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This may sound n00bish but why this happened when I completed the first level?
Originally posted by Galinaceo
Yhis may sound n00bish but why this happened when I completed the first level? *image*

Are you, by any chance, using the first 8 colours of palettes 0-3? If so, they are unusable, and you must use a different palette.
Isn't there anyway to use them? After I play the level again they look fine...
Originally posted by Galinaceo
Isn't there anyway to use them? After I play the level again they look fine...

Theres no way to use them from what I have seen. Alot of ASM might do something, but I think they are used with certain things that have to do with the levels.

Living life takes forever
They're used by the tile revealation animations.
Nobody has ever made any patch to make them usable. Don't get your hopes up.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
I once diasassembled the tile revealation trigger routine but ended up getting rid of them completely in Toad's World since it is a mess of code, really. >_>

However, if you do not need those events, here's a piece of code that will help you to use palettes 2 and 3. 0 and 1 should never be touched anyway.

;Overworld Custom Palette 2 / 3

	LDX #$00

	LDA Palette_Color,x
	BEQ Return
	STA $2121
	STA $2122
	LDA SNES_High,x
	STA $2122
	BRA Loop


	db $21,$22,$23,$24,$25,$26,$27,$28,$29,$2A,$2B,$2C,$2D,$2E,$2F
	db $31,$32,$33,$34,$35,$36,$37,$38,$39,$3A,$3B,$3C,$3D,$3E,$3F
	db $00

	db $7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F
	db $7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F,$7F

	db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
	db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF

To be used with OverworldASM.

Everything is set to be color $7FFF (white). Get the SNES color of your palette and simply edit it's entries.
Palette_Color refers to the palette and its color.
...okay, not getting your hopes up was obviously a bad suggestion.

Originally posted by Ice Man

That code is broken. Storing to CGRAM will break in bsnes-accuracy, and risks breaking in other future emulators too.

And because sust saying "don't use this" without offering any alternative will just make me look evil, I will need to offer an alternative, and since none is known, I'll have to make one myself.

Use this one instead.
Advantages: Doesn't require OW ASM, compatible with all emulators, will under no circumstances potentially break during tile revealing (I don't know if Ice Man's one does), uses dw instead of db (translation: you only need to edit one place to edit a color, not two).
Disadvantages: None known. Ice Man's one doesn't get altered per tileset, but neither does mine. Both should be very easy to add this feature to if you know a bit of ASM.

!Pal = 2;Set this to how many palettes you want to use for tile revealing animations. Setting this to 2 allows you to use palettes 2 through 7 on the OW, but only 4 and 5 may be used for appearing tiles (using 2, 3, 6 or 7 will create garbled colors). Note that setting it to 0 will break stuff, and this is not counting that tile revealing will be made impossible.
!Freespace = $1FFFF7;You should know what to do with this.

org $00AD75
JSL LoadMoreColors;This only loads new colors. If this patch is added to LM, this is not needed.

!70 = !Pal*32-$10

;This stuff is read at $00A4A0.
org $04EA68
LDX.b #!70-1
org $04EA76
LDX.b #!70-1
org $04EA8D
LDA.w #!70
org $00B02A
STA.w !70+$0909,x
org $04EA96
STA.w !70+$0907
org $04EA9B
STZ.w !70+$0979

org !Freespace
db "STAR"
dw Ratlabel1-Ratlabel2-$01
dw Ratlabel1-Ratlabel2-$01^$FFFF
LDA #$B57C
STA $00

macro line(id)
LDX #$000C
LDA.l <id>*14+TheColors,x
STA.w <id>*32+$0705,x
BPL ?Loop

dw $0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000
dw $7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF;Note that the first !Pal palettes here aren't used. 
dw $0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000;Also note that the first color in each row is useless too.
dw $7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF,$0000,$7FFF


<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
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