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Vanilla Failure - Blind Devil's Final Stand [CANCELED]
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Vanilla Failure - Blind Devil's Final Stand [CANCELED]
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No, I didn't forget. I just haven't updated it yet, because I haven't claimed all my resources.

Just to say that I've lost my internet. This means no activity on SMWC for an undetermined amount of time. I'll try to be here once per week (when I'm at a friend's house) to make showoffs and updates. That's it. I'll still be working in the hack.

Sad =/
But just as a note, i will start my level on day 22. And... Wait, have the level list disappeared? >_>

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Whoops... that happened because I've channged the HTML extension file to HTM.

I'll fix it now.


Here goes a little screenie of Arid Alley 6. It's a regular/external level, but I've taken this one from the second underground section of the level.


I see. Looks good. Anyways, can i show my progress here? If so, i'll show my progress for jewel jungle 5.
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I've got to say; that level not only looks amazing; it has very unique use of mixed tilesets; also think the palettes are pretty good.

Nice work #w{=D}

My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
@Falconpunch: All the level designers are free to show off their work here. Curious to see how it's looking like. And thanks for the comment!

@EvilGuy0613: Thanks a lot, too! I'm a lot happy with the feedback here, everybody seems to be liking my showoffs.

And, for those who haven't noticed, signups are open a day earlier!
Check this page to see levels that can be claimed! Don't forget to read the other pages of my blog for more details.


Just a small showoff. i'm having a bad time with the tides, like, i want to make it be a bit higher. It is very low for me to make what i want. First time i'm playing with the tides, so any help?

EDIT: Oh, looks like i just turned into an Porcu-Puffer
Hooray, Hooray level up.

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Whoa! It's becoming a very nice and creative tileset!

As for the tides, there's no way to configure its height with Vanilla resources. Or you can use the "high and low" config for them, so they'll work like in "Mondo", up, down... you know, but I think you're not supposed to use the high and low config though.

Anyways, clever. Looking forward to see the complete level!

I am working on level 116, so here is the level of 116 so far:

Click me!

How is it? It's the level with the midway point and the entrance to sublevel 60. Like it?
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It's becoming good. Curious to see the complete level.

Once it's done, send me an IPS file with everything and I'll insert into the main ROM.

And I wonder... a week has passed by, and I haven't received any PM's from people referring to the project... In this situation, this hack is supposed to be what the title implies: a failure.

By the way, I'm thinking about the deadline due date for levels and signups' closure. It'll probably be someday at the start of November.

Is not a failure, I'm still working on a level, but I have very few completed that It doesn't deserve to be shown...yet.
i would join but i'm just too dumb to say i like my level, i can't finish one :D
I'm midway in Arid Alley 1, but I can't show screenshots now because I'm on other computer that don't have SMW Hacking-related stuff. Soon I will show more progrss. And I'm still planning Arid Castle. Can it be a Ghost House-like, wooden castle?
@MoriaRebirth: If you want to join, give it a try. I can help you if you think it's necessary.

@Mario's Hat: About Arid Castle, it can be wooden-styled, since my Ghost House (Arid Haunt) is currently being made with stone and cave-styled tilesets. It includes some default Ghost House things, too.

People: I'll be back to music porting this week, but still working on the hack (a bit slower, but not freezing it). Just to let you guys know.

Hi, my friends.

I've worked A LOT in those 2 weeks. I've made ports, things for my band, and the relevant one: three new levels for this hack!
Here are the links of the videos I've made (yeah I had to produce them, which was also tough work):

Video 1: Arid Haunt (Ghost House level) < This one has a cool Layer 2 gimmick idea
Video 2: Cold Fortress (Fortress level) < My favorite!
Video 3: Cold Canyon 3 (Cave level) < Generic icy cave level

If you notice the Cold Canyon submap in the videos, they appear with the new Special World Passed palette I've reedited. The last screenshot I provided shows it with a bright yellow (?)... pretty strange color. Now it's a bright red.

And for the level designers/people wanting to play some of the finished levels:

Latest Base ROM (2011-09-24)

And the blog has been updated. There's a new post with details from the deadline due date for levels.
You could check the Signup Tables, too. Both contains updates.

At last... feedback is appreciated.

Two more levels have been done. They are...

Cold Canyon 4:

Blue Switch Area:

And here's the newest Base ROM. Don't use LM 1.90 to open it! Please wait until the next update (because only today was the day I could download it).

Other things:
I have patched the "No Sprite Tile Limits" and "Tide Fix" to the ROM. I was having troubles while doing the Blue Switch level and currently with Jewel Jungle Secret, so I had to apply them.
I've also applied the relatively simple "1-player patch" just because Luigi's palette on the OW appears bad when the Special World Passed palettes are activated.

About the title:
The hack name won't change. Vanilla Failure will be kept on, even the hack not fitting into that category.

I won't insert custom music just because it doesn't affect in level design. I hope these patches were the last external resources I have to apply.
This project, even being done successfully, will be a failure anyways, for being not an authentic vanilla hack.

> And I didn't get time to update the tables today, sorry.

Good work! I liked all the levels you lately made, they are full of nature! :) I like the graphics mix of the ghost house level and the BG of the ice cave is a great touch! =) I imagine the Cold Canyon 4 level, it looks very fun to play! Being too busy to join this now, but I will be watching the progress. Also, opening the base ROM with LM 1.90 shouldn't break anything, many people just switched their versions to 1.90 and everything was ok. (together with me, and I additionally coded a sprite and made an OW map in it, everything was fine)

The newest Base ROM can now be opened with LM 1.90.
And I finally have updated the tables again.

That's it. I have no updates today, I'm sorry.

Signups: they are closed.


New Base ROM. Because the previous one had an error in level A. Still compatible with LM 1.90.

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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Vanilla Failure - Blind Devil's Final Stand [CANCELED]

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