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Something else 100% done (currently in beta-testing)
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Hey, maybe I should made a thread about the game I'm making.
So this is it, the official Something else thread.
Also sorry for all the mistakes I can write I'm so tired.

About this hack :
'Something else' is the name of the hack. It is like the sequel of my other game 'Something'. The purpose of this game is to be 'fun to play'. Nothing else. Don't except super professional quality, just a good game. Maybe very good. If you played Something, then Something else will be like that, but this time more polished, longer, better, faster, stronger... and with correct English this time !!!

Like how I did with Something on another forum, every time I finish a world, I will make a short video that show some levels, with an unfitted music and a funny picture at the end. And maybe some screenshots, but I will never post a video of a complete level, just some part.

Scenario :
Here is the plot (may be changed a little). Don't read if you don't want spoilers.
The story take place in a different world. In this world, people live happily and there is no troubles... Until one day, someone came to this world and bring chaos with him. It's panic time. In one village of this world, seven sages came together to find a solution. They decided to use the help of someone else to defeat The Evil Guy. They chose Mario, because he is well know for being strong and courageous (and also a fat plumber). With magic, they invoked Mario. It worked, except that... it wasn't Mario, it was Luigi. Luigi asked why he was here, and before the sages use they magic to make Luigi go back to his home, The Evil Guy came here and kidnapped the sages. The only way for Luigi to go back in the mushroom kingdom is to defeat The Evil Guy and save the sages and this unknow world. So Luigi has to do Mario's work. Here we go.

The different worlds :
W1: You start in the village, and then follow the only path into a jungle/forest (choose what you prefer to call it) with some ancient temple inside.
W2: In the sky, with clouds everywhere. And a giant tree. In the sky. Yes!
W3: A haunted temple in the middle of a blossom forest. Lot of touhou references in this world.
W4: A rocky mountain.
W5: There will be flowers and mushrooms.
W6: It's a secret.
W7: At the peak of a mountain, The Evil Guy's hideout.
WS: Special world.

New stuffs :
-Luigi is the main character. I may change some of his moves to make him different to Mario (for exemple jump higher, straight fireball, no spinjump? )
-Powerups like in SMB3 (Fire -hit- Big -hit- Small, no item box).
-A new power-up replacing the cape/feather.
-In every levels, there will be one hidden item. Collect them all to go in the special world.

this thread has no screenshots post some or it will be deleted you stupid

Yes it's an evil apple. That's why it is red. Red apples are evil. Green apple are the best.
I sure hope you're going to use blue berries!

Your layout has been removed.
Great to hear you're working on a sequel to Something. I enjoyed the first one quite a bit, so I'm looking forward to this!
Holly banana it's been a while.
Sorry, I didn't worked on my hack for a long time. But I'm motivated again and I hope I will at least finish world 1 before November.

A proof that I made some progress (click here it's a link to youtube and it show a WIP level I made today).

Oh, and there is an old screenshot I never posted on smwcentral :

Have a nice day!
I have to play the first Something.

Layout by piranhaplant.
Thinking about making a Rainbow Magic thread at the Media forum.
I can't believe this thread doesn't have more responses. Based on just the two screenshots and video you have posted, this is head and shoulders above many projects. It's also one of the more unique hacks I've seen lately. What are those stone-head enemies in the video? I don't even recognize what sprites they would be. All in all, this looks very promising. How about posting some more screenshots? I'm sure we would all love to see more.


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Thank you andy_k_250.
Those enemies are Kabu from the Kirby series. They are in the kirby sprite pack on the custom sprite section of smwcentral and I recoloured them based on the Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland sprite to make them 16 bit like.
Another screenshot? No, but soon when world 1 will be finished I will post a video (and in world 1 I only need to finish this level with Kabus and create a boss).
I really like the colours in that screen with the Hoopster in. Maybe change the FG palette abit to match the BG? Its fine as it is put yeah, just throwing it out there. :3
Originally posted by yogui
Another screenshot? No, but soon when world 1 will be finished I will post a video


That's how it work with yogui. A short video trailer for every world. Let's hope world 2 will be finished before December;
Nice! The video is looking really cool. I also found the title to be pretty creative. Looking forward to this, as I've enjoyed something.
EDIT: Yay post 333 :O
Don't worry guys, I'm still working on Something else. I got my motivation back since my new power-up is finished. So let me show some screenshots :

I used real HDMA in my hack for the first time. Awesome!
Currently I made 5 levels out of 8 for world 2.
This video is amazing, amazing :O

Ok about the hack, It seems classic as an original game. These graphics and sprites are also awesome. So I'm sure I'll for play it when you release.

Currently sporadically streaming my playthrough of Odd Sands in our Discord's voice chat.
Hey nice video!

About the hack, it seems a mix between SMB and SML, these graphics, palettes and sprites are very nice too.
I watched the trailer, and it's pretty nice.
Also, the hack is good, the sprites and graphics are awesome, and vice-versa. Can't wait to play it when it's finished.
Thanks guys.


So world 2 video. This video show the new powerup that replace the feather: the athletic peach. Double jumps and wall jumps yeah!
SO world 2 is officially done, now I should start world 3.
Don't know if I will be able to finish world 3 before C3, but at C3 I will post a demo regardless of what I have done.
Wow ! Nice work ! I really liked the last something and this one seems even better. I guess I'll be looking out for that C3 post of yours.

Please visit my hack thread:

It's fun !
keep up the great work man
Well, I only made two levels for world 3 yet.
Anyway here is a screenshot of the first level.

Level is called SAKURA TORI.

Man, you can't hide images with the spoiler tag.
Holy f***, this is amazing! You've got an outstanding style :O
Bumping this thread because I have posted a demo for C3.
So when C3 is over if you still want to talk about my hack talk here.
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