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Screenshots & Videos Thread 6.5
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Screenshots & Videos Thread 6.5
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Originally posted by MoosieHD

Looks alright.
It makes me feel a bit sad ;_; But that's good I think...
The transition into the goal room is really unfitting though, it destroys the whole atmosphere and made me laugh to be honest :D Before it was a rather depressing atmosphere and then it's like super-happy bright palette grassland o:
Also, the far jump you have to do at the end of the level seems rather forced and doesn't really fit in. There's not even a sign that you have to perform it. In my opinion you should remove it and fill in with something more intuitive, but you could also just add a goalpost arrow to show the player has to do a long jump like that o:
MoosieHD: Level looks quite nice! Though it's just a normal Grassland #ab{:)}.
MoosieHD - Wow.. you gave the a Mario level a quite different feeling. Great job. I really like it. By the way, the teleport to the sub-level can be better as Nao already said. I mean, firstly, it is a sad and rainy day, and then it magically turns into a nice happy day. There is nothing wrong with it, but maybe you can get a better transition. Also, the long jump at the end doesn't really fit. I suggest you to add some flying koopas, maybe? If you really want to keep it like that, at least put a info bo and tell the player that he should make a big jump, or just make a coin trail.
Oh, I didn't even realize the 2 posts after mine were for me.
Originally posted by Lotica
Well, the title says it all! The bullets are random! While it sounds like it's going to be a boring level from that name, I assure you it isn't. The level looks really fun from all the chaos going on. The graphics and level design also convey that mountain-like feel, as if I'm actually on the mountain getting the ever loving crapload of bullets shot at me.

Overall, great level! :)

Thanks! That's exactly how I tried to make the level act like, heh.

I wanna get a few more comments to see how I'm doing with SMW hacking again so I'm gonna repost this again.

Click image to watch the video

Only three colors.

e: my god the pillow shading
S.R.H. - That first tileset looks great! Nice usage of the minimalistic palette. Though why is the grass on the steep slope tiles use straight lines when the rest of the grass has a dithered pattern to it? It would look better if it were consistent.

The other tileset looks okay except for the decorations. You really want to avoid using pillow shading in most cases, because it just looks amateurish. The decorations in the first have good shading, so why not these ones?
Reghrhre - Looks well designed, except for a few places where the screen is a bit oversaturated with enemies (like those bridge sections with those block-eating Chomps). I'm also not sure about having a balloon segment with the bullet bill generator in usage, it might lead to some unfair situations.
Wow reghrhre, you really got some nice bullet dodging action there, good job. It kind of dropped at the seconnd balloon section though, you should probably swap that with the first one as it seemed easier.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the latest addition the The Challenge:
@aj: currently, the BG is blending a bit with the FG. Maybe try darkening it a bit a more. Also, I believe the pure white lighting effect on those rocks (BG) doesn't fit an underwater ambient, as there's no "direct" lightsource. Try a bright-ish red instead. Actually, a slight shift in the whole BG's hue would make it stand out a bit more, like a purple-ish red for example. Aesthetics aside, I don't mind much the underwater lava theme. After all, underwater volcanoes exist. It'd be nice if the name of the level or even its location on the OW reflected that, so the theme doesn't look too random. I'm a bit worried about the amount of enemies in such a cramped (at first glance) area, but I can't really judge that far with only one screenshot, so yeah. That lotus from SMB3 fits the theme nicely, though. The rising fire makes the lava more interesting as well. Looking forward to seeing more coming from you. #ab{:)}
We'll be like diamond: brilliant and persistent. ~
Thanks for the feedback. That level is actually a secret room leading to a secret exit (which leads to a water level), the rest of the level is overwater and fire-themed. Also, the message box is for the lulz. I could do an entire water level with lava, but meh. Regarding the palette, does it look better like this?

Now it looks really nice. The message is quite funny. :P
It looks really nice indeed! Also nice message there #w{=3} Also, is there something on the lava, (not the flame) or is it me?

Also, reposting;

Can I please not get ignored this time?
@aj: it looks quite better imo. Good job! #ab{:D}

@S.R.H.: the overall style and look are very nice. But I think the lighting and shading on the smaller hills are a bit exaggerated. Also, they could have gleam in the eyes to match the bigger hills and item blocks. The steep slope's lighting is incorrect. Just follow the checkered pattern you've been using (the normal slope is actually correct for instance). You did a nice job with the Classic GB theme here, though. #tb{:>}
We'll be like diamond: brilliant and persistent. ~
Originally posted by S.R.H.
It looks really nice indeed! Also nice message there #w{=3} Also, is there something on the lava, (not the flame) or is it me?

Also, reposting;

Can I please not get ignored this time?

Looks nice, you may try to define a lightsource to the dirt.
EDIT: Wee, im a woozy guy yuppii..

Super Mario Flashback

Actually, there is lighting and shading in it, but it is really minimalistic.

Sorry for the small letters.
Original Post

edit: yay im a spiny now get ready to die cuz im so fukin evil
@Meirdent: It looks nice overall, but also completely lifeless, which clashes badly with the upbeat Yoshi's Island music. Speaking of music, the sudden sample shift between the YI grassland theme and KSS' Marshmallow Castle theme is jarring, you might want to change that (maybe use the YI cave music?? I don't know).
The sprites (especially the player's) could use smoother animations; their expressions could be varied a bit more, too (even with the overall mischevious smile motif).

@aj: Ya it looks way better now.

Originally posted by S.R.H.

Can I please not get ignored this time?


The lighting on the eyes of the big hill looks really bad, "eye lighting" (I just came up with that name btw) doesn't follow a gradient, it's white pixels, a black space and optional dark-colored pixels (which would represent the iris color or whatever), the locations of the white and dark pixels may vary. Also, since the hills are background elements (and the mushroom stem, for that matter), giving them black outlines is a bad mistake. Gameboy games are great examples of how to use outlines in a very limited palette space, Kirby is an amazing series so the developers always do their shit the right way, look at the "background" on Whispy's battle arena, the further back the decorations are, the lighter the outine color is.

The "minimalistic" shading actually looks pretty lame and almost looks like a light occurrence of p̴̸͠i̢̕l̕͟lo̢w ̶͘͠s̛͘h̢̀̕ąd̡i̧ng͜. Either replace that with anti-aliasing or thicken it by one or two pixels.

The way the dithered lighting on the grass looks on the x-flipped tiles is really bothersome to me (I'm pretty sure most people don't mind it, but that's one of my pet peeves :V), you could use a different tile or leave it like that, it's not too major. As it's been already pointed out, the lighting on the slope looks shit so you'd better fix that #lm{owspr}

The "outside" anti-aliasing could use some work, too (brighter (and longer, on some very specific parts) pixels would do the job I guess).

Too lazy to comment on other people's stuff don't judge me ;_;

E: the spooky scary pillow shading text was orange instead of red...


aj6666: Yes, it looks better now.

Infamous SMWCentral member from 2011 who is likely faded away from knowledge.
Originally posted by Skoda
@Magiluigi: Why are you so serious when it come to giving criticism?

Proably cause he should be? Or at least, I think he should.
Originally posted by Skoda
@Magiluigi: Why are you so serious when it come to giving criticism?

He's giving actual constructive feedback to S.R.H. so he can improve his skills even more, and I don't really get how you find this to be a bad thing by judging the tone of your post.
Originally posted by S.R.H.
Can I please not get ignored this time?

You know, fussing about getting ignored is a really good reason for me to finally use this ban button I've been itching to hit. Don't mean to sound like an ass, but it does get on people's nerves, and that is because a LOT of people get ignored in this thread; including myself and I don't complain. Next complaint, and it's 24 hour ban.

Originally posted by Da Rules
1: Whining about being ignored in the SS&V thread is a BANNABLE offense. Every post here should either comment on a another's Screenshot or Video OR be a Screenshot or Video.

Looking back at the other posts, you seem to have posted this content before. Just some advice, reposting your content with complaints doesn't always end well. I had to rewrite this four times just so it sounds less like me being a nazi; I sometimes wonder if I take my moderator job too seriously.

And in accordance to these rules, I will comment on aj6666's stuff. The coral decorations look nice, but the pallete of the dirt and other interactive foreground tiles doesn't really look that good; I'd suggest a blue or blueish green. I also see the lava, but you can make a gradient in the wall tiles using YY-CHR to make a sort of "lava glow" by adding in the red-orange pallete in addition to what I suggest might be a nicer blue pallete.

So, it has been a total of 1 years since I downloaded YY-CHR (01.08.13 - 01.08.14) so I did this thing. Note that it still is a WIP.
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