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Custom Music Forum Rules [READ FIRST!]
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Because every forum needs rules.

1. When asking for help, please be as informative as possible!
"Can you help me with my port?" is not being informative. Listing specific problems you are having, such as insertion problems, sample issues, and what-not, will help people help you.

2. Please make sure your SPCs play and your samples sound decent before you show them off!
We aren't asking for perfection--we just don't want people's ears bleeding when they listen to what you've made. Continuously posting buggy files will get you removed from the forum.

3. Give constructive criticism.
When someone shows off ports in an SPC showoff thread, give more than just "OMG AMAZING!!!!!1111!1!!one", especially if they ask for it but speak to them in a language they can understand at the same time.

4. No Music Request threads.
The forum gets flooded with closed threads all saying the same thing: No threads for requests. These clutter the forums and keep people from seeing Project Threads or Help Threads, which isn't good to look at. Keep all requests in the Music Requests Thread. Please carefully read the rules of that thread when making or fulfilling requests. Any other thread pertaining to requests will be closed.
This applies to all requests, whether they be for ports, sequences, etc.

Any concerns regarding this forum or the section should be directed to these people.

Thanks, and happy porting!

Also, join our Discord channel #music if you need further help.

Adding a list of important people here.
Adding another new rule.
Updated the list and added a new rule.
Rules have been re-organized to focus on the important points and do away with irrelevant nonsense.

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Help - Custom Music - Custom Music Forum Rules [READ FIRST!]