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Should I buy Metroid trilogy and Metroid other M?

Okey guys,here's my situation:About last week I tried Super Metroid and I really like the game so I decided to try Metroid Trilogy and Metroid other M,but the thing is that I usually dont really like first person shooter games like COD or halo(but there's some exeptions like Goldeneye 007)My gaming style are game like Zelda,Mario,Star fox,Sonic,Kingdom hearts,Final Fantasy but I watch some videos and it really look like fun so should I buy those 2 games?
If it looks fun, then get one of the two games. If it really is fun to play, you can still get the other one as well.
Metroid: Other M is a must have, IMO. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is fun, the story is deep, the voices are great, and the cutscenes are gorgeous. Definitely get it.
MPT is three awesome games, two of which are completely revamped with new controls and graphics, for the price of one. It's definitely not an FPS, there's a lot of shooting but it's really a first-person adventure game. Judging by the games you do like, you'll probably love it.
Like Umlaut said, Metroid Prime Trilogy marries 3 fantastic games into one neat package that is sure to give its money's worth. If you like that a lot, I suggest moving on to Other M. It's not quite as powerful or engaging as the Trilogy, but Metroid fans are sure to get a kick out of it. (Except for the fact that Samus has gone from a badass to a whining baby..but we don't talk about that.)
Metroid Prime Trilogy is nothing alike Call of Duty or Halo apart from having a first person perspective and having a gun. Call of Duty is a linear and shallow single-player experience. Those games are driven by shooting other people in different scenarios, mostly online. Halo is hardly any different; they're games driven by shooting people in multiplayer, nothing more. However, the Metroid Prime games are very different. They're basically first person adventure games, spanning far longer than any Call of Duty or Halo game. The games are a terrific adaption of the previous Metroid games, keeping a fantastic other-wordly atmosphere and that very same Metroid-esque style of exploration. The Metroid Prime games are a must-get, no matter what type of gamer you are. I really cannot recommend them enough.

I haven't played Metroid: Other M myself, but from what I've heard, it's a linear game that tends to railroad you. However, it's not necessarily a bad game, but just not as good as the Metroid Prime series. Some people have really liked the game despite its flaws, so I can't really provide an opinion. I've just heard more bad than good. General consensus seems to be heavily in favor of the Metroid Prime series.

In short, go for the gold and get Metroid Prime Trilogy. Three outstanding games, re-done with excellent controls and neato graphics, going for about $100 online. In gameplay hours alone, they'll last around 40-50 hours (numbers based off taking an average range of people's times via google), whereas Metroid: Other M will last about 10 hours. The steel casing and art book that come with the game are pretty cool as well, if you're into that.
It's worth it all the way across the sky. The 3 metroids are great games. I don't know anything about other M though.
In my opinion, you should get MPT over Other M. I hated Other M. moltensnow loves the gameplay, but I loathe it. It dragged on and on and on and wasn't very enjoyable to me at all. As I put it: Great story, horrible game.

Honestly, the Metroid Prime series is AMAZING. Even if you don't like FPS's, you might love the Prime trilogy. Do note, though, that MP3's targetting has the potential to be annoying- if you find it difficult to steady your hand and aim at something well from a distance, you will have a tough time with the game, especially since locking onto most bosses in it doesn't actually lock on. Instead, you get free aim like at every other time. Sure, this is so you can aim at bosses' weak points, tends to be bad for me. Still, it's really fun.
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Definitely get the MP Trilogy. 3 awesome games on ONE disc. Using the Wiimote to aim is a huge plus. In the Gamecube games you had to hold down R (I think) to aim but with the Wii version you just point at the screen and shoot. I got this for about £30 (~CA $46)and it was well worth that price. Also, these games are absolutely NOTHING like CoD or Halo.

As for Other M, I haven't got that so I don't know anything about it.
I'm not the biggest FPS fan myself but I've got the trilogy and I found it really fun. I recommend it personally but it's been discontinued so you have to shell out some major cash to buy it online.

I've never played Mother M so I can't offer any input on that. However based on things I've read it should be a "good enough" game. Getting the trilogy should be your priority though.
Metroid Other M is an insult to the Metroid series, especially in continuation from the Trilogy, and I'd rather not acknowledge its existence.

Then again the true final boss was quite awesome.