me of Kaos, and in general this hack reminds me of DKC3, with each level having its own mechanics and being its own little world.

So yeah, if/when I come up with ideas, they will probably be along those lines.

Edit: S.N.N., what you describe actually sounds exactly like King Bowser's Castle from Yoshi's Island. Not that that's a bad thing.

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My idea is that you go through the Novregs factory and somehow disable his machines in everyroom, thus proceeding to the boss who pulls out some robot as a last attempt to stop you as you have stopped his work.

Levels could be based around shutting of sewage pipes or something liek that.
The linearity should be kept, along with the themes of the void.
We could have 7 (maybe 8) different rooms of the castle, each with a theme of the world, and just like the hack, you can choose between 2 and 3; and 5 and 6. We could even make two different rooms for Fire and Ice.
And then after fire and ice a final "last room", factory themed, and then of course boss.


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Originally posted by raocow
SNN, you are proposing the exact same formula as the first game, except you'd just do one void rather than all of them, haha

It's pretty similar, yes. I still want to get multiple designers involved in the final level, if at all possible, and this is really the best way to do it.

(and yes, I'm sure we can all agree that forcing the player to do all eight rooms was too much, even with the midway in the hub.)
Originally posted by 1Updudes
My idea is that you go through the Novregs factory and somehow disable his machines in every room

I like this is idea. It's like in DKCR where you have to go and push those buttons to get the "rocket" thing but instead it's to open one huge mechanical door where the final boss is located.
I think that the level design should be linear. SMW's bower castle wasn't as memorable because of all the rooms i had to choose from.

--Boss idea--
Norveg is on some huge robot that attack Marios, obviously,. Once Mario "breaks" said robot he falls down where you fight Norveg, who though old is very fast.
to be fair, it wouldn't had been so bad if osme of the rooms weren't so terrible. It's a sound idea, it just fell in the execution.

But, well, that's then.
Honestly, I don't think we should do the exact same thing as last time. I think that just because this is the final level doesn't mean it has to be very long and extravagant, and this being a collab hack doesn't mean we NEED to get a lot of people to collaborate on it and have areas representing each world theme in an effort to get more collaboration. IMO, that's just going overboard. SMWCP1 showed this well. :/

Now, on the other hand, I'd be very much for doing it in the style of YI's final level, where you can take one path and one path only. I'm imagining also crossing it with the 4-door thing done twice in SMW. So, in other words, two sections where you have to hit a spinning door thing that will knock down a door, determining the path you take.

I'd still much rather see it simply be a factory/offices, though, instead of "hey, let's make sections that represent every world for no reason other than because this is a collab hack!" Back in SMWCP1, it made SOME sense, because void, but's just a factory. :/ Now, if you still want to represent every world, instead of taking their themes, why not take their GIMMICKS? IMO, that's a much better idea, and it can still make some sense, if the gimmicks are right! A wind gimmick would make much sense if they have a lot of fans blowing to keep a room cool. (or if you're in a giant air duct of some kind...) That Roviclaw makes perfect sense in a factory setting, for obvious reasons. You get where I'm going.

I just think we could do better than inexplicable areas based on the themes of the worlds that make no sense whatsoever.

EDIT: Oh, and I vote for a more linear level, though I don't think it necessarily NEEDS to be "epic". I think just "amazing" will do. ;P

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My main problem with multiple paths levels is that the player can pick the easy path and doesn't bother to play the others. I was thinking of along the line of a giant puzzle level. Where when you take one path it would open up another. Like a stage you would see from a Legend of Zelda game. The final room before you get to the final boss should be a slow autoscroll level that rely on quick thinking to get though.

Originally posted by notgoodwithusernames
My main problem with multiple paths levels is that the player can pick the easy path and doesn't bother to play the others....

To get around that, we could use the door randomizer. That way you go to a different section every time you go through the door.

EDIT: couldn't fine the door in the downloads section, but I found the random teleport block
Layout by LDA during C3.
How about several short rooms having the themes of each world?
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