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115: Fantastic Elastic - S.N.N./Lightvayne


I like the idea so far. Maybe some bouncy balls and rings for decorations for this part of the act like they have animals going through hoops.

Anyways, I have an idea on how to eliminate one of the skull platform tiles. How about a trapdoor that allows one to go through and not the others? Two blocks are used here, (1) trapdoor triggers on one of the skull platforms falling through and (2) turn on switch (obviously opens up the trapdoor again). They both use the ON-OFF switch value.

Trapdoor Gimmick for FE: Video

If this is a good idea, I can send the ASM.

Excellent! Love the idea, you can send it to me when you get the chance.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Lightvayne, I've PMed you the link :)
Hey, I played the concept and, I know this way beta, but is there suppose to be two sideways thwomps? or one? Because sometimes I get two and sometimes only one.
There's supposed to be two sideways thwomps there, but personally, I think it would be more reasonable to have only one.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Awesome idea, but if you want them to stay on the bouncing platforms at all times, you need something dangerous to dissuade them from disembarking, right? Or are you planning on having players get on and off depending on the obstacles?

Still, the moment those skull platforms started bouncing... ^_^
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You sir(s), are due for an update.


SORRY. I've always wanted to say that =D

But in all seriousness, I'm just here asking if there's any playable progress here; I really like this level, and I just wanna see what's up. =P

So yeah, no offense intended. =D

Right here, just for you! ^_^
Smallhacker, your my hero.

On a more serious note, work kept me busy most of the week, but I have the next few days off, so I should be able to pull something out by then.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I am amused, actually =D

And there's cut-off everywhere...

Fix that and it's good to go =D

version 3
You obviously can tell by the set up that some touch up work needs to be done near the end (cutoff, etc) but its the general layout I'm going for. I am having an issue with the on/off blocks cstutor gave me. After the skull raft gets down to two skulls, they interact weirdly with the blocks and start to randomly turn them on and off as the raft passes through.
Got a fix for it?
Layout by LDA during C3.
I've figured out what's causing the blocks to start randomly turning on/off. On the first trapdoor the first skull platform that falls down into the pit actually rides up to the elastic wall causing it to hit the trapdoor and opener. It's a simple fix, just eliminate that elastic wall to the right of the door and it should be fine.

As far as the TurnOn.asm, I've tweaked the code a bit to prevent Mario from opening the door (only a sprite can turn it back on).

	STZ $14AF	;Turn On, ON-OFF Switch	
	RTL		;Done!
This is the first time I've tried the level since you updated it, and I gotta say that I love what you've done with the skull raft. As you said, it definitely needs touching up (graphically especially), but I think it'll be a perfect finish to the level overall.

I didn't take a screenshot, but there is one part with a Thwomp going up and down between two bouncy platforms (screen 5 or 6 if I had to guess) which is incredibly hard to dodge. You might want to tone that down a bit.

Otherwise, keep it up.

Can I get my cookie now?
Layout by LDA during C3.
Pretty good level for the most part, I think the SMWC coin that will be placed is a little bit too easy but it does force the player to bring the skull platform with Mario. Maybe the setup should be more of a situation where Mario has to follow that last skull platform and then make a jump below the normal platform to the last SMWC coin. I loled when Charging Chuck ran in place while bouncing.
All things considered, it's close to being done I think. Given the length of the last part, sticking the first midway between the first and second "block snake" door in my portion should be more than fair enough to equalize the two sections.

I've already said what I wanted to say on IRC as well, so good stuff.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

Either sprite shenanigans, or the second thwimp was taken out. Why?

I think that's supposed to be the skulls. I think. Don't know. (not being sarcastic)


Dead bodies bouncing everywhere! Cape swiping enemies causes the dead frames to get stuck and vibrate manically on the blocks.
Good old Fantastic Elastic has been revamped and inserted as well. Design-wise, it was nearly unchanged. It's got mostly a graphical overhaul. We have the new BG by Falconpunch and Magi here again, and an updated bouncy castle tileset by Magi, and I've added an HDMA gradient to Hartfowl's ferris wheel arena to make things less empty.

I've also attempted to fix the crash/softlock in Hartfowl boss battle, which randomly happened whenever you landed in a ferris wheel platform for the first time before the fight, but the screen would never scroll up and some time later the game would simply freeze or crash.