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Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

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This happened to me this Morning

I was walking down a block, when some Random Girl comes up to me and hugs me tight....I was confused! But I hugged her back lol She started crying and told me

Random Girl: "I'll never forget, when I first met you"

Me: This IS the first time we meet!" XD (playing along)

Random Girl: *Lifts her head up* uuuhhh!!

Me: ??

Random Girl: *sniff* OMG sorry I mistakened you for my Boyfriend, since you look like him"

Me: Its Cool

She leaves feeling stupid and her Boyfriend saw what happened....and I think they broke up because of what happened or....some other reason. Lol

But the Guy looked like my Twin except for my Hair (Wonder how she missed that lmao) Guess she was desperate to see him, she didnt notice me to how we look alike :p

This happens to me alot and its just funny and Random! I one time was mistaken for some else's child and they though my Mom kidnapped me and called the cops! WTF lol

If you have any stories share' need to be shy lol
When I first entered middle school, the older students kept thinking I was this one person, and asked if I was his brother.

At first I was like "WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY PEOPLE GOING ON ABOUT," and then I actually met the person, and I found out that WE REALLY DON'T LOOK ANYTHING ALIKE.

We ended up being friends though.
I can't really think of anything in particular which sticks out in my head, although there have been a few times when teachers have mistaken me for other people, but those were minor things that passed in a few seconds and no where near as dramatic as your encounter, millieman.

Although, I find its usually me who mistakes other people for being people I know. Quite often I see people from behind and I think they're friends of mine (even more annoying when I mistake them for old friends of mine that I've lost all contact with), but then they turn around and they look completely different. If I was a lot more confident I'd probably approach them, but I've grown not to trust what I see, especially as when I was a child I mistook other people to be my parents and got lost a few times because of it. It's very seldom that I actually do approach people that I'm unsure if I know or not, and I'm usually right, but only because I stand there for about five minutes making absolutely sure I'm right.

Not blue.
Originally posted by millieman76

Wow, that must have been very embarrassing for the girl concerned, not to mention the fact she'd have to explain to her boyfriend that she'd made a terrible mistake and thought that you were her boyfriend.

Nothing like this has really happened to me, but rather the opposite. My friend was down at a shopping centre, and he saw a kid that looked like me in the other side of a shop. Thinking it was me, he went over to the kid and tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hi Jorge", but it turned out that it wasn't me. My friend was very surprised and embarrassed, he apologized to the kid and went away again.

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Nope, never happened to me.
i just lurk sometimes
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I once did while my username was Tatsudoshi (as a temp name) but that's about the only case I have ever got.

When my username was InvisibleCoinBlock (way back kids) people confused me with ICB and kept asking when I was gonna finish my Zelda hack.

In real life, nope. I have a rather distinctive face.
Actually...people use to mistake me for my cousin all the time. When I was in middle school; we looked so a like that we could be twins. Now in days we still kind of look a like but they way we dress and our personalities set us apart.

That doesn't seem to stop people from mistaking us though and we're both 20 now.
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A friend of mine, Harvey, back in Rotterdam, looked quite a bit like me. Sometimes, people thought we were brothers, and so they asked. That was obviously not the case.

Other than that - no, I've never been mistaken for someone else. My ethnicity has been mistaken multiple times though - one example: some day, an old Moroccan man went up to me and asked if I was from Turkey or Morocco. I said no, leaving him surprised and asking me where I came from then. I said I was Dutch, and he was kinda shocked to hear that. O_o
Instead of Turkish/Moroccan, people usually think I'm Eastern European though, because of my darker look than most Dutch people - I have a somewhat tanner skin colour, and I have dark brown eyes and near-black hair.
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Two or three years ago I used to have a friend who I really spent a lot of time with and sometimes people who didn't know me closer actually thought I was him. I don't have anything to do with him anymore now, but very rarely it still happens that people I don't know call me his name. Other than that I don't think I've ever been mistaken for someone else.
Not really, but irl and on the phone, people mistake me for a girl.

Frankly, I like that...

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I've been mistaken for my sister a few times, since now our hair is about the same length and we're about as tall as each other.
It never happened to me but I mistake people fro my sister a lot and it's embarrassing, your talking to some random person you thought you knew.
I've occasionally been mistaken for my friend Charlie (the same one who thought he saw me in a shopping centre) because we are about the same height, and have the same hair colour.Free counters!
I'm mistaken for my 28 year old brother a lot over the phone because I have a deep voice. I was also mistaken for a criminal twice before, I remember walking to school and being wrestled to the ground by like 4 cops holding a shotgun to my head because I matched the description of a convicted felon.
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Originally posted by Slash Man
I'm mistaken for my 28 year old brother a lot over the phone because I have a deep voice. I was also mistaken for a criminal twice before, I remember walking to school and being wrestled to the ground by like 4 cops holding a shotgun to my head because I matched the description of a convicted felon.

That must of been horrifying.

And...not really. Surprising - I've met a ton of other people who look like me.
Im at least surpirsed some people have been mistakened! But I guess I get mistakened very often for someone else!
Im shocked that some people never have had this happended to them lol
No. People say I look like some other person I don't remember the name of, especially when they see me with my glasses off, but they always know who I am when they see me.
Good fucking bye.

I've never been mistaken for someone else. The only other person I know that looks like me is my dad, and people say that my brother (who isn't even my dad's biological kid) looks more like my dad then me. It's actually really funny.
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I'm neraly always mistaken by my brother. Most people think we're twins.

Even my brother's friends have mistaken and have thought I was him. >_>
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