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Donkey Kong Country: Boss Blitz (New Info: Jan. 11, 2013; Menus and More Cosmetic Changes)
Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Misc. ROM Hacking - Donkey Kong Country: Boss Blitz (New Info: Jan. 11, 2013; Menus and More Cosmetic Changes)
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Here's a hack that I've been working on for over a month. It transforms Donkey Kong Country into a boss rush. Can you make it through all 7 bosses unscathed?

The title screen has been altered to make use of Mode 3 (256-color layer 1), just like in the Japanese version of DKC. Exiting the title screen leads you to...

...the Options Menu. In addition to some of the options you'd expect, you can choose the Kongs' colors. There are 8 palette sets, including the two in the original game.

The stopwatch timer is based on code from Super Mario Kart (its functionality) and the DKC Competition Edition (its display). Your times and hits are recorded during game play. Beat all of bosses or lose a life, and you will be taken to...

...this results screen, which displays the recorded information. If you defeated all the bosses, your total time will also be here.

A video can be found here: Donkey Kong Country: Boss Blitz (SNES Hack) - 4:35.87

... and the download link is here: DKC - Boss - 98 KB

Note: This patch should be applied to the Donkey Kong Country (U) (R1.0) ROM.


This looks really good! I applaud you work.

Interested in MushROMs? View its progress, source code, and make contributions here.

This actually looks interesting. Really.

Putting my YI hack on hold.
Wow.. This is really amazing! How did you make this? HEX?

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
Originally posted by RivalNightmare
How did you make this? HEX?

It may have been *gasp* asm!

Your layout has been removed.
Unscratched run with Diddy Kong.
My attempt at this:
With better time.
Savestateless and no rewinds. Over 30 tries.

Putting my YI hack on hold.
Did a (non-perfect) TAS of it (well, it destroys the purpose of that Hack) :
TAS v3
Nice Hack, it is very fun and I enjoyed it very much. It would be nice, if it saves the best time in SRAM and is displayed on the options screen and if you beat the record, you get a message on the results screen (e.g. Time is changing between palettes or a small message).

Here's my attempt, done without savestates.

Anyway, awesome hack, it's both challenging and enjoyable. It would be awesome if you did DKC2/3 Boss Blitz too!
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2
here's mine but I couldn't make a video due to my computer being stupid but god it took all night and a few pepsi's but I did it without rewinds or savestates god I'm not doing that again!


Note:ShUriK KiD you are the king!
This hack will be getting an update to bring its features up to par with those of DKC2: Brigand Barrage. This also leaves me with the opportunity to make some cosmetic changes, as you will see in the change I made to the title screen:

The "Boss Blitz" text is now rendered in Neale Davidson's Jumpman font, with modifications in Photoshop. The headings in the various menus and records screens will get a similar treatment.


Very nice font.

Will this unused theme, by any chance, find its way into your update? It has that nice "calm before the storm" kind of feeling, in my opinion.

Your layout has been removed.
I'm not sure, because I have no idea where it would fit. I like Fear Factory way too much to change the title screen's music.

Also, I just uploaded a more accurate rip of that theme. After fixing a bug where the first channel was muted, I discovered that the unused theme gradually increases in tempo, so it sounds a little less calm than it did initially.


Wow, I didn't know it was possible to hack a DKC rom. This looks so awesome! Especialy that you can play in different colors.

I always see updates from people who make amazing hacks such as this one yet what I really want to see is HOW they actually coded all of this in the first place.

I really want to know how people do this? Am I going to have to hire you as an ASM tutor or something?

How did you use the Super Mario Kart code for the timer?

How did you use the display from the Donkey Kong Country competition cart?

Awesome work by the way! Just curious on how you achieved it.

Your layout has been removed.
I have lots of catching up to do...

All menu screens have been coded, and function identically to those in DKC2: Brigand Barrage:

You may have noticed in the first screenshot that Diddy has a new light blue color palette. If you don't remember, he used his standard palette in two color schemes in the original release--with Normal D.K. and Red D.K.. To remedy this, I paired Red D.K. with pink Diddy, referencing the two playable Kongs in DKC2, and gave Pink D.K. a new Kiddy-colored Diddy as a nod to DKC3.

A few sprites and animations have also been altered:

1, 2. Diddy's odd stances when jumping and standing while holding an object have been fixed.
3. His turning sprites have been ported from DKC2.
4, 5. Both Kongs' mouths in all of their sprites have been altered to use shades of their fur instead of their clothing colors. With the palettes selected in these images, Diddy originally would have a light blue mouth and D.K. would have a white mouth.
6. Slippa's defeated animation is different; it now uses the unused sprites found by Simion32. The animation used when they are launched by the Mini Drums (or whatever the basic enemy versions of Dumb Drum are called) hasn't changed, but you won't see it in this hack.

In addition to what is seen in these screen captures, missing frames have been added to a few of the animations (e.g. D.K. walking holding an object and DIddy's victory animation).

(The sprite and animation changes are already part of a stand-alone hack started years ago. However, several of the animations aren't finished--Diddy's animation while riding animal buddies and Krusha's laugh are two examples--so it isn't ready to be released yet.)

This is probably the last news you'll hear about this hack for a while, as my Spring semester in college has started.


I find it interesting how you managed to code all of those menus and make it look fully legit. It looks fantastic!
Yo Mattrizzle, I recently got back into the game again (on my 3DS via BlargSNES) and just wanted to say thanks again for making it.

Have you posted an update to Boss Blitz since posting about it last year? I don't mind either way since the version released is already great as it is, I just wanted to make sure their wasn't a more updated version already released.
I haven't released the updated version yet because I wanted to add a little more to it. As my motivation and free time have waned, I may just ax this planned feature, do some more bug testing, and finally release the thing.


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Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Misc. ROM Hacking - Donkey Kong Country: Boss Blitz (New Info: Jan. 11, 2013; Menus and More Cosmetic Changes)

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