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Your school schedule + general school discussion
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These threads are obligatory pretty much every August, and since some of you are starting within like, a week .. welp. I just got my schedule finalized recently, so I figured I'd ask what everyone has to look forward to when they go back to school. Seeing what classes others take interests me for whatever reason.

Here's mine. Still pumping away towards that BSc, and I'm actually really looking forward to going back this year. Having a lack of responsibility over the summer summer has really driven me insane, so it would be nice to get back into a (busy) routine.

Are you looking forward to going back?
Here's mine.

It's not quite finished yet, as it's missing both Physics II and the lab that goes with it. The normal class will fill in somewhere on Wednesday I think while the lab will be in the evening on Thursday. I'm not 100% sure on the day though.

I'm not really sure if I'm ready to go back myself. It will be my first time being on my own. Even though I'm a junior in college, I stayed at home for the first two years and went to a local Community College. (Mostly because of my dad's sickness at the time.) Now that I got my Associate's degree, it feels very weird leaving to go live at a University. I'll be rooming with three other people in a condo styled area, but eh.


But seriously. Last year I had university every Wednesday and Friday.
Wednesdays were 2:00 - 6:00 > Computer Programming
Fridays were 10:00 - 2:00 > Visual Arts
Not too much money but not too much info on the subject either. So I decided to check out schools in Vancouver for animation. I came across VCAD and had a tour of the building and its classes. To become an animator for cartoons or movies it only takes 1.5 years! So I will be taking an animation course and be given a job in that field at the end of my schooling. Not to mention it's only a few blocks from where MLP;FiM is being made. Or at least was? Not too sure. Anyways you can bet that course will cost a pretty penny *cough* 26 grand *cough*. Needless to say, I'm excited #w{=)}

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Here's my schedule.

The bottom three classes are for my Political Science major, and the top is for my English one. It hasn't been added yet, but I also receive credit each semester for doing speech and debate. It's nice to have an AM schedule that ends pretty early so I have the rest of the day at home, though I'll probably have to whip back for debate meetings at 5 or 6 PM.

Looking forward to the year though: my classes are more focused and into my majors, and going in as a sophomore, it's nice to have more of an idea what to expect.
My schedule has yet to be revealed, but I can already tell it won't be anything exciting the first 9 weeks or so - I will have only one class during that period, and that is to create a website professionally in PHP (you could call it a project instead of a class I guess). I'm looking forward to it though - I love PHP.

I just wish this... "first year"/"foundation course"/etc was over already and switched to the real things. This is starting to bore me.

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I haven't got my schedule yet, but I have a good idea of what I'm going to get since I picked out what electives I want. (Year 2 of spanish and computer foundations) The rest is the basic English, US History, Algebra 2, and Chemistry, plus one last semester of phys. ed. (actually I'm taking honors in us history, chemistry, and math)

I'm looking forward to it, since that means I'll finally get something to do in the summer. (well...besides drivers ed) I'd actually take Japanese over Spanish, but the only languages they offer are Spanish, French, and German. Oh well.
I haven't received my schedule sheet yet. I'm pretty sure I will get one on the first day of school. School starts on the 18th. The courses I will be taking this year are: (HL = higher level/SL = Standard Level) IB English L&L HL, IB Economics SL, IB Environmental Studies SL, Physical Education, IB Japanese HL, IB Mathematics SL, IB Music HL and TOK. I actually am excited to return to school, but also feeling anxious about the courses I've never taken. My brother used to take IB courses (He currently studies Economics in university of WI Madison) and he told me that IB courses are way too difficult than I think.
Who else is taking IB courses? (For those who don't know what 'IB' is, it's a school program for students in Grade 11/12).
I'm still in middle school 8th grade, so my schedule is still relatively the same (7 periods; 47-48 minutes, with an hour long lunch and recess period after fifth period) but as for what classes I'm taking and the order I'm taking them, I'm not sure yet. Hell; I don't even know when school is starting!
It's probably gonna be somewhat different than last year, which was pretty disastrous. But if I don't even know when school is starting, then I don't have any idea how it's gonna work.


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My schedule really depends on whether I end up continuing law or starting A-Levels to go into journalism...
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I don't get my schedule until the 31st I believe, but I know my courses are going to be English, Math, Religion, Music Performance and Theory, Jazz Music Theory, Programming, Law, and Weightlifting.

It's cool because this year over half of my courses will actually be fun, Religion is always an easy course, and Weightlifting will finally put me in shape. The only thing I'll even need to worry about so much is English.
It would have been useful if I had gotten my school schedules for high school before school even started, I always got them day 1 or 2 because my mom would always hesitate to enroll me lol.

Right now though I'm awaiting confirmation of acceptance or rejection from the university I applied to last month. Finances are the biggest problem I'm having now. Financial aid for someone of my income can only go so far. I planned on taking music theory and music performance. The way my life is going right now (IRL anyway), I don't think I could handle more than a couple classes at a Uni.
I'll get my school schedule on 7th of September, which is the first school day after the summer holidays, but since I had to choose my subjects already some time ago, it's pretty obvious which subjects I'm going to have: German, English, Spanish, Music, History, Pedagogy, Maths, Biology, Religion and P.E.. English and Biology are so-called "Leistungskurse", and they count twice as much as the other subjects.

I'm going to be in eleventh grade, and the only difference to prior grades (except for the fact that it's the first time I have Leistungskurse) is that it's actually important for my future.
"Next time on the Magical Mystery tour known as DDM's life, he goes to college, huzzah!"

Despite my best friend in the whole freaking world leaving for a different college (sobs) I'm looking forward to going back, but I have to wait until the first day to get my timetable. I believe it's around the same time as Octopus goes back. I'm studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and History; the next 2 years are going to be the 3.14th floor of hell for me. However, it'll pay off big if I focus and have a good work ethic, so that's just what I'm going to do! My college is kind of an irritant in that you have to leave at 4:00pm everyday, no matter what time your last lesson is. When not timetabled into a lesson you have to go to one of the various common rooms filled with tea and toast, or work in your study. Staying there all day may sound bad, but my study has kickass movie posters up in it and better internet than I get at home, so not all is bad!
I've actually started my junior year of high school Wednesday... Geez time goes by so fast nowadays... Oh man the future's gonna be SO much fun... Not really...

Anyways, American Literature Honors, Spanish I, Accelerated Math III, and Anatomy this semester. I'll get my second semester stuff later, but at least I only have one really hard class then. College level. SO MUCH FUN. THAT WORLD HISTORY CRAP LAST YEAR ENDED SO WELL. At least it's learning Java. #w{:s}

Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by DDM295
common rooms filled with tea and toast

Well, I was going to make a smart remark about British people, but...that's certainly a lot less fattening than, say, potato chips and pop, which would probably be what you'd get here in that context. Also, "better Internet than I get at home"? Boy, do I know that feeling. I may have to stay after school an extra hour or two to take advantage of the good Internet at the university.

Well, here is my schedule.'s not as fancy or descriptive as S.N.N.'s. I am looking forward to sleeping in, though, after getting up at 7:00 or earlier for my summer classes. In order from top to bottom:
- Linguistics 471 (Phonetics and Phonology; related to my major)
- Anthropology 210 (Intro to Physical Anthropology; also related to my major, although this was a required course)
- Psychology 250 (Fund Biol Psyc, presumably "Fundamentals of Biological Psychology"
- Linguistics 472 (Generative Syntax and Semantics; yay, another language class!)
- German 201 (Intermediate German 1; self-explanatory)
This will (hopefully) be my last semester before I get a degree from this university and move on to something more specialized.

I want to get out of this crummy old town already.
Fall 1A Schedule

I have Chem 120 Labs, Tutorials, and Bio 130 Labs every other week. So, it's basically all of the generic sciences courses that I'm required to take for first year as well as to fill in my required/restricted electives (which is only the English for this semester). One thing is for certain, I'll definitely be looking forward to these classes come September.

(Incidentally, by the looks of it, I guess I might be seeing you on campus S.N.N.)

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I dropped out.

No school means no schedule.


This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
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Originally posted by E-Man
(Incidentally, by the looks of it, I guess I might be seeing you on campus S.N.N.)

Oh hey, another person going to Waterloo (though I'm already through most of those science-related classes).

Let me know if you end up taking Biol 139 next semester, since that's about the only course that could possibly line up at this point. Heh.
This school year will either be easier than the other three or hellishly difficult. For my final year in Law, I need to take six seminar courses over two semesters. On the one hand, I love seminar courses, in that you get to know the professor and other classmates really well. On the other hand...welcome to essay city.

I also need to take a few third-year Law courses, a second-year Psychology course, and a first-year Religion course to round out the Breadth option on my timetable.
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Your school schedule + general school discussion

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