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Music Request Thread (Don't forget the rules)

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It would cool if someone could port the song "Black Mist" from ALTTP, please.

Here's the MIDI file.

A sampled port would be preferred, .bnk or .brr don't really matter for me though, since I'm using AddMusicK. Whatever would work for you.

Here's the SPC also.

Thanks. :)
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by:
Hi, could someone port "Yoshi's Island - Big Boss"?
Here is the MIDI
Meteor falls from pokemon R/S/E It would be really awesome if someone did this!
This request was denied a good year ago on the grounds that I did not have a Midi for it. Now I do. I'd like a port of "I'm So Tired" by The Beatles. Plenty of midis for this:'m+SO+Tired+midi
His Name Was Mario, C3 Demo out now! Click link!
There's one song that I would really like to be ported. I figured it would work great as a final boss theme.

The song is called Dance of Illusions, and it is from the Castlevania series.

Here's the MIDI file

Vanilla Twist!
Would someone please be able to port this for me? i tried to port it (And it worked, but everything was a complete nightmare octave-wise and 6 hours later I gave up.)

It's a rather mystical-egyptian piece and it loops nicely.

This is how it should sound looped, it's long.

This is the song with just one melody cycle.

It's a game version of a Song by a favorite artist of mine.

My request is that you can make it sound as close as you can to this, if you want/can you can also use some FX. You would save me. I'll give you credit AND you can use it in your own hack if you like. (Song by Dragonfly, Ported by ___________ )

Voice actor. Composer. Musician.


ill give it ago, just a few questions

1. what format? brr or bnk sampled? unsampled? (am4, amm, or amk)(my preference is in order of K, 4, and M)
2. out of curiosity, when you said it was an octave nightmare, what do you mean? the midi looked very straight forward to me.
3. what do you mean by FX? samples?
I use HuFlungDu's addmusic, I don't know if that helps...

Never tried a sampled song before, so I'd have to say unsampled.

octave nightmare as in they kept getting reversed and all the wrong ones, like o5s, o6s... It made the song sound like it was brought through a meat grinder.

yeah, I meant samples by FX,

The song doesn't even have to be retooled, it's all ready to go via TinyMM, if that helps.
Hope that helps!

Voice actor. Composer. Musician.


Like an idiot, I forgot to put a link to the midi in my last post...

Anyway what I really want is for someone to port Meteor falls from pokemon R/S/E.

So could someone port it? please and thanks! :)
I would like someone to port Four Noble Devils 2: Link.

If you want to port it by ear: Here.

My request for it is to sound similar to the original, while making it sound like a battle. I'm using AddmusicM, so make it compatible with it. .brr sampled only. Also, PM once you finished it, as I might forget.
YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

Um, well, I read the rules and all that, but I hope this can be an exception..

I would like to request the Gooper Blooper themes from Paper Mario: Sticker Star in separate files (Only phases 1-4).
I say that I hope it can be an exception because there are absolutely no MIDIs for it, and each theme is just a simple 7~10 second loop, so..


Also, if needed, this guy has the individual phases.

Again, sorry if not including a MIDI is a terrible offense, but they seem simple to do by ear.. :(
I'm in the search of an old port of Earthbound's Snowman.

I think it was removed a while back, but if you have it, please send me the file.
If there's any other versions that exist as well, please let me know.
I want a request of two songs from Super Mario 64. The water theme and the final fight with Bowser. Right now, I'm requestin' the water theme from Super Mario 64. I'll come back later with the other request.
Originally posted by Hielus
I'm in the search of an old port of Earthbound's Snowman.

I think it was removed a while back, but if you have it, please send me the file.
If there's any other versions that exist as well, please let me know.

I could make a new port of it if you want.

Would you like it for AMK? Sampled or not?
Check out my music!
Does anyone know where I can download Super Mario 64 water theme and Super Mario 64 'Final Fight' theme?
Originally posted by Moose

Would you like it for AMK? Sampled or not?

I'm not too sure what you mean by AMK. I'm using HuFlungDu's AddMusic v4.04. Sampled would be excellent, thanks.

EDIT: Apparently AddmusicK is this really badass all-in-one type program. Yes. I'd like it for that please.
Requesting a port of Apollo Justice: Troupe Gramayre. Midi is here. Had to get the MIDI from a ringtone, so obviously shouldn't have that annoying ringing in it. That's about it.
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