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What's the one thing you cannot leave the house without?

Mine would probably be my cellphone or a device I created that if I press the button BAM. Russia gone! :3 What about you guys?

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My 3DS, in case of street pass, especially as its so rare that I find anyone I don't know (only once as of now actually), and also to rack up play coins, although I maxed it out a while back now.

I usually take my phone with me too, just in case I need it or someone needs me.

Not blue.
My phone and earphones. If I bring my phone it's okay but without my earphones I feel naked.
Er, do you mean "without?"

If it's without, then I cannot leave to go somewhere without bringing my trusty pair of goggles. I can't find the specific design, but they basically look like this.

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I occasionally have a dream in which I go out forgetting my shoes and/or socks, so I guess those would count. Don't really have much else.

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My phone or my keys.
I actually can't leave the house without them.
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop

Damn, beat me to it.
Computer xD. Just kidding. I can't leave my house for a long time without water. I often drink water (especially when it's hot).
Besides clothes I can't think of anything that I always have to carry with me when leaving the house. Sure, most of the time I take my keys with me, just in case noone is at home when I get back, but it's not like I feel bad when not bringing them or something.
Probably my DS.
I'd say my phone. No, really.
i just lurk sometimes
My phone or wallet, probably.
My keys and my wallet with some money and my bank card in it.
My sense of direction. Ohohoho, witty guy currently residing here.
My 3DS since I love getting StreetPass (I have 19 people in my StreetPass Plaza as of now) and I want to rack up Play Coins and such.
My wallet because I carry cards, 20 gigs in 2 flash drives, papers with my ideas for SMW levels, and paper clips to pick locks.
My DSi.
If I'm leaving town, I take my phone and wallet too.
My wallet, my watch and my phone.
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to hear birds and see none.
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop

Really? I always leave my house without any clothes. (shot)


Anyways, uh, my glasses. ohohoho moar witines i ned mah glases to se
Good fucking bye.