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New Super Mario Bros. SNES [New screenshots!]
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Hello everybody ^w^

I decided to create a thread to post screenshots/videos of my hack, it is still unnamed because I'm terrible at creating names D: If you have any suggestions, fell free to say :3
It has also no plot :X but I'm working on it...

I have world 1 levels done, almost all levels of world 2 and world 3-1, 4-2 and 4-3.
Here is a video of world 1-Castle:


If you want to watch more videos of the hack, just look in my youtube channel ;D

I'm thinking of posting a demo for c3, if I find a name and plot until c3 :X

I will post some screenshots tomorrow...

This is great, if you need a tester I would love to play this. The graphics look like they are from New Super Mario Bros. Perhaps your name should reflect that.

My Current Hacking Project: "Static E"
Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip (maybe?)
I am in absolute awe at the graphics. Did you make them yourself? If so, you should leave this site and move to Kyoto. Seriously. I wouldnt be disappointed with graphics like these on a DS! I love the HDMA glow of the lava. It reminds me of the wavy Mode 7 lava in Yoshi's Island.

Negatives? The level is too linear, short and claustrophobic. Add some sidepaths and a few more enemies besides Thwomps and Dry Bones. I can tell you were going for easy but easy doesn't have to be boring. Variety is key. But don't make it too hard for World 1!

"(Z->)90° - (E-N²W)90°t=1"


Current project: Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip


This hack is amaziest hack i have ever seen! In some places it's better than brutal mario. If you agree to make me a beta tester i will give you a hundred of cookies.


@Biospark88: The lava in YI doesn't uses mode 7. I think it uses parallax scrolling.
I love the graphics you've drawn, and share the opinion with many, many others :)

I fear that this hack may become too easy in comparison to the more modern hacks, but I haven't seen many of the levels, and I really look forward to doing so.

But I can't wait for this hack, it looks genuinely fun to play, and doesn't look very different from a real commercial Mario game. Keep at it!

aran - Graces of Heaven
If you need another tester, I'm signing up.

If you don't, in 3 days i'll drop the moon on your head#w{x(}

O_O Wow...This hack looks incredible! I absolutely love the graphics, first of all. They are a perfect example of NSMBWii GFX in SMW style! The music is fantastic as well (what was the song you used in the castle?). And then the levels: they look like tons of fun because they remind me of the NSMBWii levels, and that game was a total blast to play. Keep up the good work!
That looks great! I really love the glow the lava has and the castle GFX are great too. Is this hack supposed to be difficult because for a W1 castle it seems pretty difficult.
You will almost certainly get more comments if you post your screens, as your hack is probably the best stuff floating around here in the last year or so. It's superb.

I imagine for a name and story you're looking for something somewhat traditional, but also not so generic? I suppose it's about breaking down what you don't want. I think this hack would be fine with such a name as "Super Mario ____", cause it seems like a standard Mario game, with beautiful visuals and great Mario style level design.

I dunno. Guess I've never been good with that either. My only hack that wasn't SMW Beta was titled "Super Mario World: Legend of the Golden Mushroom". Original, right?

- 3+World (Cancelled - Download Available)
- Super Mario World Beta (2009)
It looks awesome, but I see you post a lot of videos about your different levels. Word of advice: I wouldn't show off all of your levels. Pick a few that standout to you, and make videos of them. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

- BlackMageMario
Have you done much work on the OW? Please make it look as awesome as the level. If you're going for an NSMB feel why not use only submaps and try to imitate those pseudo-3D isometric maps? I've seen a 3/4 view in hacks before (TSRP2's Burning Buildings), and there are incredible map graphics in Brutal Mario, so I'm sure you cam pull it off in the OW.

Keep it up!

"(Z->)90° - (E-N²W)90°t=1"


Current project: Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip
I didn't expected so much feedback. Thanks for the comments, guys ~^W^~

@Lost ECHO: Yeah, I thought on something like that, I have some ideas for names, but I will work on tha later...

@K3fka: I don't remember the name of the music, Undefinied3 sent me it, I'll ask him the name of the music..

@Yoshi Master: That's what I was thinking about the story, something traditional, but not only the "peach was kidnapped"..

@Biospark88: Well, I disabled vertical scrolling on the level because of the BG and the HDMA, maybe that's why the level is a bit linear... I'll see what I can do about it.
About the ow, I was making something like this you said:

World 1:

World 2:

I'm still working on the maps, there are some details, like level icons, that I will change...
Now, here are some screenshots of some levels (aome levels have not yet sprites:

World 2-2:

World 2-4:

World 2-5:

World 3-1 (should I change the BG?):

Tower GFX (BG is layer 3):

well, that's it, comments?
I was wondering when you were going to do a thread about this.

Anyway, I say that's awesome. The castle need somewwhat a 2nd revisons since there are some parts TOO hard. (the area with 2 Giant Twhomps in an example of this), and I'm still thinking that the SMB3 koopas don't work well with your GFXs, have you tried to use an edited version of the Redrawn Koopa?

EDIT: the Snow BG looks fine, now if you want to change it...
@Dakress: Well, I will change some parts of the castle. And about the koopas, I hate smb3 koopas lol, that smb3 koopa graphics was supposed to be provisional, but I never changed it =w= there are some other sprite graphics that I need o change, like the fish, I think I need to change this urgently :P
A remplacement for the fishes? Check my SMWR version and look for the alternative graphics, there's a NSMB Styled cheep-cheep that could work.(with some edits, of course)
Please don't go for a redrawn style. Not only is it very overused, but I just don't think they would fit this hack very well. I also personally dislike them, but eh. (Also, nothing personal against you Dakress. I'm sure it was very difficult and time-consuming to do what you did, although I'm not sure how much you've added on to it.)

NSMB-styled enemies aren't an issue, though. I also have another question: Are you drawing these graphics yourself or what? They pretty much perfectly replicate the NSMB graphics without clashing with the rest of the GFX.
I will see what I will do with the sprite graphics...

@K3fka: I drawn the graphics by myself, I think it looks better than ripping it lol
Are you planning on releasing the graphics at any point? I'm sure they would be greatly appreciated by the community, but it's understandable if you don't wish to.

Also, when (if) you roll out a beta, could I be a tester?
Like I've said before, this looks really nice! I'm lovin' the graphical style, it looks a lot like NSMBW.

When Beta time rolls around, may I please be a beta tester?

Mario's Vanilla Journey

Progress: 22/72 levels complete
I can't wait for a demo! Can i be a beta-tester?
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